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Oh wait! This post isn’t about me today considering Ayano isn’t my real name. Yes, yes…Ayano has been my pen name for the last three years on this blog and all of my social media accounts. I know…SHOCKER!

For anyone that is new to the blog…Hi! My name is Ayano but my real name is Alyssa. I used to run a huge anime fan page over on Facebook but decided to start blogging almost three years ago. I actually started off with book blogging (e.x. book reviews, keeping up with current books coming out, doing bookstagram) before switching over to anime blogging. I also joined Twitter shortly after that and you can follow that account @paperpandabears. I love books, poetry, anime (of course), and I write in my free time. Whew…it feels like I am starting over once again XD

But this bitch has been here for awhile and I can’t believe I haven’t done this Top Ten Tuesday sooner. This week’s TTT is all about the anime characters named Ayano! Well all the one’s I could rustle up. I picked the name Ayano to go by after watching Kaze no Stigma in which I fell in love with Ayano Kannagi immediately. She’s bratty, and fierce, and a bad ass when she needs to be…quite like myself.

So without further ado…will the real Ayano please stand up?

(P.S. some of the gifs will be different sizes in this post. Also the last three will be in picture form since I could not find proper gifs for them. Sorry in advance!)

1. Ayano Hanesaki from Hanebado!

^We love a good emotionless sports character 😀

2. Ayano Kosaka from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

^Still need to watch Code Geass XD

3. Ayano Aishi from Yandere Simulator

^Has anyone played this game before? Looks like something I would enjoy 😉

4. Ayano Tateyama from Vocaloid: Kagerou Project

^Sad girl Ayano.

5. Ayano Sugiura from Yuru Yuri

^How is Yuru Yuri? Should I watch it?

6. Ayano Kannagi from Kaze no Stigma

^My fire princess that I love oh so much ❤

7. Keiko Ayano (Silica) from Sword Art Online

^Silica needs more love and attention! She is totes adorbs :3

8. Ayano Sadato from The Ryou’s Work is Never Done!

Ayano The Ryou's^One of the cutest Ayano’s!

9. Yai Ayano from Mega Man Battle

Yai Ayano^Technically Yai’s last name is Ayanokoji but the English translation does say it’s Ayano.

10. Ayano Minegishi from Lucky Star

Ayano Lucky Star^Oh look! Another anime series I still haven’t watched. I need to get my shit together lolololz

And there you have it my pandas! Ten lovely Ayano-chan’s. I hope we get more characters named Ayano in the future. It’s a good name! Who is your favorite from this list? Let me know in the comments section down below. That is going to do it for me this Tuesday. I hope everyone has a great morning, afternoon, or night wherever you are in the world. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas! MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and gifs come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.)

Today was supposed to be Alexie’s day to post but he is in the middle of moving at the moment and he also doesn’t have internet for the next few days. So…I am here to bring you guys another edition of Top Ten Tuesday! Are you guys sick of these post yet? These post are one of the very few post I actually enjoy doing on the blog. Sure, things can get a little repetitive at times but I always love trying to come up with the next concept for TTT without it being the same as previous post. We love a good challenge here at KawaiiPaperPandas!

We all know that best girls come in all different shapes and sizes and personalities..but what about the sickly best girls? They need love too! Even if they don’t always survive till the end of the series. I am here to bring you some of the best sick girls in anime. Let’s not focus on the sad part of their lives, but rather the joy they bring to each and every one of us! It’s a celebration of life not death my pandas.

(P. S. some of the gif sizes will be off in this post. Please ignore it XD)

1. Sakura from I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

^Sakura’s smile always gave me hope ❤

2. Nagisa from Clannad

^Ya know…I’ve only ever watch Clannad: After story. Maybe I should go back and watch the first series lololz

3. Akito from Fruits Basket

^I apologize in advance if you haven’t figured out Akito is actually a girl 😛

4. Yuuki from Sword Art Online: Mother’s Rosario

^My favorite girl in Sword Art Online.

5. Chise from The Ancient Magus Bride

^Chise predominately gets stronger throughout the series but we know she is frail to begin with.

6. Kaori in Your Lie in April

^Most everyone’s favorite sick girl.

7. Naoko from The Wind Rises

^I wish we got to see more of Naoko in the movie.

8. Mirai from Seraph of the End

^I wonder if we’ll ever get another season of Seraph?

