Tsubaki’s 1 Year Anniversary: The Celebration

First off, Holy shit I year of blogging. That is insane. I love you all who have read my pieces. It means a lot to this weeb. Second: Holy shit I’m sorry for not posting in over a long long time. Like holy shit I’m sorry. But be assured that there is going big gonna drop. Let’s say I interviewed some very cool people. The reason its taking so long is that I had to hand write it all and I lost it. So i have to start all over again. So be patient with me.

So what is Tsubaki doing during this hiatus. I’ve been working on my Novel and a new story project, a new spin on Magical Girls. I also beat Sekiro three times.  And watched a lot of anime. A ton of One Piece.


Enough of what I have been doing and get to what I will be doing this year. I am planning on doing a monthly series which is the big thing I am working on. Also more manga recommendations, anime recommendations, a reaction to a certain “anime”, Waifu spotlights, Dere types, and other fun stuff. So I hope you all get excited for it cus I am.

Also if there is any anime, manga, doujin, or “culture anime aka hentai” you want me to read and give my review on you can always comment them in the comment section.

Love you all and hope you are safe out there. Have a great day and keep being a weeb.


-Tsubaki Kuro


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