I know I said that I was gonna do the manga comparison of Ichi the Killer with the movie adaption, but I did some thinking and thought I should do a wholesome post of a new manga that I adore. This manga makes me so happy and makes me laugh. And it has the most wholesome family in manga history, even if they are really family. So what manga is Tsubaki talking about? What is this wholesome family manga?


   Today I am talking about the manga by Tetsuya Endo, SPY X FAMILY. It’s a comedy manga that has action, slice of life, romance, and the best daughter in manga history. Anya is best daughter and I will fight anyone who disagrees. IMG_20191109_002124

   Loid Forger aka Twilight (codename) is a spy on a mission and requires a daughter and wife to infiltrate an elite school to investigate a paranoid politician. He adopts a daughter named Anya, little does he know that she is esper, able to read minds. And then he finds a young lady to act like his wife named Yor, who happens to be a hitmanfirefox_wrqp7p0kIS

   This manga only has 15 chapters as of now. And I really love this. Everyone is lovable and Anya is the best loli daughter of all time. Her reactions to everyone is amazing. I want a daughter like her. The US physical manga release date is June 2 2020. You should really look into this manga, it’s really great.

   Hope you enjoyed this blog and see you next week. 

-Tsubaki Kuro

Hello lovely pandas, sorry i haven’t been posting regularly. Life just has been busy for me. But today i will be doing an interesting piece on an Infamous Japanese movie I fell in love with. Considering it was banned in several countries. p75552_v_v8_ad (1)

   The film we are talking about today is Ichi the Killer. Directed by Takashi Miike, this movie is live adaption of the manga Ichi the Killer. What makes this movie so infamous is that it was so shocking that some countries had to ban it from the violence and torture. And during the first screening. People were given barf bags before movie. What a way to prepare for a movie. 1kakihara2

   The version I watched and own is a special edition. The original movie was made in 2001 and shot in 16mm and then moved to 35mm. But in 2017 they took the 35mm negatives to L’Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna, Italy and made it into 4K. 

  So what’s the movie about. In Kabukichō (which is the red light district in Tokyo) a yakuza enforcer named Kakihara is looking for his missing boss. Kakihara is a sadomasochist, loves to torture and be tortured. He ends up looking for this killer named Ichi, who is a psychologically challenged sadist who is killing off Kakihara’s men. It leads to this whole cat and mouse chase. I won’t spoil and plot points for you lovely peeps.

   This movie is very brutal, so WARNING advisory. This film contains sex, nudity, rape scenes, intense violence and torture. If ya can’t stomach it, then don’t push yourself. But I highly recommend it if you can. It’s an interesting story. 

Next week I will be comparing it to the manga and seeing what differences there are and which one I like more.

– Tsubaki Kuro


Today’s post will be the scariest post from me during the spooky season. And what’s scarier than real life. Today’s topic will be a very dark subject of Japan’s darkest moment in history. 

   This post will talk about horrific events that happened during WWII. So read this if you can stomach it. This is your WARNING. 731-640x375

   Today I am talking about the infamous Unit 731 known as the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department. Lead by Shirō Ishii, this unit specialized in biological weapon testing. What they did was torture and killed a ton of people in a very horrible ways for research. Up to a half of a million people were killed. There were many horrible experiments they conducted. And they referred to the human subjects as “logs”. The human subjects ranged from criminals and war prisoners to infants and pregnant ladies. Here are some of the experiments they have done.

  1. Vivisection: were they dissected people still alive and awake and removed organs of the test subjects. They removed limbs and reattached them to different parts to see if the body will reject it. 
  2. Biological testing: they would make affect many people with bubonic plague, anthrax, and many other different biological diseases. 
  3. Weapon testing: they would use people as live dummies to see how different weapons affected them. 
  4. Random things: put people in low pressure rooms and have their eyes explode out their heads. Fill their kidneys with horse urine. Put air bubbles in their veins. Burn them. Ect
  5. Frostbite experiments: one of the creepiest and most fucked up thing they did. They would wet their test subjects and freeze their limbs and start slamming the limbs with sticks and other things to see if the limbs were frostbitten and if they would feel it. Sometimes the limbs would shatter like ice.