9. Trisha from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

^Look guys…one anime I still haven’t seen

10. Olivia from Violet Evergarden

^Olivia…you were too precious for this world

And that about does it for me today guys! Which sickly girl in anime is your favorite? I’m pretty partial to Sakura from I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. I juts love her personality in the movie. What Top Ten Tuesday should I take on next? Let me know all your thoughts, opinions and comments down below in the comments section! Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and gifs come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.)

(Note: Today’s post will contain mature themes of sexual connotations while exploring the ideals/theme of growing up. It will also contain slight spoilers if you have not started the show or read through the manga. You have been forewarned!)

Ah, the flavors of youth.

We all grow up, we all go through puberty, we all know what it’s like to think about sex all the time. It’s a never ending cycle of hormone induced emotional states that make us wild with rampant thoughts and fantasies. I would like to prefiset that yes…women think about sex as much as men.

That’s why I’m ungodly happy that O’ Maidens in Your Savage Season has made an appearance this summer season. O’ Maidens tackles the idea of high school girls wanting to know more about what sex means. Not really just the physical aspect of sex but everything that revolves around it. From the meaning of love, figuring out your feelings towards someone in particular, all the way to taboo topics such as adults/minors being together and even pedophilia. Yes, you read that right…child pedophilia. But don’t let that small tidbit denture you away from this show/manga. It is so much more than what is on the surface. O’ Maidens encapsulates the trials and tribulations of  youth perfectly down to its very essence. I haven’t related to an anime series like this in a very long time..and I’m talking about the whole ideology behind the show and not just bits and pieces.

In order to understand these girls and there so called “personal dilemmas” on a deeper level we must take a look at each on individually. We will start with Kazusa since a lot of the story revolves around her.

Kazusa is a shy girl whose main friend has been her next store neighbor, Izumi, since they were little. Kazusa, like all the other girls involved in the literature club, is curious about sex, but she struggles with her outward appearance and confidence. You can spot this pretty early on in the first few episodes of the series. Like Kazusa, Izumi is also on the shyer side of the spectrum but has been blossoming with the ladies at school. Kazusa realizes this after she overhears another classmate mentioning how hot Izumi is and at the possibility of taking his “virginity.” Things start to roll into motion when Kazusa wonders if Izumi thinks about sex as well. One evening Kazusa heads over to Izumi’s house to drop off some food and she walks in on him in his room watching porn and masturbating. The irony of it all is that the porn Izumi is watching is a train porno. And this is funny because Izumi is obsessed with trains

So of course awkward encounters for Kazusa and Izumi happen in the next few episodes. Kazusa also sneaks out a porno DVD from Izumi’s room one night while he is away. Lemme tell you…this scene was so funny I thought I was going to die laughing. Kazusa struggles with her feelings for Izumi after Izumi confesses to Kazusa one night that he “doesn’t think about sex with anyone or even her for that matter.” *Insert Kuzusa running away from Izumi’s room but Izumi trys to stop her and they have an odd tumble down the stairs and Izumi lands on top of Kazusa in typical anime fashion* (See gif above 😉 ). Eventually, after talking with Niina and Momoko, Niina makes Kazusa realize that deep down she has romantic feelings for Izumi. Thus, beginning the whirlwind struggle of Kazusa trying to sort out those feelings and comparing herself to Niina (these emotions ensue when Kazusa sees Niina and Izumi leaving on the train together one day after school).

Kazusa’s internal emotional struggle is something all women face on a day to day basis. Trying to figure out if you are good enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough to face the person you have feelings for is one of the most daunting tasks girls have to go through during puberty. You feel like everything is the end of the world (even though well all know it’s not) if things don’t go your way.

Kazusa has every right to feel this way, especially when she is friends with Niina. A beautiful girl who is considered mysterious and fragile by everyone in school. Jealousy is a natural emotion that everyone deals with at one point or another. This type of conflict works well for the series because this is an exact problem any real life girl would have to deal with in the real world. Jealousy is a driving force in most male and female relationships, just like fear or anger would be.

