Spooky Saturdays with Tsu:The C Word

 Ahhhhhhhh yeah, it’s Halloween season. Spooky season is now. My favorite season as a horror fanatic. So this month all posts will be spooky themed and on Halloween I will post a horror story. I will gradually post in spookiness. So today will be the least spooky but the “most” realistic. Cus what’s more horrific than relationships, to be more exact, the horror of cheating.



  Today will be kinda different cus I will be talking about Japanese video game. Catherine/ Catherine Full Body (the new remake, with added things). There will be slight spoilers, so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled. I won’t spoil the ending, cus there is multiple. DwkYIlHU8AUnuNL

   I have played the original Catherine but not Full Body, cus my PS4 died. But I would recommend it. It’s fun and scary. 

  So what is the story of the game. Well you play as an unfortunate man named Vincent Brooks who recently has been having bedwetting nightmares. You have a girlfriend named Katherine. Who is thinking about getting married with you. But you don’t think you should. So that night you are at the bar with your friends and they leave you alone. A hot blonde named Catherine joins you at the table and flirts with you. You wake up the next morning, with her naked next to you. Yup, you slept with her. So you make decisions on what you want to do. Will you cheat some more, or be faithful, or go for both. And in Full Body there is another choice, the piano and neighbor Rin who has a secret. All your choices have consequences.




   So I’m sure y’all wondering, Tsubaki, how the fuck does this have anything to do with horror. Well, this game gives you the psychological horror of cheating on your girlfriend. The guilt, the horror of getting caught and worse. Also every night you get sent to this nightmare realm where you must climb this tower of traps and blocks to escape. And if you die, you die for real. You are surrounded by sheep people and then find out that its a curse that people who cheat get. And there are times that some huge demon chases after you while you frantically climb. It really gets your heart pumping. Catherine-Full-Body-Screenshots-15

  As someone who has had friends cheat on their girlfriends, it’s a scary thing in real life. Seeing them get caught, fuck. It ain’t pretty. Shit got real and shit exploded. Just witnessing it made my heart pound, imagine going through it. Oof. 

    The point of this blog to just recommend a fun “horror” Japanese game without spoiling too much but to also talk about the horror of cheating. 

Also Rin is best~



   Sorry for the slight horror piece, next week will be even better 😈😈😈. I’ll give you a hint. The main character has three versions.

Hope you all have a great day and have have a spooky time.

-Tsubaki Kuro

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