Spooky Saturdays with Tsu: A Good Bloody Anime Series

Second post of this spooky month. So what is Tsubaki talking about today. I given you all a hint last week. The main character has three different versions. So what character has three different versions of themselves. Well let me give you a little hint. It’s very bloody. And it’s bloody good. And each character is named Saya. 

   Today I am talking about the Blood series. Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood +, and Blood C (including the movie The Last Dark). Very October Vibes anime for y’all. Blood-The-Last-Vampire-images-857f98ce-f13b-4bb2-af55-33d40ca86cf

   The first entry in this series is Blood: The Last Vampire made in 2000 by Production I.G. It’s a 50 minute movie. There is only one version of it, meaning that there is no sub only or dubbed. This movie contains both english and japanese dialogue. Which is pretty unique. The Japanese people talk in Japanese and the Americans speak English. And sometimes they speak each other’s language. This movie follows Saya Otonashi, who is a young girl who is a special girl working for Americans to hunt down chiropterans, which are these bat monster like things. This movie is very good for a 50 min film. My only gripe is that everyone has huge fucking lips.



   The next part in the Blood series is Blood +, which is a 2005 anime series also by Production I.G. Both in Sub and Dub. It has 50 episodes. This is a different iteration of Saya Otonashi. In this one she has no memory of her past and live a nice life until she runs into a chiropteran. She learns that she needs to kill them and slowly finds out what she is. A lot more plot than Blood: The Last Vampire. Then again 50 mins to 50 episodes is a bit more time to flesh out a story and characters. I’m not gonna go too deep because I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s a very good series.



MV5BODQxMjY0MjItZjQ0MS00NmRiLWI2ZjQtMjYyNmQ3MTFjOGEzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjc4OTQ1OTA@._V1_.jpg  The next series in Blood series is where things change. The 2011 Production I.G anime Blood C is a 12 episode show both in Sub and Dub. This is the most violent and biggest change to the series. The main character is Saya Kisaragi. She is a young girl who serves as a shrine maiden. She finds out that she has to save the village from these man-eating monsters called Elder Bairns. Like I said this show is bloody and gory, more than the other two. I know that Ayano-sensei loves this show as well. This show is my favorite of the series and its my favorite Saya. And the ending will blow your mind. And the 2012 movie Blood C : The Last Dark is the perfect conclusion to the series.



   I highly recommend that you watch these Iconic series. You don’t have to watch them in any order. Bloody, good action, and good old monster killing fun. Plus good Waifu material. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day~


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