Saturday Suggestions with Tsu: Thrillers and Killers

   So on Friday I was on a Asian movie binge. I watched the Live Action Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy, I Saw the Devil (a Korean thriller), Train to Busan (a Korean zombie movie) and the last one, Parasite (a Korean thriller) I know that all our posts have been Japanese oriented blogs, but today I am doing it on two Korean movies. So which Korean movies am I talking about today. Well the one that was beautifully made by Bong Joon-ho. And the other made by Kim Jee-woon Today I am talking about the movie Parasite and I Saw the Devil. 

  Let me start by saying this, I’ll try to make these as spoiler free as possible. I WILL TRY MY BEST OKAY. MV5BOWVmODY4MjYtZGViYS00MzJjLWI3NmItMGFmMDRkMzI1OTU3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTQ0NTUxOTA@._V1_

   The first one I will talk about is Parasite. This movie is pretty new, came out this year in Korea. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, this thriller is about this extremely poor family that slowly infiltrates a rich family to get money. That’s just a real simple plot synopsis without spoiling too much it. It’s much more complicated than that but I don’t want to SPOIL anything. The scary thing about this plot is that it can possibly actually happen. 

   The visuals are so beautiful. Each shot is a masterpiece. Even the darker theme shots of the movie were strangely beautiful. The acting in this movie was also very amazing. Each person played their parts amazingly well.

  If you like thrillers, this movie is a must watch. Beautifully done and very haunting. 10/1081UEsqer-sL._SL1500_

   The second movie we are also talking about today is I Saw the Devil. Which is a more brutal thriller. Like holy shit this movie was brutal. In an amazing way. This movie is the darker of the two movies. It’s a beautifully done revenge story. 

   The plot is that a special service’s pregnant fiance is kidnapped and brutally murdered by a psychopath. The would be husband than goes out searching for this man. He eventually finds him and he beats the shit out of him. Then he lets him go. The would be husband plays catch and release with this killer, every time he finds hims he does something horrible. The would be husband slowly starts becoming as evil as the guy he is hunting.

   This movie isn’t for the faint of heart. There is strong violence, strong language, a few attempted rape scenes, and some nudity. 

   This movie is a fast paced thriller unlike Parasite. You will be constantly on the edge of you seat. The acting on this was phenomenal. Another must watch thriller, if you can stomach it. I give this one a 11/10 because how much it kept my heart racing and the sheer amount of feelings it gave me. 

    Hope you can watch these two amazing movies and that you enjoy them as much as me. If there is any Asian movies that you enjoyed, let me know in the comments. Love you all, and take care. 

                       -Tsubaki Kuro

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