Moshi moshi, I am Ayano! (Currently my alias but you’re free to call me Ayano-senpai or Aya-chan. Whatever your heart desires)

I am an avid book reader, cat enthusiast, anime lover, and a walking work of art. I am a human by day and a vampire by night. I live in a somber dungeon (not really it’s just my room with the lights off). I love anime and I respect Japanese culture. I am also an aspiring writer but who isn’t these days? I live in the lush state of Oregon. I’m 29 years young and I may or may not have an obsession with baby cows. I have been watching anime since I was a wee tater-tot and I hope to continue to do so until I am grey and old. #animeforlife ❤

Some Things That Are Favorite Things:

Dark romanticism poetry
Electronic Dance Music-wub wub wub
Japan (I really want to travel there someday!)