The Tsubaki Suffers Series: Katawa Shoujo

Wow it’s been forever since I posted here. And what a better way to start it then a start of something new. New Year, New Content. And what better way than to do a suffering series as I play and read Dating Sims, Visual Novels, Eroge, Doujins, and fucked up manga. Cus who doesn’t like Schadenfreude. And I’m not saying these games or reading material are bad, they will tend to be fucked up or depressing, or just dating cute anime girls cus that’s all I have in life sadly. 

   So to kick off the series, I recently played the game Katawa Shoujo, a free visual novel that will make you laugh, cry, and the horny. The last part I didn’t even know about until the h-scene popped up. But boy did I enjoy this game and boy did it make me fucking cry. So let me give you the details of the game. And Slight Spoilers will occur and there will be some adult content. 

   Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel made by Four Leaf Studios and actually originating from 4chan. Katawa Shoujo translates to Disability Girls, which seems like a pretty sketch title, but it is all good when you know the story. You play as Hisao Nakai, a young man who was just about to be confessed to and then suffers a heart attack. He wakes up in the hospital and is diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia and congenital heart muscle deficiency. He mops for months while he heals at the hospital and closes himself off. Since he isn’t able to attend any normal schools. So his parents have him attend Yamaku Academy which specializes in helping disabled students. So he starts his new life at Yamaku Academy.

   There are many love interests in this game, and they all seem great. Here are the love interests:

Emi Ibarazaki: the speedy cheerful track girl who is missing both of her legs

Hanako Ikezawa: the super cute, super shy girl with burns all over her

Lily Satou: the tall beautiful blonde who is super mature that is blind

Rin Tezuka: the artist who often is spacing out and who is missing her arms

Shizune Hakamichi: the strong willed and pushy class president who is deaf

   Sadly the character Misha isn’t a dateable character, she is hella cute and full of energy. Such a sad thing when the first girl you like is undateable. 

So the route I did was the Emi route. Which was pretty good, she is a cute and lovable girl. I do love twintails and a very outgoing girl. And she encouraged me to go jogging. As a girl who was missing her legs, she is a very very fast girl for track and relationship wise. We almost fucked on the second day of dating and did anal the very next day with the gay track captians lemon flavored lube in the dirty sports shed. And no, I’m not making this up. Funny game not meant for the christian folks.  

   The beautiful thing about this game is that it shows you what these girls go through with their disabilities and the trauma they go through. Emi’s story made me cry and I am sure that the other girls will also bring tears to my eyes. I highly recommend that you all try this game at least once, because it is such a great game. And it is also free, how can you beat that. 

I give this a 10/10, amazing story, great music, cute girls, and the feels hit good. 

Stay tuned till next time where I review a certain doujinshi that will make the most grown men fear for their lives and make the demons turn Catholic. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to write again soon. Take care and be safe out there.

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