The Shockingly Realistic Doujin

Sorry for the long dry spell from me. I’ve been hit with depression and writer’s block. It’s a nasty combo to be hit with. But I am back hopefully, and I thought I would do something big. Something that would get real and be a touchy subject. So beware of real and nsfw content. Today I am going to talk about 177013 aka Emergence. You have been WARNED. 


For those that don’t know what Emergence (177013 for those who know it by the cursed code) is, it’s a Doujinshi that was created by ShindoL. It is a hentai doujin. So why is it so famous? Well it’s considered to be a traumatizing read, which it kinda is. Not the most fucked up one I ever read, I’ve read way worse, like Mai-chan no Nichijou (which I love). 


So what is the story about. Well it’s about a cute girl named Saki Yoshida who just entered High school, when she was in middle school she was “not pretty”, but she put on makeup and she was pretty. She attracted this guy who took her out and gave her drugs and had sex with her. She ended up getting hooked on both sex and drugs. She becomes a drug addict slut. One day her father decides to rape her and he continues to do it till she tells her mother. In which she doesn’t believe her and she leaves her house. She ends becoming a prostitute and sells herself to get money for drugs. Bad shit, really bad shit. She gets knocked up and some bystanders beat her up and stomps on her stomach. She has a delusion that she is a regular mother with a cute daughter. But in reality she has a miscarriage. She looks into the mirror and doesn’t recognize herself. It’s not a fun story. 


So why I am talking about this, well it’s to say that it’s hauntingly realistic. How do I know, well I have seen this happen many times in my life. Not exactly like this, but I’ve seen and known many girls who were innocent and got into drugs and become sluts and ruin their lives. I was involved in drugs and gang-ish shit and saw this shit. It’s not a great thing to be a part of, definitely when you are in High School. Yeah, this all happened in High School. One of the reasons my depression gets bad. 


Reality is horrifying, when you see it in fictional media, it creates a lot of emotions. I don’t recommend it, because it’s not something you want to read for fun. But if you are curious do go and read it. Sorry that I am doing a touchy subject today, I’ll make a more happy post next week. 


Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day. 

                          -Tsubaki Kuro 

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