Sleep? What’s That?

As many of reading this have probably already experienced, the last few weeks have been rough. Many, including myself, have either lost their job entirely or are working significantly lower hours than they otherwise would be.

This has, of course, left most of us with way more free time than we would otherwise have. This is partly good. For starters, I have had way more time to just sort of sit around and relax, especially since my semester is also over and I don’t have summer classes. This has allowed me to catch up on a ton of things that I have wanted to watch, and start playing more games as well.

However, there is a major downside. Not having a reason to stick to a consistent schedule has meant a severe lack of consistency in when I sleep. While this may not initially seem like an issue, it has been an extremely difficult task returning to a normal schedule, and one that, as of the day this post is going to be released, I have yet to accomplish.

One thing that appears to be part of a wider generational divide is the deficit of sleep. While memes and Tic Toks are not necessarily the best evidence, it does seem that a large portion of Gen Z consistently lacks the ability to sleep well.

There are a number of reasons for this. One is the increased consumption of caffeine. Younger people tend to consume a disproportionate amount of caffeine, and so that would, at least in part, explain the problems in sleep. However, it goes even deeper than that.

With the emergence of Gen Z has come a larger emphasis the importance of mental health. This also makes sense, considering the larger amount of mental illness that has been found in kids and young adults. A lot of these mental illnesses prevent people from being able to sleep peacefully.

The stress associated with COVID-19 is also not helping. Aside from compounding on a number of other issues including poverty, hunger, homelessness, COVID-19 is also causing a lot more stress in those who have lost their jobs, as well as the general public.

It is probably not possible to find data on the effect that COVID-19 has on sleep, but I would be willing to bet that it has also probably made it much harder.

Ultimately, since I did not have much prepared for today, I wanted to use this time to remind everyone, but especially my fellow zoomers, to sleep. Life is more stressful than ever, and chances are that people are suffering in a multitude of ways because of the virus. Stress can build up quickly, so it is important to take the time to rest while it is there.

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