This Week Tsubaki Talks About Yokai

Sorry that I haven’t been posting many blogs this year. It’s been hella crazy this year. But at least today I am doing a post today. Which technically was supposed to be part 2 of my groups monster girl reviews, but I was too busy playing Diablo 3 and marathoning Bleach (which will be a future blog post) to review some cutie monster girls. Probably gonna do that this Easter sunday.  So look forward to that next week. And I do have another blog site that I’m working on. There are two blog posts on it by my friend Lover of Ahegao. Both are hentai related so be warned. 

Anywho, let’s get back to the topic. Why is Tsubaki talking about Yokai? Well I’ve been working on my novel which has a lot to do with yokai. So I thought I would spill my knowledge on some Yokai. Mitsukuni_defying_the_skeleton_spectre_invoked_by_princess_Takiyasha

Gashadokuro: Gashadokuro is a giant skeleton that resides in mass graves or battlefields. Made of the people who died from famine and war. They like eating humans, picking them up and biting their heads off. Attack on Titan style shit. 

Jorōgumo: A spider woman also known as the whore spider. They live in cities and rural areas. So they were found in a lot of places. They disguise themselves as beautiful women to lure horny men. Then they ate them, so the lesson of the day: don’t roam around horny while you’re in feudal Japan.  

unnamed (3)

Jubokko: These are trees that like blood. They are found at battlefields and places where mass deaths happened. They attack unaware people and drain them until they were just bones. Scary ass trees. 

Yuki Onna: A very beautiful woman that lives in snowy eras. They have snow white skin, long black hair and piercing eyes. They suck out people’s life force through their mouths but they also eat regular food. Famous ones are Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario Vampire and Kori and Yusa from Dropkick on my Devil. unnamed (5)

Umi nyōbō: translates to sea wife, this yokai is either compassionate or murderous. They are beautiful women that have fish features. They are said to be women who died by drowning in the sea. They eat fish and humans at some times, depending on the Umi nyōbō.

If you want any more information on these or any other yokai, check out


Thanks for reading and hope y’all taking care in this crazy times


-Tsubaki Kuro

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