Kazusa scene 2

As we all are well aware of…love triangles are popular in romance anime. The formula is “main character falls in love with an outsider but the childhood friend of the main character is in love with them and either confesses or doesn’t.” We all know how it goes. The series is only at episode 6 right now, but we all know that this love triangle is going to become more prominent as the episodes progress. I’m interested in seeing how Kazusa comes to terms with her jealousy and if she will overcome it. I want Kuzusa to grow into her own person and be confident in herself. Comparing yourself to others never works out in the long run and you have to figure that out on your own. Advice from friends might be able to steer you in the right direction, but it’s how you handle/direct your emotions that allow you to overcome your inner turmoil.

Honestly, Niina’s childhood background is a little dark. Niina is a little quirky, regal, pretty to look at, but also confused like the rest of the girls in this series. See…Niina has a little secret. When Niina was 10 or 11 (I can’t remember at this point) she was involved in a group project with a very famous director. Niina was given the lead role and favored by the director during their time together. We come to find out this director favored Niina because he liked little girls. Like…liked liked them. Niina, being the impressionable young girl that she is, develops feelings for this director in a warped and twisted way.

One day…Niina asks the director if he wants to have sex with her but the director declines her advance because he believes that her innocence and allure would be “ruined” if he did anything of the sort. Niina then asks if he would be with her when she grew up but the director again declines because older girls/women don’t appeal to him in the same notion that young girls do….That he can only love her “girlish nature.” Nothing ever bad happens to Niina physically, but you can tell she is emotionally scarred by being in love with this director. Having your mind bent to someone else’s will is a mental prison. You continuously go over what you did wrong or what you could have done differently in order to please them. I think that is where Niina is at, at this point in the series.


We see a brief moment of this weakness when Niina uses Izumi as a “stand in boyfriend” when she runs into the director one day at the train station. I feel like Niina is restless with herself and how she feels about the director, hence why she is on a conquest to have sex before she dies. It’s almost like she is forcing herself to try to forget her feelings for the director and put it out of her mind. Niina is wearing a mask that she can’t full take off. The way they built up Niina’s character and how they handle the topic of pedophilia in the series was delicately done. You are able to fully grasp why Niina is the way she is without feeling too disgusted about the man she developed feelings for. The series also pokes fun at the topic of pedophilia and how it is fucking terrible with Izumi’s reaction to Niina’s confessional. Another golden moment for this series.

Niina 2

And then there is Hongo-chan.

Hongo is actually an aspiring young writer…but not just any type of writer…Hongo wants to write erotica. A girl who knows nothing about sex wants to write erotica. Another point for Mari Okada for throwing in some more irony into this series! I feel like this whole series is just a double entendre. Hongo’s background is also a little complicated. She has been getting sexual advice/having cyber sex with someone online. We don’t know who it is right away until a couple of episodes in. Milo-sensei (the person chatting with Hongo) finally decides to meet up with Hongo in real life. When Hongo meets up with Milo-sensei at the front of the train station we find out that Milo-sensei is actually Hongo-chan’s real sensei at school. Whoops! XD

Hongo scene

Surprisingly enough, Hongo handles the situation quite coolly but Milo-sensei tries to avoid her at all cost. Milo-sensei knows this type of relationship is a “no-no” and tells Hongo this upfront. Milo-sensei is trying to do the right thing, but Hongo-chan can’t quite let their developed online relationship go. Hongo-san even blackmails Milo-sensei into becoming the literature club’s adviser since the club would be disbanded if they didn’t find someone to preside over the club. Let the “teacher/student” anime trope begin!

Yes, I know this type of shit does not fly in real life. DO NOT try to have sexual relations with your teacher…but I can’t help but have a teeny-tiny bit of hope for Hongo and Milo-sensei. This is actually my favorite pair in the series. Probably due to the back and fourth tension between Hongo and Milo-sensei. You know Milo-sensei is trying to be good, but Hongo is pushing her limits/boundaries with him. I’m always intrigued by the concept and psychology of  “wanting what you can’t have.” Because…let’s face it. We all are tempted by the stuff we don’t have/want to have everyday. I think some people are more intrigued by the chase rather than the actual prize. Some people get off on the whole “cat and mouse” situation. So I am wondering if that is how Milo-sensei will respond considering he’s told Hongo he has no interest in high school girls and he finds them “disgusting.”

Hongo scene 2

I want Hongo and Milo-sensei to be together but I also don’t want them to be. I excited to see what direction they push these two into. Will Milo-sensei give in to Hongo-chan and her sexual desire’s to know more? Or will Milo-sensei try to refuse Hongo all together? Ahhhh…I’m gonna need the rest of the series to come out like NOW.

