Sundays With Lita: The Watch Next Question


When did watching things become such a task or trauma for me and you?


Happy Sunday to you all! 

It’s Monday I’m writing this but still Sunday evening for you? The feeling of unmotivated overtook me yesterday, just me, my bed and anime yesterday. It was soo good, couldn’t remember the last Sunday where sat on my fat ass and vegetated. Majority my time was bingeing a backlog anime I hadn’t finished in freaking YEARS!! thanks to half an hour of wasteful scrolling through myanimelist of the horrid question – “What to watch next”?.


Oreki gifs expressions are always on point.

After finishing a series, giving yourself a few days, week, month to get over that experience, next on the docket the “watch” question. In the face of this, my puny mind goes blank these days then I’m reminiscing on the old days with my friend. Skipping my eager fingers over her collection and pull out an interesting winner, BOOM there it enters the dvd player. Whatever looked interesting or a series my friend just started, we’d watch it together without hesitation.

I really miss these days. 

The room you walk into options of now is: limitless. I’m all for how anime has grown over from my early days, more mainstream but makes me revert backwards so slowly every year it seems. My primary reason I’m subscribed to 4 streaming services is if I love a show enough to join my collection, then I’ll buy it. Shiny new anime or shows being dished out like a fast food joint will remain on a triumphant, only become last weeks news soon enough. Increase of wanting more and more is becoming worse in my eyes and no-one can feel true satisfaction anymore. You want all the cake with the sprinkles and more sprinkles.

Makes me feel tired how did figuring out what to watch become such a bother, the only thing you can do is listen to your mood, yourself and complete one at a time. My sense of watching has changed so drastically, it’s not a bad thing thing just change happens. It’s not a bother watching a anime or drama series at the same time, I like the variety. Everything is at the touch of a button but series disappear without warning due to licensing expiration or time limit, and I hate that. It’s every reason for me to never stop collecting for my future watching, I don’t want to rely on the convenient of wireless.

Never will it sit right to not own anime, all my time collecting since I was sixteen, memories reside. Every time from now on faced with the “watch” question, I’ll look at my collection be reminded on these free rein days, where this watching hobby felt easy. Because it really did and no fault, anime I always felt would blow up to the extent of now. I don’t think from now on choosing what to watch zombie mode will activate but embracing from those days to guide me.



Nostalgia took over for this week and definitely has cleared my mind on the issue a lot now. Are you in agreement with this same feeling of when face with the “watch next” question of hell? What helps you decide?

Side note: Seasonal anime I chose to stop keeping up with a long time ago. too hard, brutally hard. haha.

Hope you enjoyed this read and I’ll see you all next Sunday!! 


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