Tsubaki Kuro Joins the blog. *Insert Super Smash Bros theme*

Hello there. My name (pen name) is Tsubaki Kuro. I’m going to be a new blogger on this wonderful blog with Ayano Kitsune and Alexie the Great. I am both excited and nervous 😅 . I hope I am entertaining enough for you lovely people.

  So who is this Tsubaki Kuro. Well, I am depressed online writer and otaku. What do I write? I write Japanese/American psychological and horror pieces. I post my work on Wattpad under @TsubakiKuro666 (which is also my twitter) Am I writing anything right now? Yes, I was on a huge hiatus, due to really bad depression, but I am coming back with a new short novel called The Immortal Maiden.

  For those who are wondering about the whole depression deal, yeah I’ve been dealing with depression like 75 percent of my life. It’s a pain in the ass but I am working through it and I am stable for now. Watching anime and writing are good sources of happiness in my life. So don’t worry too much for me.

  So, what am I blogging about? I’ll be blogging about anime, manga, Japanese light novel, and Japanese culture. I’ll be posting on Saturdays and possibly during the weekdays (don’t count on many of those, I’m busy with life lol but I’ll try my best)

  I truly hope that I’ll be entertaining and that you lovely people enjoy my blogs.

  Have a nice game, take care, and love one another.

5 thoughts on “Tsubaki Kuro Joins the blog. *Insert Super Smash Bros theme*

  1. Hey tsubaki, nice to meet you. Will be looking forward to your posts. Sry to read you been suffering from depression. Like yourself I had ambitions to be an author, however I dropped it. Good luck with yours though

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  2. Hi Tsubaki! Nice to meet you! I’m sorry to hear about your depression. Good luck with your new novel and I look forward to reading your posts! 😊

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