Then we have what seems to be the more “normal” girls of the group Sonezaki and Momoko. Sonezaki is definitely the most normal out of the bunch, but she does face social pressures from her class. She had a strict upbringing, but shows interest in the opposite sex just like any other person would. Sonezaki is teased/bullied in her class, with her classmates claiming she is a “prude” and “ugly.” Just because a woman wears glasses that doesn’t make her ugly! I hate this stereotype in anime.


Sonezaki does change her appearance a few episodes in by getting her haircut and wearing contacts so she looks prettier. Of course everyone in the class after Sonezaki changes her appearance starts to warm up to Sonezaki and wants to be her friend. But one boy liked the old Sonezaki the way she was. Shun was kind to Sonezaki before she decided to change her look and then asks Sonezaki to become his girlfriend. Sonezaki says yes at the end of episode 5, but in episode 6 Sonezaki wants to keep their relationship a secret until they graduate. Shun is clearly hurt by this gesture, but Sonezaki continues forward in hopes she can create a safe environment for them to be together in secret.

DO NOT keep your relationships a secret my friends. This will only eat away at you and your partner from the inside. Sonezaki just started dating Shun and she already wants to keep him a secret. Like GURL…what is you doing?! That’s not how you want to kick off a romantic relationship. I understand wanting to keep something close to you or private, but Shun expressed he wants people to know Sonezaki is his girlfriend. I hope Sonezaki can realize Shun’s feelings before it’s too late and she implodes their relationship from the inside.

We haven’t seen much of Momoko’s story yet. She seems to be second when it comes to Kazusa. That usually happens with characters who are best friends with the main protagonist of a series. We know Momoko goes to a cram school and has made friends with a boy named Sugimoto. He clearly likes Momoko but it seems like Momoko hasn’t quite reciprocated the same feelings back. I did a little digging last night and I found out that Momoko develops a one-sided crush on Niina. I was waiting to see if they would have a female-on-female relationship in this series! As I mentioned above we are only on episode 6 of the series so I know we will see this crush bud over the next 6 or 7 episodes (I’m gonna assume this series will be 12 or 13 episodes).  I thought Momoko might be into girls after a brief moment with Sugimoto, but wasn’t quite sure if the series would lean this way.


I want this series to continue to dive deeper into the world of sexual confusion at a young age. These topics are usually brushed over in other series or we just get straight fan-service with ecchi anime. Sex is a topic that NEEDS to be talked about more. Sex is a stepping stone for many of us into the world of adulthood. It is clumsy, funny, painful, and emotional all at once. There is much more that comes along with sex than just a pair of naked bodies pressed together for pleasure. Sex takes time, patience, understanding, emotional support, and learning.

I love this series because it is a relatable and handles all the topics of sex/interpersonal relationships with such care that no detail is missed. From the random misunderstandings that Kazusa and Izumi have about one another, to Hongo trying to find herself as a writer and a young woman. Even the background story of Niina having feelings for a man who is a pedophile is done with such grace and precision that you hope Niina will be able to realize that type of love is one you don’t want to keep seeking out. Love and sexual desire is a fickle thing my friends. I would like to leave you guys with a with semblance about love: “Romantic love or even infatuation is not the issue. The problem for many is the confusion of love and obsession.” 

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Henlo my pandas and welcome to the Top Husbando Battle!

Yes, that’s right. We are having a face off of your favorite Husbando’s from anime nominated by you all over on Twitter. I had such a fun time with the Top Waifu Battle that I thought I would bring it back for another round. The winner of the Top Waifu Battle was none other than Holo from Spice and Wolf!

I was actually surprised that she beat out Rias from High School DXD. Rias is still one of my favorite waifu’s so I was rooting for her. She did win Best Waifu in the Right Stuf Anime competition so I’ll take it! If you are ready to cast your votes in the Top Husbando Battle go ahead and click the link here: https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/s7p1al-cH. The first round will be open until midnight on August 6th! Get those votes in peeps! May the best Husbando win!!!

(P.S. We all know it’s Dazai sooooo everyone else doesn’t stand a chance 😛 )

Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and gifs come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Voting is now OPEN! Cast your vote for who you think murdered poor innocent Froppy.


