Saturday Suggestions with Tsubaki: Doki Doki Talk

   Imagine this, a high school boy is underneath a sakura tree. Its petals flutter through the air as a small breeze blows. A cute high school girl in front of him. He confesses his love for her. The girl steps back and holds her hands to her face and she blushes furiously. Or imagine this scene. A young man and a young woman are sitting on a blanket. He is wearing comfortable streetwear and she is wearing a beautiful yutaka. Fireworks light the night sky. The guy holds the girl’s hand and she blushes a little. They lean in together and kiss as a big firework goes off lighting up their faces. 

   Does this make you feel a little warm. Like a slight fluff in your heart. Why? How does anime make us feel that? That fluff in our heart. Why do we feel love in anime romances and get so passionate about fictional characters. Cus it’s very common in our otaku community. This isn’t a deep analysis on romance, just my take on it. 

   So what’s my opinion on romance in anime. I love it and hate it. I love it cus it makes my heart go doki doki and feel fluffy inside. I only hate it cus it makes me feel jealous. As someone who is gonna die alone, I get depressed. But that’s me being a bitch. I mostly love it greatly. Even though I just got into it recently. 

   I just rewatched After the Rain, My Little Monster, and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. Which are great romance animes. My Little Monster was my very first one. And lets say I kinda got hooked on the genre. Made me wish that I could find love someday. Who doesn’t want that kind of romance to bloom. Be in school and be confessed to by a cute girl under a sakura tree or to be together with a girl and spend time under some fireworks. We are social beings and look for that kind of things. Even if are just watching 2d people going through a romantic journey, we place ourselves in that because we want that for ourselves. We self project ourselves to these characters. And when a homewrecker starts flirting with one of the members in the relationship, we flip out and yell at our screens. Unless that’s just me.

   Other good romance anime to watch is Love Lab. Which is my guilty pleasure anime ( cus I’m a horror writer that loves cute things). And another amazing one is Kaguya-sama: Love is War. This anime is soooo fucking good and extra in the right places. If you haven’t seen them, you should. Love Lab is about these student council girls trying to learn to get a boyfriend. Kaguya-sama: Love is War is about President and Vice President if the student council trying to make each other confess their feelings for each other.

  Sorry for being late and not posting last week, I got busy with life. So as a gift of apology, I’m gonna write y’all a short romance story. A KawaiiPaperPandas exclusive romance story. Look forward to it in a few days. And I am looking for some more romance anime, if you know any, comment down below. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day.  Love you all. IMG_20190802_174423

One thought on “Saturday Suggestions with Tsubaki: Doki Doki Talk

  1. I understand your ambivalence. I love that little bit of vicarious fluff in my heart a well. At the same time, there’s a demon lurking inside of me who whispers in my ear, “Why couldn’t that have happened to you?” And making me a little sad.


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