Spooktober Sunday: This is Halloween…Halloween…Halloween & a Very Horror-ibly Cliche Collab with Alexie the Great

Hello my pandas and welcome to a very spooky collab with our one and only Alexie the great! As you all know I have been tailoring my Top Ten Tuesday post to coordinate with the month of October and spooky season, but I knew I wanted to do a collaboration with someone for Halloween as well. And here we are!  Today Alexie and I are bringing you some horror cliches that you would typically see in movies, but we thought this would be fun to do with anime characters instead. I’m sure if you are a horror fan like myself you know what type of cliches I am talking about. You know…cliches such as the girl tripping and falling as the killer is chasing her or two characters who are about to have sex but they are caught by the killer before they get a chance to bone. Yeah…those cliches XD

Speaking of horror movies…what movies have you watched so far this Halloween season? My boyfriend and I have watched Thirteen Ghost, In the Tall Grass, Blade, Constantine, Terrifier and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Trying to get in at least one more movie before Halloween is officially over. If you are dressing up for Halloween what are you gonna be? I wanna know and if you have pics I wanna see! Make sure you are following me on Twitter at paperpandabears if you aren’t already. If you guys haven’t caught on this month Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love looking at everyone’s costume choices. Tag me in those pics peeps!

Our list of horror themed cliches are as follows:

  • Most likely to die before/during sex
  • Mostly likely to fall/trip while being chased/running away
  • The first character to die
  • The character who knows how to outmaneuver the killer
  • The character who calls out for help or says hello into the darkness
  • The character who runs on the road while being followed by a car
  • The character who drops the keys at the most crucial moment
  • The character who hides in the closet from the killer
  • The character who suggest splitting up
  • Last character to survive

Let’s get to our choices!

1. Most likely to die before/during sex

Alexie’s Choice: Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

^Because…fuck you Shinji.

Ayano’s Choice: Chisato from Testament of New Sister Devil

^This one is pretty self explanatory if you have seen this anime XD

2. Most likely to fall/trip while being chased/running away

Alexie’s Choice: Yui from Angel Beats

^Stop trying to be a rock star and JUST. RUN.

Ayano’s Choice: Usagi from Sailor Moon

^Sorry Usagi! But we all know how clumsy you are…you gonna die lololoz

3. First Character to Die

Alexie’s Choice: Shizuka from High School of the Dead

^She’s just an idiot with big boobs..so we all know she’s gonna die first.

Ayano’s Choice: Mumen Rider from One Punch Man

^Mumen tries so hard but we all know he would die first.

4. Character who knows how to outmaneuver the killer

Alexie’s Choice: Shiroe from Log Horizon

^He’s a literal genius from the top guild so of course he’s gonna beat the odds against a killer.

Ayano’s Choice: Sora & Shiro from No Game No Life

^These two could outmaneuver anyone if they put their minds to it.

5. The character who calls out for help or says hello into the darkness

Alexie’s Choice: Mineta from My Hero Academia

^Scared shitless and while trying to figure out what’s going on he’d be dumb and ask a questions.

Ayano’s Choice: Atsushi from Bungou Stray Dogs

^I think Atsushi would be naive enough to call out to the killer if put in the right situation.

6. The character who runs on the road while being followed by a car

Alexie’s Choice: Hinata from Haikyuu

^The kid is an idiot who will run in the most obvious spot just because it’s there.

Ayano’s Choice: Shamiko from The Demon Girl Next Door

^Shamiko loves running away from her problems so she would probably run away from a killer driving a car.

7. The character who drops the keys at the most crucial moment

Alexie’s Choice: Naruto from Naruto

 ^He freaks out and then decides to get serious…but the dude is forgetful as fuck.

Ayano’s Choice: Tohru from Fruits Basket

^Tohru is another person who seems like she would drop the ball at the most crucial moment.

8. The character who hides in the closet

Alexie’s Choice: Aqua from Konosuba

^ Clumsy and a stupid crybaby who wouldn’t think before hiding.

Ayano’s Choice: Zenitsu from Demon Slayer

^We all know how much of a scaredy cat and crybaby Zenitsu is.

9. The character who suggest splitting up

Alexie’s Choice: Jean from Attack on Titan

^Horse-face is an idiot who doesn’t know how to lead and complains about stuff. Always keep a solid formation though!

Ayano’s Choice: Hiro from Darling in the FranXX

^I mean…that’s basically what Hiro suggested towards the end of the series am I right?

10. Last Character to Survive

Alexie’s Choice: Sasuke from Naruto

^ Sharingan and also an epic ninja. Plus reincarnation so…super OP.

Ayano’s Choice: Saya from Blood C

^Of course Saya would be the last one to survive…she’s THAT BITCH.

Bonus Cliche: Character who turns out to be the surprise killer

Alexie’s Choice: Kirito from Sword Art Online

^Kirito would be brainwashed into thinking everything was VMMORPG and would make the perfect killer since he thinks everything is virtual reality anyways.

Ayano’s Choice: Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero

^Can you imagine if Naofumi…who worked so hard to untarnish his reputation…was like, “sike bitches…I’m actually the killer.”

There you have it my pandas! Some fun Halloween horror cliches that we all know and love from spooky movies. What is your favorite horror cliche in movies? Which characters would you pick for the cliches we listed above? Let us know in the comments section below! Remember to get your post in for Jon’s Creator Showcase by Wednesday. I will be posting the showcase on Thursday just in time for Halloween. Thank you for joining us today! We appreciate your continued patronage on our site. I will catch you all on Tuesday for our last Top Ten Tuesday post of Spooktober. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and gifs come from me searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them).

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