It’s been 2 weeks since my last post and I’ve really not had a lot of time to dedicate to anime since then. I’ve just started my first year at university, so I’ve been trying to fit in a mixture of attending lectures, making time to manage the workload, getting used to new surroundings, making new friends, all sorts. Unfortunately, amongst this I’ve barely watched any anime but something very interesting happened on 24th September… KFC released an official dating sim visual novel on Steam called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator. How could I not dedicate time to this?


I was made aware of this by a friend forwarding through an article and I thought it was a joke or an unofficial visual novel that some people made for fun whilst dicking around and eating too much fried chicken. Alas, I was wrong, and this was in fact made by KFC (or at least a company hired by KFC to make it). I’m sure stuff like this has happened in the past but the idea of an entire visual novel being made as a marketing scheme for fried chicken blew my fucking mind; I was so excited to finally jump into it upon release.

I really wasn’t sure to expect from this, I’ve played a few dating sims (I’ve spoken about Katawa Shoujo in a different post) but not that many, especially when compared to some people in the anime community. First and foremost, this VN is free which I am really happy about. From the moment I saw the trailer for this I knew that it wasn’t designed to be its own standalone, but to make you want to go and buy some KFC. And because of the fact that its free and designed as a fancy advert, I was really unsure how long it would take to play through fully. I have completed it one time through and my time is only 78 minutes on Steam, a little bit of that is some dicking around, but mostly that is actual play time.


This means that this is incredibly short for a visual novel, most that I know of clocking in at least 10 hours per playthrough, and multiple routes to take. And this is another point I’d like to highlight, and that’s that I don’t know how much your choices reflect the outcome of the visual novel. Sometimes when you pick an option, you will just lose the game, and whilst that’s funny, it does get a little annoying when you’ve got to restart the scene and skip back to the point you were at. Because of this, it doesn’t feel like many routes or alternative scenes are available. Sometimes I’d say something that really pissed Colonel Sanders off, but in the next scene we’d be just fine.

Another really strange thing I noticed is that the entire visual novel isn’t narrated from first person, but the visual novel is telling you what you see. This actually took me a little getting used to and stopped me from immediately slotting into character which can be quite a problem for such a short game like this. Some of the characters were a bit random for randomness sake, for example, Pop just wasn’t funny to me and I avoided every interaction with him I could, and Miriam was a little annoying at points. By far though, my favourite character was Student… but that’s mainly because I identified with him on a deeper level….


Now, did this game succeed in making me want KFC? Absolutely yes! If I weren’t at university and still had my car, I’d have driven straight over to KFC and written this whilst enjoying a zinger stacker. Oh my fucking god, I love a good zinger stacker… it’s my absolute fast food go-to.


All in all, I think that you should give this a go; it’s free, it’s quick, and KFC is delicious. What’s your favourite fast food restaurant and what’s your go-to order?



Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is definitely going to have more than ten picks XD

There were waaayyy too many good opening and ending songs this summer season! It’s hard to narrow it down to ten choices when all of these songs were bops. I tend to split opening and ending songs into two different post, but I need to write my seasonal wrap-up soon and I just feel like making one post rather than two. That’s my laziness kicking in once again lolololz

I also have GREAT NEWS my pandas! Saturday I received my acceptance email from Kumoricon (which is an anime convention here in the Pacific North West in November) to be a Standard Press Member during the convention! *Que confetti and happy dancing*

This will be my first anime convention EVER! To say that I am excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I am BEYOND excited to go and meet new people. I will be covering everything on my blog from beginning to end. That post will be out sometime in November so make sure you are subscribed to the blog and following me on Twitter at paperpandabears for more updates in the future.

With the good news out of the way lets get to these awesome summer anime opening and ending songs! (P.S. Remember these songs are in no particular order)

1. Opening Song “MUKANJYO” from Vinland Saga

^My favorite opening song from this season! Survive Said the Prophet did a KILLER job on this song ❤

2. Opening Song “Inferno” from Fire Force

^My second favorite opening! 🔥

3. Opening Song “Sacrifice” from To the Abandoned Sacred Beast

^Enjoyed this opening song more than I though it would.

