A Manga Moment I Loved Seeing Animated and Moments I Would Love to See Animated

Hello all you wonderful people! It’s me again here for another post on the amazing Kawaii Paper Pandas! Let’s get into this!

So, we all know that manga can have some amazing adaptations and when they’re animated it’s mind-blowing and wonderful to see in motion. What were some of the moments in manga that I was excited to see and am excited to see animated? Let’s take a look!


  • Julius Novachrono vs Licht– Yeah, Seeing the fight between Julius and Licht in Black Clover. Time vs Light, The Magic Emperor vs Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun… I started reading Black Clover a few months before the anime aired and have kept up with the series ever since. Now, what I will say is seeing Julius’s grimoire was something that I was extremely excited for. It has no cover, and it’s actually a book, but like a cylinder…Oh, and it’s absolutely MASSIVE! Also, seeing Julius use his Time Magic to avoid Licht’s attacks and defend the Clover Kingdom? Absolutely wonderful. The colors and animation were great to see!

    Screenshot (304)
    It’s So BIG!!!!!
  • Hinata at Nationals in Haikyuu!!– So, there’s a specific scene that I’m really excited to see in Haikyuu!! and the manga has me super hyped to see it animated. Those of us that know anything about Haikyuu!! know that Hinata can jump super high despite his small stature, but we haven’t seen him jump at his highest yet in the anime. Nope, and with season four coming, I’m hyped to see a specific scene from the manga. The panel is absolutely amazing and I really can’t wait for this jump… Oh, and for all the Haikyuu!! anime fans….Nekoma is back!

    Screenshot (306)
    Fly High!! (Burnout Syndromes)
  • The Promised Neverland–Just before The Promised Neverland starts getting into it’s final arc, there’s a scene that I really want to see, because it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but within the realm of what’s happened in the story there is some sense to it; however, I think the point of this portion of the arc is to keep the reader confused, and this panel really takes the cake for me. So, what would you do with an older Ray and an infant Emma? I’ll leave it at that…

    Screenshot (307)
    Chapter 135…like I said earlier: SPOILERS!

And that does it for this post! I’m super excited to see these two scenes animated if they ever get the chance, and seeing the fight between Julius and Licht was better than I imagined! Seeing Julius’s grimoire was freaking fantastic, and how he moved between Licht’s attacks? Absolutely wonderful. What were some of your favorite scenes in anime? Also, if you read manga, what are some panels that you’re excited to see animated? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

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