The Creepiest Manga I’ve Ever Read

I’m going to open this honestly and say that horror isn’t a genre I consume very often. I’ll occasionally watch a film here or there with some friends, but when it comes down to it, horror doesn’t really scare me… so what’s the point? Well I bought a single volume manga a few months ago from my local weeb shop and it was fucking creepy. And as it’s October, the spookiest of all months, I suppose I’d ought to talk about my experience with the creepy horror manga known as Ibitsu, illustrated and written by Haruto Ryou.

I’m also going to admit that I read this a while ago and was going to read it again this week, but my brother forgot to bring me the book when he visited me at university last weekend, and I’m shit at time management so never got around to finding it online (I hate reading manga on a screen anyway). Anyway, let’s get into it!

ibitsu creep

Ibitsu follows Kazuki Itou and his terrifying encounters with an otherwordly entity going by the name of Remina Kanbe. The story begins when Itou is returning to his apartment after going shopping, and on his way home he sees a tall dirty lolita sat in a pile of bin bags, holding a broken umbrella and a filthy teddy. What’s even more off-putting is the fact that it looks as if her arms have been slashed open and sewn back together. Itou tries to ignore the girl, but she simply asks “Do you have a younger sister?”. Reflexively, Itou responds that he does and then leaves the creepy girl to it. When he lookds outside from his apartment… the girl is gone. In his next interaction, the girl forces herself into his apartment so she can wash Keiichi – her stuffed rabbit.

It doesn’t take long for an urban legend to reach Itou… the legend of a strange lolita girl that asks a passerby a question, and if they answer, she will become their younger sister and eventually… they will die a “twisted” death.

The story continues as this lolita slowly forces herself further and further into Itou’s life, even trying to kill his real younger sister extremely early in the manga, terrifying her to the point that she pisses herself… and then attempts to ‘clean it up’ by ironing her special lady parts. At this point we’re only in chapter 3 of 15, so you can imagine just how fucked up this manga actually gets.

But what makes this manga creepier than any other random horror manga? Maybe it’s just my lack of exposure to horror manga in general, but there was something off about this manga from the moment I opened the book for the first time. There was a weird energy about it, and it sent a chill up my spine. The character of Remina is tall and intimidating, and sometimes the lines she’s rendered in are chaotic and unburdened by sanity.

ibistu lines

I really recommend this book if you want to experience some fucked up shit this October. I really enjoyed my read through and can’t wait to go back through it again this Halloween. Let me know what your favourite horror manga is, or even just the one that creeped you out or scared you the most.


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