Dr. Stone is a Good Anime

Hello everyone. Welcome back to this (kind of) mini-series where I almost, sort of review shows that I have enjoyed, either recently or in the past. For this review, I thought I would talk about a really obscure anime that not that many people have heard of: “Dr. Stone.” In case the sarcasm did not come through, that was a joke. “Dr. Stone” was indeed one of the more popular shows of last year, and largely it was a fun show to watch.

For those who are unaware, “Dr. Stone” focuses on a dystopian world in which every person on earth was turned to stone. Senku, a teenage science genius, breaks free from this stone about 3000 years later, only to discover that he is pretty much alone. His friend Taiju wakes up a few months later only to discover that Senku has been using his scientific knowledge to re-establish society, which becomes the goal of both of them.

My initial impression of the series before I started watching it was that it was going to be some sort of educational program mixed with an interesting dystopian world. While it is largely that, it is also true that “Dr. Stone” manages to make its story far more interesting than I initially expected.

A large part of this has to do with the mystery of people being turned to stone. Early on in the series, Senku discovers the secret to turning people back into humans, but for the entirety of the series so far, how and why people were turned into stone remains a mystery. Senku jokes a few times that it was Aliens or a science experiment went wrong, but it still left largely to the imagination of those watching. Whether or not this mystery gets answered is a large part of the intrigue of the “Dr. Stone.”

However, that is not the only thing that makes the show interesting. Senku himself is unique in the sense that he represents a love for scientific discovery, and as is shown later on, because of the time leap, many of the people Senku interacts with in this new world are experiencing these discoveries for the first time. Not only that, they are experiencing a lot of these incredible discoveries within the span of just a few years. This serves to emphasize Senku’s belief in the power of science and its ability to positively influence people’s lives.

However, this love for science creates an ideological battle between him and Tsubasa, a man who Senku and Taiju revive to save themselves from wild tigers. Tsubasa comes to believe that the reason the world was so terrible is because of older, more powerful people who took advantage of others, and so he aims to stop Senku’s plan to revive everyone. There is a lot to this ideological battle, a discussion that certainly merits more than a few paragraphs, but suffice to say that there is much more to the story than Tsubasa bad Senku good.

“Dr. Stone” is deceptively good. The show takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and while it sometimes feels like high school science class in all the wrong ways, It still uses those segments as ways to make a lot of powerful moments. This one is definitely worth giving a watch.

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