Quarantine Continues, So I Guess I Will Give More Recommendations

While many places in the states have given the ok to re-open, at least partially, many of these re-openings are against the wishes of many medical professionals. Still, there is no denying that life under quarantine still sucks. Every day feels like it blends into the next, with almost no change. The monotony of it all has certainly gotten to me. Still, that does not mean everyone has to be bored. So, for those who can stomach being in the house, here are some more anime and manga recommendations.

I recently started regularly reading manga again, and what I managed to find has been amazing. Kaori Ozaki is an artist I have come to have a great deal of respect for. Her work on both “The Gods Lie” and “The Golden Sheep” is, to put it mildly, phenomenal.

“The God’s Lie” is a one-shot manga about an elementary school boy who meets a girl living alone with her brother. Upon getting to know the girl, he finds out the two are living with a dark secret. “The Golden Sheep” features a young girl who is entering high school. After being away for four years, she returns to her hometown and meets up with her old friends, only to find out that they are not who they used to be.

Both series are slice of life romance stories that focus on the tragedies that befall their main characters. However, both approach this type of story very differently. Whereas, relative to its overall length, “The Gods Lie” chooses to build-up its tragic reveal, “The Golden Sheep” pretty much shows its right out of the gate.

Speaking of doing stuff right out of the gate, “Gleipnir” is quite strange. Since I haven’t been following much in the way of seasonal shows, I decided to check out a few things. So…um…yeah, I guess its a show that exists? In all seriousness, despite Gleipnir’s weird presentation, and also arguably because of it, the series has turned a lot of heads. It gives off an indie horror mixed with shounen vibe that actually makes it seem really cool.

My only major gripe with it is that its main character comes across as pretty bland. Like, I get what they were going for with his character, making him extremely passive and embodying that both in his powers and how he got those powers. Still, the show does not do much in the rest of its character writing to make up for that. Overall, though, it is still worth checking out.

Hopefully between all of those something pops out. Each of them provides something pretty unique, from the slice of life romance to the horror shounen, there should be something there for most. Thank you all for reading.

Bye for now,

Jack Scheibelein


3 thoughts on “Quarantine Continues, So I Guess I Will Give More Recommendations

  1. Glepnir sounds like a gratifying ride, even if it does sound like it may head right into trainwreck territory later on…

    Anyways, I dig the concept. It’s like a weird combination of “Mirai Nikki” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s”.

    Liked by 1 person

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