Saturday Suggestions with Tsu: The Most Wholesome Family

   I know I said that I was gonna do the manga comparison of Ichi the Killer with the movie adaption, but I did some thinking and thought I should do a wholesome post of a new manga that I adore. This manga makes me so happy and makes me laugh. And it has the most wholesome family in manga history, even if they are really family. So what manga is Tsubaki talking about? What is this wholesome family manga?


   Today I am talking about the manga by Tetsuya Endo, SPY X FAMILY. It’s a comedy manga that has action, slice of life, romance, and the best daughter in manga history. Anya is best daughter and I will fight anyone who disagrees. IMG_20191109_002124

   Loid Forger aka Twilight (codename) is a spy on a mission and requires a daughter and wife to infiltrate an elite school to investigate a paranoid politician. He adopts a daughter named Anya, little does he know that she is esper, able to read minds. And then he finds a young lady to act like his wife named Yor, who happens to be a hitmanfirefox_wrqp7p0kIS

   This manga only has 15 chapters as of now. And I really love this. Everyone is lovable and Anya is the best loli daughter of all time. Her reactions to everyone is amazing. I want a daughter like her. The US physical manga release date is June 2 2020. You should really look into this manga, it’s really great.

   Hope you enjoyed this blog and see you next week. 

-Tsubaki Kuro

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