Spicy Saturday with Tsu: The Peak Spice Isekai

   Holy Crap! It’s 2020!!! A new year and a new decade has begun. I’ll post updates on what I’m doing at the end of this blog. TODAY’S POST CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! IMG_20180723_152046

   I have been reading a few manga these past few weeks. And one of them is a very spicy boi. The one I am going to be talking about was recommended to be by a follower on Twitter. And boy, what a recommendation. And of all things it’s an Isekai. I don’t get into a lot of isekai, I have only gotten into Re:Zero, Konosuba, Overlord, Saga of Tanya the Evil, and That Time I got Reincarnated into a Slime. But this one is by far the best one for spicy reasons. It’s SPICY AS FUCK! As soon as I saw the cover art for it, I instantly knew it was by Lynn Okamoto by the art style. And if you don’t know who Lynn Okamoto is, he is the creator of Elfen Lied. And Elfen Lied is my favorite manga of all time (psssst… you should read it). So what is this manga? And what makes it so SPICY? 71-h-Koq+xL

   Today’s spicy boi is Parallel Paradise. Our protagonist is Youta Tada, a highschool boy. One day while eating lunch with his friend in the classroom, next to the window, like all protags. He notices a weird and creepy person wearing a horrific mask and outfit walking towards the school building. Then all the sudden it appears in front of him and then it yeets him out the window. The third story window. No truck-kun to isekai his ass, just gravity-sama to end his life. Well he wakes up in a forest. He wonders around and finds that he is in a fantasy land. He then meets a female Paladin named Lumi and a bird god named Genius. The bird tells him that he is the only male in this world. The rest of the population is female. And these girls are cursed by a god called the God of Deep Jealousy.They die by a curse called Moon Breaking, which is caused when a girl turns 20 she will die if she hasn’t mated with a man. And if he kills the God of Deep Jealousy the curse will be lifted. So he teams up with Lumi and goes on an adventure.

   So I’m sure you are wondering, Tsu how is this spicy? Well, he has sex with Lumi, on chapter FUCKING 2. THIS BOY HAS MORE SEX THEN A HENTAI PROTAG. There is a ton of sex in this. I lost count, and I’m on chapter 80. It’s not family friendly but its not pure hentai. It’s borderline ecchi that almost goes hentai. But the plot makes it manga. Cus it has too much plot to be hentai. And the actual plot is soooo good. And Lynn Okamoto slaps you with plot twists. I wouldn’t recommend this manga if you are pure of heart and can’t handle lewd content. Because it’s full of it. But if you are okay with it and want a wild ride, read it. And it’s still ongoing, the latest chapter came out a few days ago. And there is many good waifus in it. Tia and Lumi are my favs.



   Now to my updates: I will be doing many fun posts in the upcoming year. Posts on old and obscure manga few of them by Osamu Tezuka and Suehiro Mauro. Old anime, japanese food, japanese music, 177013, Oyasumi Punpun, more horror, and japanese art. So look forward to that. I will be also taking requests on things to review. I hope you all will enjoy my future posts. 

Thanks for stopping by and love you all. 


The next post: 3c54239f186f49de901fbd9b7ba3983b.jpg


                          -Tsubaki Kuro


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