Clue Collaboration: Fan Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

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Bodell here!

I know Crimson was supposed to be writing today but due to unforeseen circumstances I’ve had to step in literally last minute to type this. I’d never watched this show or heard of this character before so please bear with me as I’m writing this at 1am UK time to get it out for you in time!

This part is in collaboration with Ayano’s first post. Make sure to start there if you haven’t yet! You can do so by clicking here:

As I leave the library, I realize that Ferid Bathroy must be the first vampire I’ve spoken to, let alone interviewed as a suspect for a murder. I feel a shiver run through my spine as I consider the man’s barbaric diet, and just how open and charming a gentleman he was considering this fact. I also can’t shake my interest in this Frau fellow so I think I’d better interview him next.

After a small (unplanned) detour, I find my way to the cafeteria to discover a tall blonde man in a navy-blue coat sat alone, smoking a cigarette. Leaning against the table next to him is a tall scythe, matching Ferid’s description.

As I approach, he watches me with a serious expression, he seems to feel some level of concern at the current situation. Now I just need to deduce whether he’s concerned about the murder or concerned about being caught red handed.

“You must be Frau? Yes? Do you know why All Might invited you here today?” I ask politely, something tells me that I don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

“I don’t know why that hero invited me, but I’m here representing the Barsburg Church,” he tuts in response, “I’d much rather be talking to a cute girl… that damned Quent having a go at me for talking to that cute Kumiko chick.”

“I’d heard you two had butted head earlier, is that all it was?” I probe.

“Yeah, that’s really it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that old fool did Tsu-chan in. She was trying to break up it up and I may have snapped at her and walked away,” I see that he bites his lip. Despite his somewhat scary exterior, maybe he’s quite a nice person internally, “I really wish I hadn’t done that; she didn’t deserve it.”

“You seem genuinely upset, what exactly happened when you snapped?”

“Look, I didn’t kill the girl! She was way too cute for that! I just said a few words I regret and walked back into the room… and then next thing I was surrounded by darkness and a suffocating silence.”

I quickly glance over at his scythe which, just like all the other weapons I’ve seen tonight, looks clean. He catches me and meets my gaze, before slowly picking it up and handing it to me, “you need to test this, right? Here you go.”

I offer him a quick thank you, before calling in support to collect the weapon for tests. I turn to him again, “if you didn’t do it, who do you think did?” I think I’m placing a little too much trust in him here but I’m keen to hear his perspective.

“I want to say that old man, but it doesn’t feel like he did it. The vampire would almost be too obvious, but that girl I was talking too was acting very shifty. It can’t possibly have been me making her uncomfortable by talking to her, which is what Quent was saying. Maybe she has a guilty conscience?” It does sound like he’s grasping at straws a little here, so he’s not completely in my good books yet, we’ll see what comes back on that scythe.

“Thank you, Frau, you’ve been very helpful. I’ll keep you updated when I learn more.”

I slowly stand and begin to walk away, as I hear him light another cigarette. Does he normally smoke this much, or is it down to stress?  I shake my head trying to wrap my head around this case. All I know is I need to find my next suspect. I believe Frau said her name was Kumiko. I head in the direction of the student dormitories hoping to find more answers along the way.

Once again, sorry I’m not Crimson and that this is probably a little shorter than you’d like. You can find tomorrow’s post by Scott here!


8 thoughts on “Clue Collaboration: Fan Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

  1. Well…you did a great job as far as I’m concerned! It could not have been easy to step in at the last minute. That said: I enjoyed this once again (I’m totally in love with this collab, it’s so cool!) and I can wait to see how the story will progress. (And finding out more about who did it lol) Well done! 😊

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