4. Opening Song “Kizuato” from Given

^I don’t wanna talk about it 😭😭😭

5. Opening Song “Otome-domo yo” from O Maidens in Your Savage Season

^My second favorite anime from the summer season! You have to watch this anime. It’s soooooo good! ☺️

6. Opening Song “Rakuen Toshi” from Cop Craft

^We LOVE snazzy opening songs.

7. Opening Song “Uchuu no Kioku” from BEM

^This opening song was also snazzy and zesty.

8. Opening Song “Good Morning World” from Dr. Stone

^A fun opening song for a fun and wacky anime 😝

9. Ending Song “Torches” from Vinland Saga

^This one hits right in the god damn feels. Also…Aimer is a freaking GODDESS! 💔

10. Ending Song “Veil” from Fire Force

^My second favorite ending song of the season.

11. Ending Song “HHOOWWLL” from To the Abandoned Sacred Beast

^The artwork for this ending track is beautiful!

12. Ending Song “Marutsuke” from Given

^Fun fact: Mafuyu’s voice actor used to be in a band so that’s why he sings so perfectly 👼

13. Ending Song “Yume Cinderella” from O Maidens in Your Savage Season

^This song is so freaking catchy. 😍

14. Ending Song “Connected” from Cop Craft

^Tilarna was BEST GIRL from this season 😉

15. Ending Song “Iru Imi” from BEM

^Gotta show some love to Bela as well 💖

16. Ending Song “Life” from Dr. Stone

^Interesting ending song for Dr. Stone but I can dig it 😎

Honorable Mentions:

Opening Song “Chime”from Fruits Basket 2019
Opening Song “Polly Jean” from Carole and Tuesday
Opening Song “Gurenge” from Demon Slayer (same song for second half of the season)

Ending Song “One Step Closer” from Fruits Basket
Ending Song “Not Afraid” from Carole and Tuesday
Ending Song “From the Edge” from Demon Slayer (same song for second half of the season)

Whew! What a long list today! But totally worth it in my opinion. I can’t believe we had this many great opening and ending combinations. That doesn’t happen too often in the anime world. You either really like the opening song to an anime or the ending…but all of these shows proved otherwise this summer. What were your favorite opening and ending songs? Let me know down in the comments section below! Thank you for joining me this lovely Tuesday. Make sure to download or stream any of these songs in your free time! Gotta support our fellow music creators. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and videos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them. This usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Hello all you wonderful people! It’s me, Alexie, and I’m back with another post for the Panda Gang! If you haven’t realized yet, I like lists. They’re simple, and usually a summary of the points in the list is good enough to get people to know what I’m talking about. This will be another one of those lists, because why not?

So, as the title says, what are some novel series I would love to see as anime (or cartoons, whatever)? Within the realm of anime being based off manga and light novels, I do think that it’s a bit of a shame that what we almost always get are series from Japan. Okay, obviously that’s going to happen, but outside of Japan, in the West, there are some fantastic series that I think would actually work better as anime/cartoons (I know they’re different…maybe animated is a better word?) than live-action adaptations (like all the Marvel series on Netflix, or whatever else). Let’s get into this list!


The Night Angel Trilogy, Brent Weeks

Yep, this is a trilogy that is based on a medieval Europe, with ninjas and a neat magic system that doesn’t make a ton of sense until pieced together through the trilogy (but in the end it actually makes a tone of sense), and a huge amount of political intrigue that rocks the world and its boundaries. Plus, the world that the Night Angel trilogy takes place in has an awesome name: Midcyru. If you want to know more about this trilogy and what it’s like I highly recommend reading it if you’re into fantasy novels or you can just visit the author’s website ( and check some other stuff out. There’s also a graphic novel of the first book in the trilogy, so what’s to say an animated adaptation is impossible?!?


