Tsubaki’s Love of Vtubers the Series: Episode one

   Hello there.It’s been a long time since I made a blog post. Sorry my lovely pandas, but I am back and starting something new. As you see in the title, I’m talking about Vtubers today and It’s a series. A monthly series. Because I have a strong love of them and want to share that love. 

   I discovered Vtubers with the famous Kizuna Ai and since then I fell down the Vtuber hole and became a fan of them. My true obsession with them started when the Vtuber Miku Cat followed me on Twitter then after that the Vtuber Comdost followed me who is pretty famous in the Vtuber community. After that a ton of Vtubers started following me. I even became friends with some of them.So I decided to show my love to them. I am going to make a series where I interview them and share the people who I enjoy. 

   So today I have interviewed a very lovely person who is such a fun person. She makes me laugh and brightens my day.  And her name is Lilybelle. Here is her introduction and interview:lilybelle1

   My name is Lilybelle. I love to travel, but I suck at geography. I spend my days talking excessively. My streams are filled with lewd jokes, bad aim, and an exaggerated Californian Valley Girl Accent! I don’t really have a set schedule so I can collaborate with as many people as I can. I hope people have a wonderful time boarding my flight with a destination to….oh goodness, who knows anymore?

   What made you want to become a Vtuber?

    I was inspired by my sibling, who is also a new VTuber in Japan as well as, big surprise, Kizuna AI! I found her from some merchandise on Etsy and fell into a hole. As I continued to talk about her with my sibling, and they were working on debuting, I felt joy. With my personality, and need to talk excessively, with love, I felt like it was something I would like to try to do as well! The pandemic gave me the chance to work on myself and debut!

What equipment does one need to become a Vtuber and is it pricey? 

   I may fly and travel often, but I am not rich. I was lucky to get my entire setup as a hand me down from other family members. My brother’s alienware computer, my father’s monitor, mouse and keyboard from my cousin, and I guess I did pay for my mic, but from voice acting! Personally for me, the most important equipment as a VTuber is yourself and your own mental health. Streams can be about anything and it doesn’t have to get expensive. But if you want to stream Witcher, maybe do get the pricey thing. ^^

Are there any types of problems you face as a Vtuber? 

   As a VTuber, I think my biggest problem is myself. I feel like this goes for a lot of VTubers. As we navigate the community, our surroundings, and our peers, I have to stop myself from comparing and pushing to be like others, and focus more on being myself and what I bring to the table! Even more importantly, I have to focus on having fun, and I never thought I’d have to say that!

When you did your first stream what went through your mind? 

    My first stream, I was lucky to sit in on SawyerLafayette’s stream! He is my first friend in the community, and we collabed playing Monster Prom. I’m so thankful he gave me the chance because I was able to market myself to a couple of passengers that joined me for my first solo stream, which was supposed to be a test Just Chatting stream that lasted for 4 hours. My first stream with Fay, high nerves consistently! I was afraid I wouldn’t make a good impression, and up to this day, I still get nerves before I stream! So thankful I didn’t think anyone would show up for my test stream because I wasn’t so nervous for that one. 

Are there any Vtubers you look up to?

    It’s easy to say Kizuna AI, because her streams were the first I watched. But SatyrnTracks and JustSolz actually inspired me a lot! Not only do they have good synergy with each other, they are both completely funny, chaotic, loud people that have a great time no matter what they’re doing! Being scolded for my big personality and loud voice often in my life, seeing successful VTubers basically not give a shit and bring the community together through it gave me that needed push!

Would you recommend people to become a Vtuber? 

   This is a very hard question. I always recommend people do what they think will make them happy. If it’s VTubing, absolutely do it. Yes. If you don’t love it. Dont. It’s not as easy as you think, and care will always be necessary in any successes. 

If you could stream with any Vtuber who would it be? 

   Someday I would love to stream with Nemurenai Kai! I’ve only been able to catch a few of his streams, but he seems really fun to hang out with! I feel like it’d be easy to get along with him haha I know he’s not out of reach in a collab aspect, but he’s the first person I thought of, which says a lot! 


Check out her on Twitter at @LilybelleVTuber . She is an awesome person and super funny. 


If you know any Vtubers or are one and you would like them to be interviewed. Send me a message. 


                                                      -Tsubaki Kuro


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