Tsubaki Goes On a Grand Adventure

Hello lovely pandas. Hope you all are doing well. And I know, I’m on my second consecutive week writing. It’s a miracle. 


So I have a confession, I’ve been bingeing anime, a lot of anime. Maybe too much anime, but there can never be too much anime. But there is one show that I’ve been bingeing like crazy. And it’s a daunting task. The anime of all anime, the grandest adventure ever written (which is still going on). An anime that has been going on for over 20 years. I’ve been watching a man sail the seas looking for a grand treasure. 


I’ve been watching One Piece. I started it about a month ago and I am in love with it. I’m 420+ episodes into this series. Which is over 170 hours of anime and this isn’t the only show I’m watching. To put it in days. I’ve watched over a week of non stop One Piece. And add many many more hours of other anime. I have too much time on my hands. 


So is One Piece good? Yes if you shonen anime. But it is 900+ episodes, so it’s quite a daunting task. And the MC isn’t a little bitch (like a certain green haired kid). Luffy is a great MC who is a simple person who does things straight from his heart. He may be dumb but he has a heart and soul of gold. And isn’t scared to defy super strong/important people to help his friends. The cast is also very colorful and fun. Nico Robin, Sanji, and Zorro are my favorite crew members. 


The story is about Luffy trying to find the One Piece, which is a huge treasure hidden by the King of the Pirates. He ventures across the Grand Line and runs into many people and villains. There are many many arcs in this series. So you’ll never get bored. Plus the waifus are top tier in this series. TOP TIER. PERONA BEST GIRL!

So if you have the time and want something to binge, give One Piece a shot. 


Thanks for reading and be safe out there. 


                         -Tsubaki Kuro

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