Spooky Saturdays with Tsu: A Dark Time in History

Today’s post will be the scariest post from me during the spooky season. And what’s scarier than real life. Today’s topic will be a very dark subject of Japan’s darkest moment in history. 

   This post will talk about horrific events that happened during WWII. So read this if you can stomach it. This is your WARNING. 731-640x375

   Today I am talking about the infamous Unit 731 known as the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department. Lead by Shirō Ishii, this unit specialized in biological weapon testing. What they did was torture and killed a ton of people in a very horrible ways for research. Up to a half of a million people were killed. There were many horrible experiments they conducted. And they referred to the human subjects as “logs”. The human subjects ranged from criminals and war prisoners to infants and pregnant ladies. Here are some of the experiments they have done.

  1. Vivisection: were they dissected people still alive and awake and removed organs of the test subjects. They removed limbs and reattached them to different parts to see if the body will reject it. 
  2. Biological testing: they would make affect many people with bubonic plague, anthrax, and many other different biological diseases. 
  3. Weapon testing: they would use people as live dummies to see how different weapons affected them. 
  4. Random things: put people in low pressure rooms and have their eyes explode out their heads. Fill their kidneys with horse urine. Put air bubbles in their veins. Burn them. Ect
  5. Frostbite experiments: one of the creepiest and most fucked up thing they did. They would wet their test subjects and freeze their limbs and start slamming the limbs with sticks and other things to see if the limbs were frostbitten and if they would feel it. Sometimes the limbs would shatter like ice.


 I’m leaving out what they did to women because it’s way too fucked up to talk about. 

   The most horrific thing is that after the war, The US gave immunity to a lot of the researchers that were part of Unit 731 in exchange of all the research documents they had from the experiments. Dark and fucked shit the US did back then. 

   War is a scary and ugly thing and the secret things we find out later really is dark and frightening. So much is hidden from us and it’s always the most frightening things. Monsters, ghosts, aliens, curses, and demons are scary, but the scariest thing is humans. 

   I know that today’s post was really dark, but it’s a historical thing that happened, that a lot of people have never heard of. Next week’s post will be on the lighter side of horror. Plus on Halloween I’ll be posting a Japanese horror story that I’m writing that takes place in the 90’s Japan. 

   Thanks for reading and have a great day. 

-Tsubaki Kuro

3 thoughts on “Spooky Saturdays with Tsu: A Dark Time in History

  1. Same thing happened with a lot of the Nazi human experiments. At least many of them were brought to trial. There was no Asian group with the cohesion of the Jews nor the level of world sympathy for them. Because the Jews would not forget and move on, those monsters were hunted for the rest of their natural lives and many were caught.

    Stalin and Mao both had their share of murder, going into tens of millions of people. Pol Pot simply executed 10% of the entire population of Cambodia. Something like a million Tutsi, Twa, and moderate Hutu were murdered the old fashioned way – with machetes and spears and clubs – by radicalized Hutu in Rwanda and there wasn’t even a leader to point to. Probably dozens of tin pot dictators that are in office today have killed five or six figures of their own people for political or tribal reasons.

    The urge to divide ourselves into “us” and “them” and then disallow “them” the right to be considered human seems a common human trait. We are far more frightening than any monster or demons or devils could ever be.

    The polarization of America into people who identify within their group more than they identify with humanity in general scares me. We all need to be humans first and however we self identify within our communities second or we can go rotten too.

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  2. “but the scariest thing is humans. ”

    After studying theology for years, and after observing human behavior for even longer, I’ve come to a conclusion. The demons are afraid of us.

    With good reason, too.


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