The anime that saved my life.

   Sorry that I haven’t been blogging in a few weeks, I’m truly sorry about this. My depression took a turn for the worse. For those who don’t know, I have had real bad depression for a long time. The suicidal kind. And the worst thing about it is that I am one of those people who doesn’t ask for help. So sorry that I haven’t been posting blogs. 

   I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, Tsu, this has nothing to do with anime or the Japanese culture. Yes and no. When I was at my darkest moment in depression, I discovered anime. And the first anime that I watched brought some light into my life, even though the concept of the anime is very weird for a first anime. So what anime was my first anime and is my favorite anime of all time. Is-This-a-Zombie-.jpg

   My first and most favorite anime is Kore wa Zombie Desuka aka Is this a Zombie? This anime means a lot to me. So what is this show about? Well strap yourself in for a fun ride. So highschool boy Ayumu Aikawa is not your typical boy, he is a zombie. Not your textbook zombie that eats humans, just an undead kid who was brought back by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellsythe or Eu for short. And also he can’t go into sunlight without burning up and turning into a corpse. How was he killed? Well after a series of serial murders he comes across a murder scene and gets stabbed from behind. So now undead, he searches for this killer. So one day he was chilling in a graveyard and a girl with a pink chainsaw crashes down behind him. She happens to be a Magical Garment Girl named Haruna, who is tasked with hunting these things named Megalos. Somehow he absorbs her powers, thus becoming a Magical Garment Girl himself. And in her place, must transform into a Magical girl and fight these megalos. And when you think that it can’t get weirder, vampire ninjas join the mix.ko4d8dviql9y

  Yeah, this anime is insane, but I love it. It has everything in it, comedy, harems, action, drama, fanservice, cross dressing, magical girls, zombie, vampire ninjas, that pervy best friend, drunk Lolita girl, and two beach episodes. The only bad thing is that this series never finished. That no ending season. And the LN was never brought over here to the US. But there is a manga that ends, which I am currently reading.si9IZ8

  Should you watch it, hell yes. Well if you like those things I mentioned. Some anime are not for everyone. But I highly recommend it.

  And all girls are best girl in this series. But my favorites are Sarasvati, Yuki, Chris, and Taeko.

  And I am actually wanting to cosplay as Magical Girl Ayumu. It’s in my bucket list.7efdc3120282ff38ef6a656742ea1597

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day~

-Tsubaki Kuro

3 thoughts on “The anime that saved my life.

  1. Is this a Zombie is the first Manga i’ve ever read, while I was into anime for a while before that, I nevver really got into manga. It’s a shame that Manga is fairly overpriced here and getting a series consistantly is hard. Yet I do plan to own the entire series of this one day. I agree on the reckoment.

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