Clue Collab: Fan Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

Alexie here!

This is the final part in collaboration with Ayano’s first post. Make sure to start there if you haven’t yet! You can do so by clicking here:

After questioning Nora, still trying to control the shivers running through my body at the girl’s demeanor, I head back to the hallway to find Quent. I see him there, sitting on the floor against the wall, unmoved. He’s obedient in a touchy situation, I’ll give him that. His hat is tilted downward to cover his eyes and he cradles his rifle against his lap.

UA High hallway

“Mr. Yaiden,” I say approaching him.

“You can call me Quent, detective,” he replies.

“Okay, Quent,” I say, “describe what happened for me again?”

“Haven’t you already got the story from the others?” Quent replies.

I sigh. “Humor me.”

As Quent takes a swig of alcohol I attempt to peer at the underside of his hat’s bill. I can’t see anything in the shadows, however, and straighten as he turns to me.

Quent coughs and says, “We were gathered here for whatever reason by some All Might guy, there was a frog girl serving tea, and then the lights went out. When they came back on that girl was dead. That’s all there is to it, detective.”

I narrow my eyes at the man. “That’s all there is?”

With a sigh, Quent shuffles into a more comfortable position. “You suspect me, I presume, which is why I’m here with you and you’re questioning me; however, have you seen me? What’s an old man like me going to do in a warm room with tea? I come from a frozen wasteland, detective, this is paradise to me.”

“Paradise you say?” I ask.

Quent laughs. “Paradise…the wolves used to talk about Paradise. Blue did too, for a little, when she was alive. She and Hige were supposed to go there together.” He takes another swig from his flask. “Listen, detective, I’m just an old man. Do you really expect me to be able to do something like that?”

sad quent yaiden

“Who else? You look the most experienced,” I say.

“That lady with the fans,” Quent says. “What was her name? Glass? She had fans, easily concealable blades in those. She also had blood on her kimono. Curious isn’t it? What do I have? I have a hat covered in sweat and this coat. Plus, I’m still wet from the storm outside. I’m sick of the cold, and this place is warm. That’s why I’m here. I’m just trying to get warm. We were called here for some reason, and I figured why give up a chance at possibly starting something new? I no longer have anything I cared for, so maybe I could start again.”

I nod and click my pen obsessively. “That’s it?” I ask. “That’s the only reason you’re here?”

Quent laughs. “That Glass woman was going through things you know. She was trying to get information. On us? On All Might? On the maid girl? Who knows.” Quent shrugs. “But she wanted something. Perhaps she wanted to be a hero and that maid frog girl got in her way. Did you see the wounds or are you just here questioning us without knowing anything? I’d assume there are blade marks on that girl’s body. You know what, have you checked those fans? There’s got to be something inside those, right? Dried blood, perhaps some hair, maybe a sliver of cloth?”

“I don’t…I’m not…” I stammer.

A smile crosses Quent’s face. “The fans, detective! The fans! Has the forensics team looked at the fans?”

“I can’t give you that information, Quent. Your rifle, though. May I have that?” I ask.

“Oh, this, sure. I haven’t used it in years. Used to hunt wolves with it with my dear old Blue,” Quent says. “But what do you know about Glass, son? Do you know anything about her? Do you know about her goals, her desires, or her interests? Why is she here? Is she here for some selfish reason? She has a look in her eyes. Did you see it? That look of security in whatever she does. Like she’ll never get caught, like nobody can touch her. You can, though, detective. That’s your job.”

“I’m not sure what you mean? What look?” I ask. I begin scribbling down everything he’s said, even what he’d said about himself.

“A killer’s look, detective. She’s done terrible things in her life. My guess is she wanted to be a hero badly enough that she had to use an underhanded tactic to get what she wanted. I wouldn’t pass up that line if I were you. Bladed fans are a fascinating weapon. Imagine the way she’d be able to help the people of this world with those. She could cut people loose from entanglements, she could battle villains, she could defend other heroes, and the possibilities are almost endless. But is she a hero? Is she truly any one person can trust with their life?

“Is Glass capable of being a good person? What if somebody were to cross her? They’re perfectly concealable weapons. She can swipe them out, cut a throat, or legs, or a stomach, and then wipe the blood off and close them. Or, if she’s in a time crunch she can close them, run and then clean them before the blood sticks to the blades. I for one don’t trust her as far as I could throw her, and I’m an old man—I can’t throw her far at all.”

I question Quent’s words then, and reach my hand out for his rifle. The man gives it to me and tilts his hat back over his eyes, crossing his arms across his chest. He seems to be going to sleep, so I leave him then. I need to get back to the forensics team and go through all the information I’ve been given by these six subjects. Now, it’s all up to what I can gather from the information I’ve gathered, whose story adds up, and who was the most likely to have murdered Froppy while they were all gathered at this campus.

And that does it, folks! That’s all six suspects for this Clue game! Who do you think is the killer? Cast your votes down below! Voting will be open till Sunday at Midnight.

Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and gifs come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

4 thoughts on “Clue Collab: Fan Favorite Froppy Found Frigid

  1. Well…this last post hasn’t made it any easier to narrow it down lol😂 I have said this many times now, but I am in love with this collab! It’s been such a great and fun ride, and I have been having a blast reading all the posts for it this week. Well…Now I guess I’m off to cast my vote. I know I’m probably going to have it wrong anyway as I am not good at these things, but that doesn’t matter. It’s been way too much fun, and I loved this final post just as much as all the others! 😊

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