Summer time traditons.

Ah yeah, summertime is here. Hot weather, beach trips, no school, just the best season to have fun with friends. And we all have some annual tradition that we do. Whether it’s family vacations, family hangouts, summer movies, etc. So do I have set tradition. I do indeed. Every summer i watch the movie The Sandlot. It’s a hella good summer movie. But I do have an excellent summer anime that I watch every year. It’s the perfect summer anime that is so relaxing and enjoyable. It’s the spirit of summer placed in the form of anime. What anime is it??????? Why is Tsubaki dragging out this out so long? Is it suspense? Or trying to make this blog longer? Who knows??????cd29219a95ba07cf19a03065086d457d1285618435_full

  The anime is Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Invade! Squid Girl, in English) It’s basically the beach episode, the anime. Cus it always takes place at the beach.

  So what’s this anime about. Well it’s about an adorable squid girl who wants to invade the earth cus we humans polluted the sea. But she ends up working at a beachside restaurant run by these sisters. The whole anime is comedy and some depressing shit is sprinkled in it. It’s truly a feel good moe. Watch her vomit out squid ink, eat shrimp, swim, serve food, and make plans to “conquer” the world.

  It’s a Family Friendly show so don’t expect to any ecchi in it. It’s a moe slice of life type show with very little plot, but with fun characters and fun gags.

  So if you haven’t seen this show, give it a watch and make it your annual summer anime. And if you want something more, uh, ecchi, watch Keijo!!!!!!!! It’s another summer anime.


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