Why You Should Watch Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Hi! I’m Not Psychotic. I am the first guest writer on this wonderful blog for the month of February. Pleasure to meet you all and to start this journey of blogging for the next few weeks. Today is all about why you should be watching Keep Your Hands off Eizouken.

Keep Your Hands off Eizouken is a story about a girl with burning passion for anime and creating it. The audience follows her as she meets a kindred spirit who is shackled by her parents expectations, along with her pessimistic friend Kanamori Sayaka. They embark on the dream of making an anime series. It’s an interesting story with lovable characters and incredible artwork. It’s enhanced by the meta aspect of it being an anime about making an anime not unlike the Charlie Kaufman movie adaptation (a movie about adapting a book into a movie). Much like adaptation it’s a commentary on the creative process behind the media we all know and love with the highs and lows of the anime making process.

EZ 1The Meta of Eizouken

There’s this scene in the first episode of the series where Midori and MizusakiĀ  exchange sketchpads. This scene resonated with me deeply. About 6 years ago during my first week of secondary school, after what seemed like an eternity of awkward minutes and small talk, I exchanged drawings as with an unlikable guy who would later become my best friend. It was a surreal experience to say the least! This guy who I had never met before…who I didn’t even really like…understood me more than anyone else. We grew as friends, building off of each others ideas and started drawing together everyday. After seeing this exact moment portrayed on screen in Eizouken I felt like this anime would build into something special.

EZ 3

This show..and I cannot stress this enough…is absolutely gorgeous. Everything from the character design all the way to the animation is mouth-wateringly brilliant. You can see the passion that went into the creation of this show. The animation and art style perfectly encapsulate the excitement that comes with sudden inspiration in any creative field. This is then expanded on by the insane dream sequences that shows the trio’s imagination running wild whenever initiation strikes. Of course the insanity is pointless if there’s nothing to anchor it to reality. That is when best girl, Sayaka, comes in. She’s the realist in the duo! The one who brings Midori back to earth when things get out of hand. She’s also a stone cold capitalist with a serious eye for detail and a no bullshit attitude. These are the qualities that make her a brilliant producer. Whether it’s securing funds for equipment or ensuring they have a place to work and making sure they meet deadlines…Sayaka is there for Midor and Mizusaki. This bond is conveyed through her sleek and relatively modest depiction, with her lanky figure, long dress and pronounced teeth. Her character design is that of a pragmatist and that’s all thanks to Sumito Owara’s impeccable designs.

EZ 2

Every few years there comes an anime that shakes up the seasonal cycle violently and contextualizes how we relate with the medium. I’m truly grateful I am able to experience this show for winter anime season. If you aren’t already watching Keep You Hands Off Eizouken be sure to check it out when you get the chance! Thank you for joining me today. I will see you all next Wednesday with my newest post.

Not Psychotic

(Disclaimer: All images come from searching on the internet. We do not have any right or claim to them. We will try our best to post links to any artwork affiliated with artist).

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