A Spooky Anime That Made Me Laugh

Hello you wonderful pandas, and welcome to October… or should I say Spooktober? Here at KawaiiPaperPandas, we’re only writing about spooky shit all month! Something tells me Tsubaki will be in his element this month with all the weird and wonderful stuff he writes about! Also, please check out Ayano’s pinned tweet here and join in our 30 Day Spooktober Challenge. Without further ado, let’s get into something I wanted to write about for today.

The prompt for Day 2 of the 30 Day Spooktober Challenge was as follows: least favourite horror anime. Now I haven’t seen that much horror anime, and I’m not a massive fan of horror in general. Saying that, the only anime I could think of was a 2017 series called King’s Game or Ousama Game in Japanese.f93fed24fab3b7e9a4b23cb375e7eac51507190163_main

King’s Game is a bit weird because it fucks around with its source material a fair amount. You see, King’s Game is a manga series written by Nobuaki Kanazawa and illustrated by Hitori Renda, but it also has a sequel and prequel manga, both still written by Kanazawa, but with different artists. The prequel manga is kind of irrelevant in terms of the anime adaptation, but things get a little weird when you realise that the anime is adapting both the original manga and the sequel (titled King’s Game: Extreme). In fact, even though the anime is called King’s Game it is more an adaptation of Extreme.

Okay let’s backtrack a little here so this makes more sense. King’s Game is a manga series based on a twisted version of a Japanese party game where every player will draw a number, bar one who draws a king. The king can then issue commands like “player 6 must kiss player 2” and if they refuse to do so, they face a punishment. In the King’s Game manga, an entire class receives a text giving them commands and threatening to punish them with death. This turns the series into a dark survival horror where the players much do increasingly difficuly and terrible things in order to survive. Doesn’t this sound really fucking cool? Well yeah, and I’d heard good things about this manga and so I sat down to watch the anime adaptation as it aired.

It was shit.


Let’s go back to what I said earlier about it adapting both arcs of the manga. King’s Game, the anime, begins with a student called Nobuaki Kanazawa (I wonder how the author came up with that one) transferring to a new school, and not long after the titular game begins. The only thing is that it is made apparent that the main character has been through this all before, the reason for this is that we aren’t seeing an adaptation of King’s Game, but of King’s Game: Extreme. This gets even more confusing when the anime begins to flick back and forth between the two portions of the manga to explain what Nobuaki is referencing in the core story. We see that Nobuaki is horrified, but also frustrated that his new classmates won’t listen considering that he’s been through this before. The problem is that we, the viewer, don’t know that story and struggle to align with him and end up seeing both stories play out at the same time.

This is also a show that suffers from a large, bland cast of boring characters and I literally don’t remember any of their names, and I certainly didn’t know there names as I watched the series week by week. This is made worse by the fact that there are two stories unfolding at once, both consisting of a class worth of characters each, and the main character is in both so you forget where the fuck you are.

king's game

After a while, I just came to the series for a laugh as its extremely serious tone mixed with its baffling terrible timing just kept me laughing constantly. Maybe Seven, the animation studio, should just go back to making hentai and leave the rest up to people that know what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of time to shit on this anime, considering this post is already a day late. What’s your least favourite horro anime? Make sure to post it in the comments and also on Ayano’s twitter thread and answer as many daily prompts as you can if you’d like to join in! Next week I’m going to be posting about a very creepy manga series that I recommend you read if you want a shudder down your spine.


3 thoughts on “A Spooky Anime That Made Me Laugh

  1. King’s Game is pretty good for a laugh and for bad horror it works but that’s it and people who aren’t in the mood for something terrible aren’t going to get much out of this anime.

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