2020 and a New Start

While 2019 was an undoubtedly amazing year for anime, it was less than stellar for me personally. It was not bad, per se, but it also was not particularly great either. While I did manage to accomplish some cool stuff, and even managed to find some new hobbies that I really enjoy, all of that was overshadowed by a lot of stress and dissolution with where I am in life.

That being said, despite not being particularly religious, I have always been a big believer in rituals. Most people have at least one that they do, whether it’s praying before a meal, wearing some kind of good luck charm, or some kind of chant they do hype themselves up. One of mine, which I am sure many of you reading this probably share, is watching anime. It is genuinely one of the most cathartic feelings in the world to sit down before going to work or school and just watch an episode or two of a show you enjoy.

Now, most of the superstitions obviously do not actually do anything when it comes to improving our lives in a material way, but that is not really the point. Rituals are supposed to make us feel better, and while it is true that they can be harmful if people rely solely on wishing their problems away, they can also be great tools for preparation, and for starting anew.

One of my other rituals is writing. As I’ve mentioned before, I write about a lot of different topics on my Animated Observations, but I also write a lot of poetry and have many failed novel ideas still sitting in my google drive. I have never been that great at organizing ideas in my head, so I started writing mainly just to do that. After a while, it became something I enjoyed a lot, and now, about nine or so years later, I am here.

I say all of this because the year is no longer 2019. There is so much to look forward to, both in anime and otherwise. For instance, Haikyuu season four is coming out in a little over a week, along with another season of Railgun. There are also going to be more releases and changes to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, one of my favorite games to come out in recent years.

As a final sendoff to 2019, I will be writing a couple more posts about my feelings on various personal things as well as anime-related topics, both on this blog and elsewhere. This will be my good-bye ritual, one that says farewell to all of the meh that 2019 ended up being. Here is to 2020, which will hopefully be a much better year for us all.


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