Moshi moshi, I am Ayano! (Currently my alias but you’re free to call me Ayano-senpai or Aya-chan. Whatever your heart desires)

I am an avid book reader, cat enthusiast, anime lover, and a walking work of art. I am a human by day and a vampire by night. I live in a somber dungeon (not really it’s just my room with the lights off). I love anime and Japanese culture. I am also an aspiring writer but who isn’t these days?

I live in the lush state of Oregon. I’m 28 years young. I may or may not have an obsession with baby cows.

My two favorite boys have four legs. Perrie and Cinder are the cutest cats you will ever lay eyes on. I’m a sucker for blue-eyed kitties. We have the best conversations (and I don’t talk to too many people).

Some Things That Are Favorite Things

  • Electronic Dance Music-wub wub wub
  • Lana Del Rey-(My Goddess and Savior)
  • Cats…Duh!
  • All the Animus
  • Japan (I really want to travel there someday)