Alexie here!

This is the final part in collaboration with Ayano’s first post. Make sure to start there if you haven’t yet! You can do so by clicking here: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2019/07/28/clue-collaboration-fan-favorite-froppy-found-frigid/.

After questioning Nora, still trying to control the shivers running through my body at the girl’s demeanor, I head back to the hallway to find Quent. I see him there, sitting on the floor against the wall, unmoved. He’s obedient in a touchy situation, I’ll give him that. His hat is tilted downward to cover his eyes and he cradles his rifle against his lap.

UA High hallway

“Mr. Yaiden,” I say approaching him.

“You can call me Quent, detective,” he replies.

“Okay, Quent,” I say, “describe what happened for me again?”

“Haven’t you already got the story from the others?” Quent replies.

I sigh. “Humor me.”

As Quent takes a swig of alcohol I attempt to peer at the underside of…

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Hello ladies and gentleman!

Welcome to the anime edition of Clue! If you don’t know what the game Clue is here is a little background:

Clue (Cluedo outside the U.S.) is a popular murder-mystery board game. It was originally published in Leeds, England in 1949. It was devised by Anthony E. Pratt.

You move around the game board (a mansion), as of one of the game’s six suspects, collecting clues from which to deduce which suspect murdered the game’s perpetual victim: Mr. Boddy (Dr. Black, outside of U.S.), and with which weapon and in what room.”

In this edition you will be doing the same thing as in Clue. Here you will read the initial set up of the murder, each suspects alibi, and at the end of the week you will vote on who you think murdered the victim and where they did it. You will start on my blog, then I will link you to the next suspect (which will be another blogger on WordPress), then they will link you to the next suspect, so on and so forth. There are a total of 6 suspects in this game just like the original Clue. The last person’s alibi will have the poll where you will cast your vote.

When reading the story you will see “I” throughout the course of this game. “I” is you the reader who should be read as the detective. This story is in third person (which is essentially you the reader). I will be posting today, the next person will be posting Monday, the third person will be posting Tuesday, the fourth person will be posting Wednesday, the fifth person will be posting Thursday, and the sixth person will be posting Friday. You will have to come back each day to see what suspect is up for questioning. Then on Friday/Saturday you will have time to vote. So buckle up my pandas. This one is going to be a bumpy ride!

The beginning:

“It was a dark and stormy night. We were all gathered at U.A. Academy for some odd reason. Maybe it was because All Might had called for a meeting amongst colleagues, maybe it was for no good reason at all. Whatever the reason…we were all trying to dry off from the pouring rain that was coming down like cats and dogs. All of us were gathered in All Might’s personal study. Ferid shed his coat already and was seated on the couch drinking a cup of tea Froppy had poured for him. Froppy was courteous enough to take our coats and warm us all up with some freshly brewed black tea. 

I watched as Nora, Kumiko, and Glass brushed water droplets from their hair before turning their attention to Froppy with the tea. Quent was scowling in the corner, unbothered by the wetness that was seeping into his clothes. Frau was being useful by stoking a small burning fire that was dancing in the fireplace. I watched as he threw another log onto the fire and it sparked up tiny embers in return. I couldn’t help but wonder why I was called here as  well? I seemed out of place amongst all these other people. All Might wouldn’t have called me here for no reason, so I took off my damp coat along with my cap and placed it on the coat rack next to the fireplace to let them dry. 

Froppy made her way over to me and offered me a cup of steaming tea. I nodded and gladly accepted the cup generously. I took a sip of the brownish liquid and felt the warmth slide down my throat, warming me up from the inside. I scanned the room once more, my eyes flitting back and forth taking in all the people gathered about. A million questions running through my mind. Froppy had finished her rounds and set the empty tea tray on the side table next to the study doors before making her exit. I strode over to chair next to the couch Ferid was on and took a seat, tea cup still in hand. Nora, Kumiko, and Glass were still huddled amongst themselves making small talk. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but it seemed relatively important. 

I watched Ferid take another sip of the tea he was nursing, and Frau was still staring into the fire he was entranced by. Quent still hadn’t moved a muscle from the dark corner he claimed when he first entered the room. Odd if I do say so myself. I balanced my own cup of tea on my knee, anticipating All Might’s entrance. I wondered when he would arrive? It wasn’t like All Might to be late, but it also wasn’t like him to be early either. Soon, I thought. All Might will be here soon. 

