Sleep? What’s That?

As many of reading this have probably already experienced, the last few weeks have been rough. Many, including myself, have either lost their job entirely or are working significantly lower hours than they otherwise would be. This has, of course, left most of us with way more free time than we would otherwise have. This […]

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In an Age of Endless Media, Representation is More Important than Ever

Recently, in its twitter series #anitwitwatches, the blog Jon Spencer Reviews began discussing the anime “Wandering Son” along with many of its followers. The weekly discussions are planned to continue until about half-way through May when it will conclude with a discussion of the final two episodes. This will make my S5 #anitwitwatches mega thread […]

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A Friendly Reminder

Times are certainly tough recently. Each day everyone is trapped in their house feels like another day closer to insanity. I myself have found it incredibly hard to focus on even the most basic of tasks. Going to class has become even more of a chore than when I had to physically drive to campus. […]

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Dr. Stone is a Good Anime

Hello everyone. Welcome back to this (kind of) mini-series where I almost, sort of review shows that I have enjoyed, either recently or in the past. For this review, I thought I would talk about a really obscure anime that not that many people have heard of: “Dr. Stone.” In case the sarcasm did not […]

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