Staying Strange with Tsubaki on Saturday: I watched a thing.

   So as you may have noticed, my title is a lil different. I am trying some new things. There will be recommendations coming soon. I’ll have in the future different themed saturdays based on what I’m talking about. Might make a schedule later on. Anywho, let’s get to the blog.

   How do I put this, the best way to put it is to say that I am an idiot. Why would you say that about that yourself you may ask? Well here is why. I rewatched something that many people feared and memed. It’s quite infamous and before you ask, yes I’ve seen this before. I will go over this story. It’s a tale from my past when I was in college. So here it is. 

   When I was in college, I wasn’t the smartest person. A very chill person who went with the flow. So I made friends with this emo stoner chick. One day we smoked several bowls and she told me, “wanna watch some hentai with me?” You knew my answer, but can you blame me, a cute emo girl wanting to watch some hentai with me when i was sky high. So we ditched yoga class and laid in a field in the college and she brought up a vid on her phone. She looked at me and said, “Boku no Pico is my favorite hentai, have you heard of it?” My brain was dead, so it didn’t click. So we ended up watching the whole first episode. I thought it was futa when I was high, boy I wish it was. When I was somber I looked up what I watched and boy oh boy I was put into shock. IMG_20190816_095705

    But this week I got a crazy idea. Why not watch it somber and see if it’s truly as bad as it seems. That’s a smart idea, I thought, I could do a fun blog on it. So I watched the entire first episode. The results, hauntingly nothing. It’s just yaoi hentai, that’s all. The only disturbing thing is that Pico seems to be underage. But other than that, just your average hentai, just with two males. So why is so infamous, that when people watch it their eyes bleed and they go blind for life. Is it cus when it first came out, gay sex was frowned upon. During the era where people hide their sexuality cus a lot of people were insensitive. That’s my guess. Cus nowadays you have a bunch of guys liking traps ( guys dressed like girls). Which is what Pico was. Time changed where liking male on male is more accepted. It’s just that negative mentality of Boku no Pico made it that  infamous meme to this day. 

   There is more mind scarring works out there, like Euphoria, Shindo L’s Emergence/ Metamorphosis, and Mai-chan no Nichijou. These works are disturbing ranging from a guy pooping in a girl’s mouth to an innocent girl becoming a druggie rape doll to an immortal girl who gets tortured. And there is still more fucked up shit I’ve read that I’m not covering.

   So in the end if the day, when you want to scar a little weeblet, don’t recommend them Boku no Pico, tell them to watch Euphoria instead. And yeah, I baited y’all, making it seem like it was a comedy post where I was suffering from watching a meme, but in reality, I’m calling myself stupid cus I judged something cus it was homosexual in nature. And there is nothing wrong with yaoi or yuri. Love is equal. 

   Thanks for reading and if you have anything that you want me to read or watch to see my honest reaction to it, comment down below. 

                            -Tsubaki Kuro

6 thoughts on “Staying Strange with Tsubaki on Saturday: I watched a thing.

  1. I’m going to regret admitting this later, but I’ve seen Boku no Pico, at least the first installment. Objectively, there’s nothing wrong with this OVA, because even though Pico is underage, this is just anime. There are no moral issues like there would be with child porn or god forbid abusing a child sexually in reality. Subjectively, though, some things will bother people more than others, or what bothers them/us may be inconsistent. I *did* gfind Boku no Pico disturbing, because it was too hard for me to logically separate reality from fiction as I watched. I couldn’t stop thinking of how morally disgusting this would be in reality. That’s why I’m not a fan. Anyway thanks for the interesting post.


      1. Yes and I grew up in a mini-culture where phsyical or sexual child abuse were not that uncommon. It happened with at least two friends of mine when they were children. It’s never far from my mind.

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  2. Hmmm…

    When you watch anime, you are entering a fantasy environment. Read the reviews and enter at your own risk. A person who complains about content they should have been aware of has no credibility.

    No real people are being harmed. The author and director get to create their own set of rules. It isn’t an instruction set for how to live a good life. Neither cinema, nor literature, nor anime have any obligation to offer moral instruction or conform to community standards. Good guys don’t have to win and puppies and children may be harmed.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. “Off” is just a mouse click away.

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