 I’m leaving out what they did to women because it’s way too fucked up to talk about. 

   The most horrific thing is that after the war, The US gave immunity to a lot of the researchers that were part of Unit 731 in exchange of all the research documents they had from the experiments. Dark and fucked shit the US did back then. 

   War is a scary and ugly thing and the secret things we find out later really is dark and frightening. So much is hidden from us and it’s always the most frightening things. Monsters, ghosts, aliens, curses, and demons are scary, but the scariest thing is humans. 

   I know that today’s post was really dark, but it’s a historical thing that happened, that a lot of people have never heard of. Next week’s post will be on the lighter side of horror. Plus on Halloween I’ll be posting a Japanese horror story that I’m writing that takes place in the 90’s Japan. 

   Thanks for reading and have a great day. 

-Tsubaki Kuro

Second post of this spooky month. So what is Tsubaki talking about today. I given you all a hint last week. The main character has three different versions. So what character has three different versions of themselves. Well let me give you a little hint. It’s very bloody. And it’s bloody good. And each character is named Saya. 

   Today I am talking about the Blood series. Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood +, and Blood C (including the movie The Last Dark). Very October Vibes anime for y’all. Blood-The-Last-Vampire-images-857f98ce-f13b-4bb2-af55-33d40ca86cf

   The first entry in this series is Blood: The Last Vampire made in 2000 by Production I.G. It’s a 50 minute movie. There is only one version of it, meaning that there is no sub only or dubbed. This movie contains both english and japanese dialogue. Which is pretty unique. The Japanese people talk in Japanese and the Americans speak English. And sometimes they speak each other’s language. This movie follows Saya Otonashi, who is a young girl who is a special girl working for Americans to hunt down chiropterans, which are these bat monster like things. This movie is very good for a 50 min film. My only gripe is that everyone has huge fucking lips.



   The next part in the Blood series is Blood +, which is a 2005 anime series also by Production I.G. Both in Sub and Dub. It has 50 episodes. This is a different iteration of Saya Otonashi. In this one she has no memory of her past and live a nice life until she runs into a chiropteran. She learns that she needs to kill them and slowly finds out what she is. A lot more plot than Blood: The Last Vampire. Then again 50 mins to 50 episodes is a bit more time to flesh out a story and characters. I’m not gonna go too deep because I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s a very good series.



MV5BODQxMjY0MjItZjQ0MS00NmRiLWI2ZjQtMjYyNmQ3MTFjOGEzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjc4OTQ1OTA@._V1_.jpg  The next series in Blood series is where things change. The 2011 Production I.G anime Blood C is a 12 episode show both in Sub and Dub. This is the most violent and biggest change to the series. The main character is Saya Kisaragi. She is a young girl who serves as a shrine maiden. She finds out that she has to save the village from these man-eating monsters called Elder Bairns. Like I said this show is bloody and gory, more than the other two. I know that Ayano-sensei loves this show as well. This show is my favorite of the series and its my favorite Saya. And the ending will blow your mind. And the 2012 movie Blood C : The Last Dark is the perfect conclusion to the series.



   I highly recommend that you watch these Iconic series. You don’t have to watch them in any order. Bloody, good action, and good old monster killing fun. Plus good Waifu material. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day~


 Ahhhhhhhh yeah, it’s Halloween season. Spooky season is now. My favorite season as a horror fanatic. So this month all posts will be spooky themed and on Halloween I will post a horror story. I will gradually post in spookiness. So today will be the least spooky but the “most” realistic. Cus what’s more horrific than relationships, to be more exact, the horror of cheating.



  Today will be kinda different cus I will be talking about Japanese video game. Catherine/ Catherine Full Body (the new remake, with added things). There will be slight spoilers, so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled. I won’t spoil the ending, cus there is multiple. DwkYIlHU8AUnuNL

   I have played the original Catherine but not Full Body, cus my PS4 died. But I would recommend it. It’s fun and scary. 

