30th Birthday Special: A Decade of Anime in Review!

Hello my pandas and welcome to, not only my 30th Birthday post, but our Decade of Anime in Review special as well!

It’s time to grab those party hats and fill your cups cause we are celebrating a whole decade’s worth of anime today. This post is in collaboration with not only Alexie and I but our guest host Jack has thrown himself into the mix. I always like comparing and contrasting everyone’s taste in anime. The KPP team has quite similar taste for the most part but we do have our differences from time to time.

We decided to do our favorite anime from 2010 to 2019 by category. At first I thought it might work better if we picked one anime per year but changed my mind when I saw other sites such as Funimation do it by genre. This also gave us an opportunity to have 20 choices instead of 10. Let me tell you…narrowing down a decade’s worth of anime to only 20 was effing difficult! I had to keep going back to each year to decide if I wanted to keep my initial choice or if I wanted to change it last minute. I’m not sure if the guys struggled as much as I did but I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept revising their choices as well.

I will start with the guy’s choices as they did not have runner up choices like myself. I decided to pick runner up choices for each genre so you guys could see which anime I would consider next for each category. It was almost neck and neck for some of these choices. I would even do a third place list for you guys but then again this post would probably be a million times longer and ain’t nobody got time for that XD

The main genres of anime we will be covering include the following:
Slice of Life

We have decided to add the following sub-categories to round out our list to 20 choices:

Let’s cut the cake and get this party started peeps! Jack’s picks are up first.
(Note if the choice has N/A next to it, it means no answer was chosen for that particular category).

Jack’s Choices:

Action: Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Adventure: A Place Further than the Universe (2018)
Comedy: Devil is a Part-Timer (2013)
Drama: Erased (2016)
Slice of Life: March Comes in Like a Lion (2016)
Fantasy: Log Horizon (2013)
Magic: KonoSuba (2016)
Horror: The Promised Neverland (2019)
Mystery: Gosick (2011)
Psychological: Terror in Resonance (2014)
Romance: Orange (2016)
Sci-fi: Psycho-Pass (2012)
Sports: Haikyuu!! (2014)
Historical: The Wind Rises (2013)
Mecha: N/A
Music: Carole and Tuesday (2019)
Ecchi: Oreimo (2010)
Yaoi: N/A
Yuri: Sakura Trick (2014)
Bonus pick! Anime Film of the Decade: A Silent Voice (2016)

Alexie’s Choices:

Action: Attack on Titan (2013)
Adventure: Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World (2017)
Comedy: Amagi Brilliant Park (2014)
Drama: Kokoro Connect (2012)
Slice of Life: Laid Back Camp (2018)
Fantasy: Log Horizon (2013)
Magic: The Ancient Magus’ Bride (2017)
Supernatural: Bungou Stray Dogs (2016)
Horror: High School of the Dead (2010)
Mystery: Another (2012)
Psychological: Psycho-Pass (2012)
Romance: Bloom Into You (2018)
Sci-Fi: Steins;Gate (2011)
Sports: Haikyuu!! (2014)
Historical: Vinland Saga (2019)
Mecha: Darling in the FranXX (2018)
Music: White Album 2 (2013)
Ecchi: High School DxD (2012)
Yaoi: Given (2019)
Yuri: Citrus (2018)
Bonus pick! Anime Film of the Decade: A Silent Voice (2016)

Ayano’s Choices:

Action: Attack on Titan (2013)
Runner up: Re:Creators (2017)

Adventure: Made in Abyss (2017)
Runner up: Princess Principal (2017)

Comedy: B-Gata H-Kei (2010)
Runner up: Asobi Asobase (2018)

Drama: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (2016)
Runner up: ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. (2017)

Slice of Life: March Comes in Like a Lion (2016)
Runner up: Laid Back Camp (2018)

Fantasy: Land of the Lustrous (2017)
Runner up: Violet Evergarden (2018)

Magic: Saga of Tanya the Evil (2017)
Runner it: The Ancient Magus Bride (2017)

Supernatural: Blood C (2011)
Runner up: Noragami (2014)

Horror: Another (2012)
Runner up: Happy Sugar Life (2018)

Mystery: Bungou Stray Dogs (2016)
Runner up: Gosick (2011)

Psychological: Selector Infected WIXOSS (2014)
Runner up: Re:Zero (2016)

Romance: Nagi no Asukara (2013)
Runner up: Natsuyuki Rendezvous (2012)

Sci-Fi: Psycho Pass (2012)
Runner up: Sword Art Online (2012)

Sports: Run With the Wind (2018)
Runner up: Uma Musume Pretty Derby (2018)

Historical: Vinland Saga (2019)
Runner up: Golden Kamuy (2018)

Mecha: Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (2012)
Runner up: SSSS.Gridman (2018)

Music: Kids on the Slope (2012)
Runner up: Given (2019)

Ecchi: High School DXD (2012)
Runner up: Monster Musume (2015)

Yaoi: Super Lovers (2016)
Runner up: No. 6 (2011)

Yuri: Bloom into You (2018)
Runner up: Sakura Trick (2014)

Bonus pick! Anime Film of the Decade: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (2018)

Whew! I still can’t believe a decade worth of anime has already flown by. Crazy to think we are now hitting a new decade of anime with 2020 and maybe, just maybe we will be doing another one of these blog post in 2030!!! Ahhhhh…thinking about that concept is blowing my mind. Do you guys agree or disagree with some of our category choices? If so, then let us know in the comments down below. I would love to hear all of your guys thoughts, opinions and comments on this since it was a large undertaking for all of us. That is going to do it for me today! I am off to enjoy my birthday with my boyfriend (even though I am technically already doing that since this is a pre-scheduled post :P). I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, evening or night wherever you are in the world. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas! MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All photos and imagery comes from searching for them on the internet. I do not have any right or claim to them).

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