Novel Series I Would Love To See Animated

Hello all you wonderful people! It’s me, Alexie, and I’m back with another post for the Panda Gang! If you haven’t realized yet, I like lists. They’re simple, and usually a summary of the points in the list is good enough to get people to know what I’m talking about. This will be another one of those lists, because why not?

So, as the title says, what are some novel series I would love to see as anime (or cartoons, whatever)? Within the realm of anime being based off manga and light novels, I do think that it’s a bit of a shame that what we almost always get are series from Japan. Okay, obviously that’s going to happen, but outside of Japan, in the West, there are some fantastic series that I think would actually work better as anime/cartoons (I know they’re different…maybe animated is a better word?) than live-action adaptations (like all the Marvel series on Netflix, or whatever else). Let’s get into this list!


The Night Angel Trilogy, Brent Weeks

Yep, this is a trilogy that is based on a medieval Europe, with ninjas and a neat magic system that doesn’t make a ton of sense until pieced together through the trilogy (but in the end it actually makes a tone of sense), and a huge amount of political intrigue that rocks the world and its boundaries. Plus, the world that the Night Angel trilogy takes place in has an awesome name: Midcyru. If you want to know more about this trilogy and what it’s like I highly recommend reading it if you’re into fantasy novels or you can just visit the author’s website ( and check some other stuff out. There’s also a graphic novel of the first book in the trilogy, so what’s to say an animated adaptation is impossible?!?


The Lightbringer Series, Brent Weeks

Okay, okay, I know…I have a thing for Brent Weeks, obviously, but the man hasn’t won the top fantasy novel award for nothing (he got a damn axe!—it’s the David Gemmell Legend award if you’re curious). This series has a magic system based on color, which is super cool. The magic users are called Drafters, and each color of the spectrum we know as the visible spectrum has metaphysical properties–there are some other “draftable aspects, too. Also, there’s a picture below showing properties… The cool part is whatever color your eyes are is the color you can “draft,” but some people have multi-colored eyes and can draft multiple colors (red/green, green/blue, you get the point). There’s also one person in the world called The Prism, who can draft every single color of the spectrum…even…well, I’d rather not go spoiling anything, so I’ll leave that as it is. There’s also massive political intrigue on a scale I haven’t read in any fantasy before, which is super cool, and a cast of characters that is large, but not too large to not know who is who right off the bat.Lightbringer seriesLightbringer series drafters spectrum

The Ancestor Trilogy, Mark Lawrence

This is a trilogy I have yet to complete, since I have paperback versions of the first two novels and I’m waiting for the paperback version of the final installment to release. I’m weird. If I start hardcover I get all hardcover and if I start paperback I get all paperback for a more uniform look to the novels. The Ancestor trilogy by Mark Lawrence is a cast full of females. The lead is female, the supporting characters are female, and they’re all badass! They’re a convent of nuns, but they’re assassins and magic users and healers and users of medicine. They’re also awesome as all hell. We start with a younger girl named Nona, and it’s her story of becoming who she is, a badass. The magic system is a bit confusing unless you’re reading the story, but with the political intrigue, power of the cast, and magic system, this trilogy would be great to see animated.Ancestory trilogy

Artemis Fowl, Eoin Colfer

I seriously don’t remember anything about this series since it’s been around fifteen years since I read any of the novels, but in all honesty I think seeing it as an animated series would be awesome. There’s magic and elves and a twelve-year-old criminal mastermind as the main character (Artemis Fowl II), but yeah. I would love to see this series animate because I think the colors and characters would be great to see on a screen and it wouldn’t work as a live-action adaptation. Animate it and you can get all of what you want out of this series. While it is a series aimed at younger readers, I still believe it would be an enjoyable series.Artemis Fowl series

And that does it for my post today. Are there any series you would love to see animated? If so, I would love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

3 thoughts on “Novel Series I Would Love To See Animated

  1. I’ll cheat and say “Seraph of the End: Catastrophe at Sixteen” light novel series. I’m salty we might never see the end of Seraph of the End manga being adapted so I cross finger a studio take the light novel series (that is slowly adapted into manga) in anime.


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