  So what is the story of the game. Well you play as an unfortunate man named Vincent Brooks who recently has been having bedwetting nightmares. You have a girlfriend named Katherine. Who is thinking about getting married with you. But you don’t think you should. So that night you are at the bar with your friends and they leave you alone. A hot blonde named Catherine joins you at the table and flirts with you. You wake up the next morning, with her naked next to you. Yup, you slept with her. So you make decisions on what you want to do. Will you cheat some more, or be faithful, or go for both. And in Full Body there is another choice, the piano and neighbor Rin who has a secret. All your choices have consequences.




   So I’m sure y’all wondering, Tsubaki, how the fuck does this have anything to do with horror. Well, this game gives you the psychological horror of cheating on your girlfriend. The guilt, the horror of getting caught and worse. Also every night you get sent to this nightmare realm where you must climb this tower of traps and blocks to escape. And if you die, you die for real. You are surrounded by sheep people and then find out that its a curse that people who cheat get. And there are times that some huge demon chases after you while you frantically climb. It really gets your heart pumping. Catherine-Full-Body-Screenshots-15

  As someone who has had friends cheat on their girlfriends, it’s a scary thing in real life. Seeing them get caught, fuck. It ain’t pretty. Shit got real and shit exploded. Just witnessing it made my heart pound, imagine going through it. Oof. 

    The point of this blog to just recommend a fun “horror” Japanese game without spoiling too much but to also talk about the horror of cheating. 

Also Rin is best~



   Sorry for the slight horror piece, next week will be even better 😈😈😈. I’ll give you a hint. The main character has three versions.

Hope you all have a great day and have have a spooky time.

-Tsubaki Kuro

   So on Friday I was on a Asian movie binge. I watched the Live Action Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy, I Saw the Devil (a Korean thriller), Train to Busan (a Korean zombie movie) and the last one, Parasite (a Korean thriller) I know that all our posts have been Japanese oriented blogs, but today I am doing it on two Korean movies. So which Korean movies am I talking about today. Well the one that was beautifully made by Bong Joon-ho. And the other made by Kim Jee-woon Today I am talking about the movie Parasite and I Saw the Devil. 

  Let me start by saying this, I’ll try to make these as spoiler free as possible. I WILL TRY MY BEST OKAY. MV5BOWVmODY4MjYtZGViYS00MzJjLWI3NmItMGFmMDRkMzI1OTU3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTQ0NTUxOTA@._V1_

   The first one I will talk about is Parasite. This movie is pretty new, came out this year in Korea. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, this thriller is about this extremely poor family that slowly infiltrates a rich family to get money. That’s just a real simple plot synopsis without spoiling too much it. It’s much more complicated than that but I don’t want to SPOIL anything. The scary thing about this plot is that it can possibly actually happen. 

   The visuals are so beautiful. Each shot is a masterpiece. Even the darker theme shots of the movie were strangely beautiful. The acting in this movie was also very amazing. Each person played their parts amazingly well.

  If you like thrillers, this movie is a must watch. Beautifully done and very haunting. 10/1081UEsqer-sL._SL1500_

   The second movie we are also talking about today is I Saw the Devil. Which is a more brutal thriller. Like holy shit this movie was brutal. In an amazing way. This movie is the darker of the two movies. It’s a beautifully done revenge story. 

   The plot is that a special service’s pregnant fiance is kidnapped and brutally murdered by a psychopath. The would be husband than goes out searching for this man. He eventually finds him and he beats the shit out of him. Then he lets him go. The would be husband plays catch and release with this killer, every time he finds hims he does something horrible. The would be husband slowly starts becoming as evil as the guy he is hunting.

   This movie isn’t for the faint of heart. There is strong violence, strong language, a few attempted rape scenes, and some nudity. 

   This movie is a fast paced thriller unlike Parasite. You will be constantly on the edge of you seat. The acting on this was phenomenal. Another must watch thriller, if you can stomach it. I give this one a 11/10 because how much it kept my heart racing and the sheer amount of feelings it gave me. 

