Why Not Continue to Laugh? A Follow-Up

In a post I did for OWLS this month, I talked about how the current epidemic has been stressful for people, both on a personal level and an economic one. The stress of not only losing your job but potentially being trapped in your home indefinitely is not only scary but a reality that many are currently living through. Because of this, I wanted to continue the conversation by talking about a few more shows that I think will certainly light the admittedly darker mood of many places.


One show that I failed to mention in my piece for OWLS was Konosuba, arguably the best comedy anime to come out in the last few years. The story focuses on Kazuma, an otaku nerd who only spends his time inside. After dying in arguably one of the lamest ways possible, that being the shock of *almost* getting hit by a car, he is brought to a strange place. An angel named Aqua tells him that he is allowed to bring one thing with him to a new world, and so he picks aqua herself, and the hilarity ensues.

Arguably what makes Konosuba so funny, to begin with, is the way it satirizes the elements of Isekai shows that most anime fans are familiar with by now. For example, most fans are familiar with the ideas of going to a new world, usually something straight out of a fantasy video game, and the main character easily able to navigate it. However, Konosuba lets the audience know about Kazuma as a character right at the start, in that he is a total horny idiot.


“The Devil is a Part-Timer” also has a lot of funny elements as well. After all, what is not to love about the devil himself leaving his homeworld to go live on earth, only to realize that the angelic hero who he was fighting is also there with him and that to survive he needs to get a job at Mgronalds.

The setup is as ridiculous as it sounds, but it works really well when it comes to making good comedy. Maou, the lord of evil in question, becomes so engrossed in living in the human realm that he almost forgets about his life as the devil. In fact, by the end of the first season, it almost seems like he does not want to go back at all. Often times when his partner Shirou is worried about how they will get back home, Maou is just worried about paying bills. The contradiction makes it even funnier.

This next month or so is still going to be difficult for many people. While a few places in the U.S. are making plans to re-open soon, many are not, and many people are likely going to be stuck in their home for a while longer, including me. Still, while we are all stuck inside, it is good to take some time, relax, and just laugh.


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