KFC Made a Visual Novel? WHAT?

It’s been 2 weeks since my last post and I’ve really not had a lot of time to dedicate to anime since then. I’ve just started my first year at university, so I’ve been trying to fit in a mixture of attending lectures, making time to manage the workload, getting used to new surroundings, making new friends, all sorts. Unfortunately, amongst this I’ve barely watched any anime but something very interesting happened on 24th September… KFC released an official dating sim visual novel on Steam called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator. How could I not dedicate time to this?


I was made aware of this by a friend forwarding through an article and I thought it was a joke or an unofficial visual novel that some people made for fun whilst dicking around and eating too much fried chicken. Alas, I was wrong, and this was in fact made by KFC (or at least a company hired by KFC to make it). I’m sure stuff like this has happened in the past but the idea of an entire visual novel being made as a marketing scheme for fried chicken blew my fucking mind; I was so excited to finally jump into it upon release.

I really wasn’t sure to expect from this, I’ve played a few dating sims (I’ve spoken about Katawa Shoujo in a different post) but not that many, especially when compared to some people in the anime community. First and foremost, this VN is free which I am really happy about. From the moment I saw the trailer for this I knew that it wasn’t designed to be its own standalone, but to make you want to go and buy some KFC. And because of the fact that its free and designed as a fancy advert, I was really unsure how long it would take to play through fully. I have completed it one time through and my time is only 78 minutes on Steam, a little bit of that is some dicking around, but mostly that is actual play time.


This means that this is incredibly short for a visual novel, most that I know of clocking in at least 10 hours per playthrough, and multiple routes to take. And this is another point I’d like to highlight, and that’s that I don’t know how much your choices reflect the outcome of the visual novel. Sometimes when you pick an option, you will just lose the game, and whilst that’s funny, it does get a little annoying when you’ve got to restart the scene and skip back to the point you were at. Because of this, it doesn’t feel like many routes or alternative scenes are available. Sometimes I’d say something that really pissed Colonel Sanders off, but in the next scene we’d be just fine.

Another really strange thing I noticed is that the entire visual novel isn’t narrated from first person, but the visual novel is telling you what you see. This actually took me a little getting used to and stopped me from immediately slotting into character which can be quite a problem for such a short game like this. Some of the characters were a bit random for randomness sake, for example, Pop just wasn’t funny to me and I avoided every interaction with him I could, and Miriam was a little annoying at points. By far though, my favourite character was Student… but that’s mainly because I identified with him on a deeper level….


Now, did this game succeed in making me want KFC? Absolutely yes! If I weren’t at university and still had my car, I’d have driven straight over to KFC and written this whilst enjoying a zinger stacker. Oh my fucking god, I love a good zinger stacker… it’s my absolute fast food go-to.


All in all, I think that you should give this a go; it’s free, it’s quick, and KFC is delicious. What’s your favourite fast food restaurant and what’s your go-to order?



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