    Hope you can watch these two amazing movies and that you enjoy them as much as me. If there is any Asian movies that you enjoyed, let me know in the comments. Love you all, and take care. 

                       -Tsubaki Kuro

   Sohara Kishimoto is walking down a lonely foggy street in Kyoto. She has just left her middle school and is walking home. A small gust of wind causes her long black hair to flutter. She tightens her grip on her black leather book bag. Sohara hates how she has to walk home all by herself. The thick fog and empty streets creeps her out. She remembers when she was little her grandmother always told her to never go alone. If she did, Kuchisake Onna would find her. But Sohara never got to listen to that whole story because her mother always interrupted the grandmother. Sohara was never scared of urban legends. Myths are myths she would always tell herself. Through the fog, Sohara can see an outline of a person sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk straight of head of her. She can make out that the person was sitting down with their knees up against their chest. As Sohara walks closer to the unknown person, she can start to see that it is a young woman with long black hair. Once Sohara was about a meter away from the unknown woman, she can see that the woman is wearing a surgical face mask. The young woman turns towards Sohara. Sohara shivers when another gust of wind blows past her. She gets a bad feeling from this woman. Something doesn’t feel right about this woman.

  The woman in the surgical mask stands up and starts to move towards Sohara. Sohara frantically starts to move back away from the woman. Sohara shrieks as she trips over a large crack in the sidewalk and falls down onto her butt.

    “Nanika mondai aru?” (Do you have a problem?)Sohara asks the unknown woman.

  “Shiritai koto ga arunda kedo.” (I need to know something.) the woman replies.

   “Nan jigoku anata ga shiritai desu ka?” (What the hell do you want to know?) Sohara asks her.

  “Watashi wa kirei?” (Am I beautiful?)  the unknown woman asks.

  “Dō natteru? Kono onna dōka shiteru no? Kirei da to tsutaetai hō ga bunan da to omou.” (What the hell is going on? What the hell is wrong with this woman? Probably safer to just tell her she is beautiful.) Sohara thinks to herself.

  “H-hai. Anata wa kirei.” (Y-yes. You are beautiful.) Sohara responds.

   “Hontō ni?” (Am I really?) the masked woman replies to Sohara’s response in a dark tone.

   The masked woman then rips off her surgical mask. Sohara’s body turns ice cold from terror. The only warmth that she felt was the urine soaking up her school uniform skirt. The woman’s mouth was slit ear to ear. She gives Sohara a sickening smile that shows the woman’s jawbone. Then she pulls out a giant pair of scissors.

   “Watashi wa mada kirei?” (Am I still beautiful?)  the woman asks with her sickening smile.

  Sohara just lays there in her puddle of urine. She doesn’t know what to do or what to say. This was Kuchisake Onna, the slit mouth woman. She wasn’t a myth or an urban legend after all. She was real. Her grandmother was right, it was dangerous to go alone.

  “Watashi wa kirei?”(Am I beautiful?) Kuchisake Onna asks Sohara for the second time.

   Sohara quickly gets up and starts to run through the thick fog. “Dareka tasukete! Dareka tasukete!” (Got to find help.) Sohara thinks over and over again.

   Sohara blinks and stops dead in her tracks. Kuchisake Onna is right in front of her. Sohara tries to turn around but Kuchisake Onna grabs her shoulder.

“Watashi wa kirei?” she asks Sohara again.

“Masaka! Anata wa kirei janai!”(No! No, you are not beautiful.) Sohara yells at Kuchisake Onna.

   Kuchisake Onna laughs out loud then stabs Sohara in the mouth with her large pair of scissors. Sohara’s body jerks when the tip of the blood covered scissor blade exits the back of her head. Sohara’s eyes rolls back and she starts making gurgling noises has her mouth throat fills up with blood. Kuchisake Onna starts cutting Sohara’s head in half. The sound of flesh, blood, bone being cut by scissors fills up the foggy street.

   So next time you are walking alone, remember this. It’s dangerous to go alone. Cause if you do, Kuchisake Onna will get you