Why I Love Team-Focused Anime

I’m sure most of us have a specific genre of anime that we like more than others, even if we watch just about anything that will catch our eyes for at least a few episodes; however, I’ve noticed that I hold team-focused anime in a higher regard than other genres. Why is that? Well, let’s get into this and I’ll try to explain my mindset!

What do team-focused anime bring to the table? I’ll write a quick list and then go into some of them more specifically (obviously there are more than what I’m listing, but I wanted to keep it short):

  1. Rivalries
  2. Diversity/Personalities
  3. Determination

Rivalries: I like to look at Haikyuu!! for this point in all honesty. We have our main cast in Karasuno, but the way Hinata and Kageyama play off each other is amazing. They’re each trying to out-do the other in so many different ways. Who can get to the gym first? Who can stay on the court the longest (sorry, manga readers!)? Who can jump the highest? Who can do whatever the most amount of times… the list goes on and on. And with those rivalries we get teamwork and character progression, a section of the cast that pushes each other beyond what they themselves are capable of accomplishing.

hinata kageyama racing
They’re so funny together

Diversity: Diversity can mean a lot, but in all honesty I think that in sports anime we see a lot of people who are simply different socially or academically. The cast’s are diverse in their humor, their actions and mannerisms, their upbringings, etc. I think one of the better examples of this kind of diversity actually comes in Tsurune, where our main character Minato is quiet and struggles with anxiety, another (Onogi) is loud-mouthed and fiery, there’s a pair of twins that are a bit quirky, the main character’s supportive best friend (Seiya) who is calm and caring, and so much more. They fight, they struggle, but eventually they begin to trust each other by learning about each other and coming together to accomplish what they’ve been striving for.

tsurune characters
I love these guys

Determination: Throughout team-focused anime, all of the shown schools are determined within their respective sports to achieve the most they can–which is usually a large tournament win, or reaching a specific tournament (like nationals), or in Run With the Wind’s case making it to a prestigious race and competing in said race (I don’t know if that was like a national thing or not, sorry)… So yeah, sports anime shows us what people are capable of when a group is determined and collectively striving toward a common goal. I do think that sometimes this determination is used as a crutch, but either way it’s been fun to see a cast of characters grow together despite their differences and try to achieve what they’ve set out to do at the beginning portion of the series.

run with the wind
Look at Haiji cheering 😀


So yeah, just a short little post about why I love team-focused anime. If you have any other aspects of team-focused anime that I didn’t talk about I’d love to know what you think about them. Do some characters completely put you off to the show? Is there a specific personality type that you adore? Let me know in the comments!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂


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