Suddenly the lights and the burning fire went out! The teacup fell from my knee and landed on the floor with a clatter. I could see nothing but darkness, but could hear scuffling and other odd commodities about the room. What the hell was going on? I stood up and tried to feel my way around in the darkness. I bumped into the table that was directly in front of my chair when I first sat down but couldn’t grasp anything else. I yelled out, “Is everyone okay? Can anyone find the light switch?” More random noises and grunting. A thump on the floor. I could feel my pulse quicken and the heat rising in my body. I was starting to feel a little panicked. I tried calling out again. “Hello? Is anyone there?” It felt like an eternity had gone by but still no one answered. And that when it happened! Someone cracked me in the back of the skull and I was out like a light.

I woke up sometime later in total darkness. The power must still be out.  I decided I had to try and get the lights back on. I slowly got up, the back of my head throbbing but I tried moving in the direction of the study’s double doors anyways. I recalled seeing a light switch by the door. I shuffled to my left and finally touched a smooth surface. A door perhaps? No, a wall. A slide my hand to the right and found a switch. I flicked the switch up and down but nothing occurred. I tried again. Nothing. I took in a deep breath and tried for a third time. The lights came flickering back on. 


And then I heard the screams. 

I whipped around to see Nora, Kumiko, and Glass screaming at a pool of blood splayed out on a broken coffee table in the middle of the study’s floor. Quent was in a different corner of the room, both Ferid and Frau were staring at the blood. The girls were holding onto each other, their faces wrung with wrought and worry. I saw that the pool of blood flowed into drag marks across the floor towards the study’s double doors. I decided to follow the bloody trail and now stood in front of the wooden doors. I threw open the doors to find a dead Froppy laid out at my feet. The girls screamed again! How did this happen? Someone in this room must have been involved in this. Who was it? Was it all of them or one of them? I stared at  Froppy’s lifeless eyes. This poor innocent aspiring pro-hero had just been murder….and it was my duty to find out who did it. “


Suspect #1-Glass

“At this point I felt like it was pertinent to question everyone separately. I sent Frau to the school’s cafeteria, Ferid to the library, Nora to the training room, Glass to the principal’s office, Kumiko the dormitories, and Quent hung around the hallway in which the murder took place. I had my suspicions about Quent, but I had to question everyone fair and square. I decided I would start my questioning with Glass in the principal’s office since it was right around the corner from the crime scene. 

I found myself in front of the office doors and gave a light knock before entering. I could make out Glass fiddling around with one of the desk’s drawers, but it seemed to be locked. “What are you doing ?” I asked casually. Glass didn’t seem to realize I was present and jumped with a start. “Nothing!” She exclaimed before taking a step back. “Doesn’t look like nothing.” I said with an inquisitive tone. Glass snorted before she replied, “I said nothing.” She crossed her arms with a vexed expression. I took a step towards her, she took another step back. She was pressed up against the wall now. Nowhere to run  I thought with an amused sense of self. She was like a rat in a cage at this point. This was the perfect time to question her. 

I started with why she was here and where she was when Froppy was murdered, since I was knocked unconscious during the power outage. I had no idea where to start or who to blame, but I had to start somewhere and Glass seemed to be the perfect suspect. 

“If I told you why I was here I would have to kill you detective. Don’t you know a lady never kisses and tells?” She looks at me, eyebrows raised. This woman was trying to play mind games with me, but I wasn’t going to let her. I repeated the question again. Glass let out a long sigh before saying, “Fine. I’m here to find out information on upcoming pro-heros. I need to find one that might be able to help save my world from destruction. I may or may not have been snooping around the teacher’s and All Might’s office for files on the pro-heroes.” I gave her a puzzled look. “I’m from another world you see. I thought maybe I would be able to find files on pro-heros in All Might’s desk, but that stupid thing is locked.” She glared at the desk pointedly. I give her a slight nod of understanding before I ask her if she might have seen or heard anything suspicious.

