Tsubaki’s Quarantine Survival Guide

So sorry I’ve been gone for most of the month. Life has been crazy and busy. This whole Covid 19 thing has been a mess to my schedule. But now i have time to do things now that I’m quarantined in my house. And boy it’s a good time to be an Otaku now. My weeb hobbies have time. And what are these things that I am doing (which you can do as well)? 


Watch Anime: yeah boi, I have more time to binge anime. I recommend you watch comfy anime to relax as you are quarantined. Yuru Camp, Ika Musume, After the Rain, Yuru Yuri, things that are fun and make you happy or laugh. I’m currently watching Ika Musume, the beach setting helps with being locked indoors. 


Read Manga: yes, you have time to read now. A good way to blow time is reading manga. And any manga will do. As soon as you find a series you like, you can easily binge it. I currently read the one shot Burn the Witch by Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach. I recommend it. Also started rereading Deadtube. (Which both of those manga will get a review by me in the future) 


Play Video Games: Being quarantined isn’t so bad, you have time to beat games. And there are so many good games out there. Have fun with Animal Crossing, kill demons in Doom, or be like me and play Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Dark Souls 3 and lose your will to live. 2021451_English_ShowThumbnail_2b5d3945-27a8-e911-82a8-dd291e252010

Exercise: because you are locked in doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy. Keep moving around and do push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, anything to keep your body healthy. There are great exercises in the anime Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?. KT1904003

Build models: I decided to take up model building. Which is a great time wasting task. Yeah they can be stressful, but as you connect the parts, you feel a good sense of accomplishment. I’m currently building a Sol Raptor. 

With these five tasks, my quarantine has been easy and fun. And I hope they will help you too.  Stay safe out there~


                       -Tsubaki Kuro


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