Saturdays Suggestions with Tsu: An Insane Movie

Hello lovely pandas, sorry i haven’t been posting regularly. Life just has been busy for me. But today i will be doing an interesting piece on an Infamous Japanese movie I fell in love with. Considering it was banned in several countries. p75552_v_v8_ad (1)

   The film we are talking about today is Ichi the Killer. Directed by Takashi Miike, this movie is live adaption of the manga Ichi the Killer. What makes this movie so infamous is that it was so shocking that some countries had to ban it from the violence and torture. And during the first screening. People were given barf bags before movie. What a way to prepare for a movie. 1kakihara2

   The version I watched and own is a special edition. The original movie was made in 2001 and shot in 16mm and then moved to 35mm. But in 2017 they took the 35mm negatives to L’Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna, Italy and made it into 4K. 

  So what’s the movie about. In Kabukichō (which is the red light district in Tokyo) a yakuza enforcer named Kakihara is looking for his missing boss. Kakihara is a sadomasochist, loves to torture and be tortured. He ends up looking for this killer named Ichi, who is a psychologically challenged sadist who is killing off Kakihara’s men. It leads to this whole cat and mouse chase. I won’t spoil and plot points for you lovely peeps.

   This movie is very brutal, so WARNING advisory. This film contains sex, nudity, rape scenes, intense violence and torture. If ya can’t stomach it, then don’t push yourself. But I highly recommend it if you can. It’s an interesting story. 

Next week I will be comparing it to the manga and seeing what differences there are and which one I like more.

– Tsubaki Kuro


One thought on “Saturdays Suggestions with Tsu: An Insane Movie

  1. I actually saw and reviewed this movie a couple of years ago. I can handle ultraviolence (I do like Battle Royale), but Ichi the Killer wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. This was a good review and I do respect your opinion even if we disagree about this film.

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