“If I remember correctly, that vampire…what’s his name again? Ah, yes! Ferid was acting funny. He kept looking around the room with those red eyes of his. He looked like he was thirsty, and not thirsty for just tea if you know what I mean. My guess is he was thirsty for blood.” Speaking of blood, I see a small stain of blood on the corner of Glasse’s kimono. She follows my gaze and notices me staring at the stain. She tucks her left hand behind her back before saying, “Nose bleed.” I make a mental note of the blood stain. I then inquire about Glasse’s weapon. I remember her tucking away an item or two in her kimono in All Might’s main study. “You mean these?” She says pulling out a set of daggers from each of her kimono sleeves.

She whips them open to reveal they are in fact bladed fans. I nodded curtly. “They don’t call me the Fan Hero for no reason,” she says smirking. I don’t see any blood on the bladed fans, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t wash them off before my arrival. I tell her forensics will need to take a look at them for any evidence. She folds them back up and walks over to hand them to me. I walkie for one of the forensics team members to come pick them up for testing.  

“You know he carries that sword around with him everywhere right? I don’t think it’s just for show either. I bet he’s killed more people than he would have you believe Detective. I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed that young girl. He seems like the type that would murder you if you crossed him. Maybe Froppy served him the wrong tea or maybe she just annoyed him. Who knows. Whatever the case, she’s dead now…and someone needs to pay the pied piper.” Glass says with a sneering tone. I also notice that Glasse’s kimono is a little out of place. The shash is a little off and the red string in the middle of her waist looks like it was tied incorrectly. Did these pieces get moved during a scuffle perhaps? Were they tied back together in a hurry? Things were starting to piece together bit by bit. Her alibi didn’t seem to make much sense, but I had other suspects to question first before I could pass any judgement. I told her it wasn’t polite to snoop through other people’s things before heading back towards the door. Before I made my way out Glass said, “Vampires are cold-blooded killers Detective. Remember that blood is worth its weight in gold to them.” I look back over my shoulder and she is standing there arms crossed over her chest once more. She looks annoyed? No, she looks determined. She’s probably sure of herself that she won’t be named the killer. I have to applaud her. She knows how to put on a good show. 

I walk back out into the hallway, shutting the office doors behind me, and hand Glasse’s fans over to the forensics member before making my way over to the library. I was gonna find out who killed Froppy…even if it was the last thing I did.”

Head on over to Mel in Animeland’s blog for the next suspect’s questioning! Click the link here: wp.me/p7V76x-1Le.

“You remind me of the babe.
What babe?
The babe with the power.
What power?
The power of voodoo.
Who do?
You do.
Do what?
Remind me of the babe.”

Rest in peace David Bowie ❤ The Labyrinth was one of my favorite movies growing up and I always loved the “Dance magic, dance” song. Annnddd now it will probably be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You can thank me later 😉 I would also like to mention if you are a fan of The Labyrinth there is a book called Wintersong that is a re-imaging of the story. It is so beautifully done and I am currently OBSESSED with it. I am actually on the second book (it is a duology) called Shadowsong. I have been listening to the audiobook version while I drive my route for work. If you are looking for a new book to read or to listen to I highly suggest picking it up/purchasing it!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about magicians/magic users in anime! Another concept I haven’t covered on the blog yet. If anyone has a specific idea they would like for me to cover on Top Ten Tuesday feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below. You ask, and you shall receive 😀

I am going to make these characters appear before your eyes. Abracadabra!

1. Meteora from Re:Creators

^Meteora deserves more credit! She was a key player in the series.

2. Shin from Wise Man’s Grandchild

^A total dunce sometimes, but an awesome magician none the less!

3. Beatrice from Re:Zero

^Best girl…and no…you can’t change my mind 😛

4. Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High

^Alexie’s pick for today.

5. Eucliwood from Is This a Zombie?

^Tsubaki’s pick for today.

6. Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

^Bodell’s pick for today and one of my long time anime crushes ❤

7. Chaika from Chaika the Coffin Princess

^Must protecc this precious cinnamon roll :3

8. Glenn from Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

^Glenn should take notes from Shin on how to be a proper magic teacher XD

9. Liones and Nina from Hina Logi

^I love these two adorable goofballs.

10. Ainz from Overlord

^We all know at this point NOT to fuck with Ainz

Who is your favorite magician or magic caster? Seems fantasy anime featuring magicians have been popping up more and more recently. Let me know all your thoughts, comments, and feelings down below! Thank you for joining me today. Your continued patronage on the site is always appreciated. I will catch you all in my next post. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

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