Where Would I Live In The Anime Universe (And Where Would I Not Live)?

Hello all you wonderful people! It’s me, Alexie, and I’m back again because it’s Monday! Have you ever wanted to simply move away from where you currently live, but you didn’t want to be on Earth? Well, I know I have, but let’s put this into the anime universe…like the who freaking thing. Where would I like to live? Where would I not like to live? Those are two questions that I’ve asked myself countless times and had plenty of conversations about with my brother and friends. So, with that let’s dive into this post!

Where Would I Live?

The first here will seem kind of obvious, but I’m okay with that, so let’s go!

  1. Aincrad (post-death game): Yeah, that may seem obvious, but I think the virtual world of Aincrad is super awesome. Different levels, different monsters, no magic, swords and fighting and guilds? Plus, the different levels of the Aincrad world? There are some awesome parts of this world that I would absolutely love to live in. The Town of Beginnings is actually pretty cool despite being, obviously, the beginning; the 22nd floor covered in beautiful lakes and forests; the 24th floor apparently is covered mostly by water with isles connected by floating bridges; Selmburg on the 61st floor (where I believe Asuna lived? Maybe?) seems pretty cool, too. All in all, there is so much inside the world of Aincrad that I could probably make this entire post about where I would like to live in that world, but I won’t.
  2. The Naruto World (Village Hidden in the Mist): Oh yeah, I went there. Not the Leaf Village, not the Sand Village, not in the Land of Lightning. No, I would choose the Land of Water and the Village Hidden in the Mist. Why? Well, it actually looks the most fitting for me. There’s vegetation, there are mountainous regions, it’s secluded, and I kind of like when there isn’t too much sun during the day. Plus, the buildings, at least in Naruto’s era, weren’t crazy tall and modified, so that’s cool.Kirigakure naruto
  3. Angel Beats school: Yup! I think that campus actually looks pretty cool in all honesty. Sure, it would mean that I’m dead, but still, that campus, which is rather small, is fairly fitting for me. I don’t like large campuses in all honesty. The campus of the university I went to (Western Michigan University) was three huge hills, which was a pain in my ass. The campus of the university I wanted to go to but didn’t (University of Louisville), was inside a city and compacted into a few blocks, with trees and awesome walkways–so kind of like the Angel Beats campus.Angel Beats campus

Where Would I Not Live?

  1. Wolf’s Rain World: Everything is frozen. Everything sucks. People are always dying and starving and that would not be awesome. So yeah, a quick one here, but seriously, Freeze City, Lost City (Jaguara’s City), Aerial City (no thanks…it’s on a cliff) seem like absolute nightmares to live in. Plus, it’s a desolate wasteland outside the cities where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Let’s not live there. (Sorry, I have no pictures for this one…)
  2. Attack on Titan World: Literally anywhere on that planet would suck. The island of Paradis, the mainland Marleyan empire? NO THANK YOU! I’d rather not be in a freaking war and trying to survive somehow with titans able to absolutely destroy me. Nope nope nope.Attack on titan Walls map
  3. The World of High School of the Dead: Okay, I will say I absolutely love zombies and vampires and zombies, and the whole horror thing is interesting to me, but fuck living in that world. A zombie apocalypse would suck so much. Oh hey, a single zombie, cool. Oh, hey, more zombies. Oh…oh, no…a horde of zombies! *DEATH* NOPE! COUNT ME OUT! But…okay, hang on. If I can meet Saeko and hopefully try to survive with her? Then yes. That is, however, a fantasy even in the HOTD world, so the short answer is once again no.Highschool of the Dead world

And that does it for this post today! Thank you all for reading! Do you have any worlds you would love to live in? Any worlds you would one hundred percent stay away from like me? I would love to know where people would enjoy living and where they would absolutely avoid!

Alexie the Great 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where Would I Live In The Anime Universe (And Where Would I Not Live)?

  1. When I saw the title the first world that sprang to mind was Aincrad! (Well obviously to live in!) As for worlds to avoid: I would also avoid the world of Psycho Pass. I mean really…a world where when your mind becomes agitated you might get blown away…so not going there! 😂😂


  2. Funnily enough Aincrad was also my first choice as well and what immediately sprung to mind when I read the title for this post!

    It’s such a beautiful world with a huge variety of locales and things to do, and without the worry of perma-death you’re free to go on cool adventures and do awesome stuff!

    Really neat post!


  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to live in the world of High School of the Dead or Attack on Titan either! I haven’t seen SAO so I had no idea about Aincard, but those pictures could have easily been taken out of a holiday brochure – it looks lovely!

    Great post, really has got me thinking about which anime world I’d like to live in myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I really enjoyed this post so thank you. 🙂 Hmm, I’d like to live in the Hunter x Hunter world because even though it’s all pretty dangerous and the Hunter culture is incredibly selfish in nature, the world itself is so diverse, with all kinds of creatures and magical beasts! Plus, I could learn to use Nen. I’d absolutely love that. I’d also love to live in the world in Ancient Magus Bride. I wouldn’t want to be in the alternate version of our world where Death Note happens. xD

    Liked by 1 person

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