The Lightbringer Series, Brent Weeks

Okay, okay, I know…I have a thing for Brent Weeks, obviously, but the man hasn’t won the top fantasy novel award for nothing (he got a damn axe!—it’s the David Gemmell Legend award if you’re curious). This series has a magic system based on color, which is super cool. The magic users are called Drafters, and each color of the spectrum we know as the visible spectrum has metaphysical properties–there are some other “draftable aspects, too. Also, there’s a picture below showing properties… The cool part is whatever color your eyes are is the color you can “draft,” but some people have multi-colored eyes and can draft multiple colors (red/green, green/blue, you get the point). There’s also one person in the world called The Prism, who can draft every single color of the spectrum…even…well, I’d rather not go spoiling anything, so I’ll leave that as it is. There’s also massive political intrigue on a scale I haven’t read in any fantasy before, which is super cool, and a cast of characters that is large, but not too large to not know who is who right off the bat.Lightbringer seriesLightbringer series drafters spectrum

The Ancestor Trilogy, Mark Lawrence

This is a trilogy I have yet to complete, since I have paperback versions of the first two novels and I’m waiting for the paperback version of the final installment to release. I’m weird. If I start hardcover I get all hardcover and if I start paperback I get all paperback for a more uniform look to the novels. The Ancestor trilogy by Mark Lawrence is a cast full of females. The lead is female, the supporting characters are female, and they’re all badass! They’re a convent of nuns, but they’re assassins and magic users and healers and users of medicine. They’re also awesome as all hell. We start with a younger girl named Nona, and it’s her story of becoming who she is, a badass. The magic system is a bit confusing unless you’re reading the story, but with the political intrigue, power of the cast, and magic system, this trilogy would be great to see animated.Ancestory trilogy

Artemis Fowl, Eoin Colfer

I seriously don’t remember anything about this series since it’s been around fifteen years since I read any of the novels, but in all honesty I think seeing it as an animated series would be awesome. There’s magic and elves and a twelve-year-old criminal mastermind as the main character (Artemis Fowl II), but yeah. I would love to see this series animate because I think the colors and characters would be great to see on a screen and it wouldn’t work as a live-action adaptation. Animate it and you can get all of what you want out of this series. While it is a series aimed at younger readers, I still believe it would be an enjoyable series.Artemis Fowl series

And that does it for my post today. Are there any series you would love to see animated? If so, I would love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂

   So on Friday I was on a Asian movie binge. I watched the Live Action Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy, I Saw the Devil (a Korean thriller), Train to Busan (a Korean zombie movie) and the last one, Parasite (a Korean thriller) I know that all our posts have been Japanese oriented blogs, but today I am doing it on two Korean movies. So which Korean movies am I talking about today. Well the one that was beautifully made by Bong Joon-ho. And the other made by Kim Jee-woon Today I am talking about the movie Parasite and I Saw the Devil. 

  Let me start by saying this, I’ll try to make these as spoiler free as possible. I WILL TRY MY BEST OKAY. MV5BOWVmODY4MjYtZGViYS00MzJjLWI3NmItMGFmMDRkMzI1OTU3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTQ0NTUxOTA@._V1_

   The first one I will talk about is Parasite. This movie is pretty new, came out this year in Korea. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, this thriller is about this extremely poor family that slowly infiltrates a rich family to get money. That’s just a real simple plot synopsis without spoiling too much it. It’s much more complicated than that but I don’t want to SPOIL anything. The scary thing about this plot is that it can possibly actually happen. 

   The visuals are so beautiful. Each shot is a masterpiece. Even the darker theme shots of the movie were strangely beautiful. The acting in this movie was also very amazing. Each person played their parts amazingly well.

  If you like thrillers, this movie is a must watch. Beautifully done and very haunting. 10/1081UEsqer-sL._SL1500_

   The second movie we are also talking about today is I Saw the Devil. Which is a more brutal thriller. Like holy shit this movie was brutal. In an amazing way. This movie is the darker of the two movies. It’s a beautifully done revenge story. 

   The plot is that a special service’s pregnant fiance is kidnapped and brutally murdered by a psychopath. The would be husband than goes out searching for this man. He eventually finds him and he beats the shit out of him. Then he lets him go. The would be husband plays catch and release with this killer, every time he finds hims he does something horrible. The would be husband slowly starts becoming as evil as the guy he is hunting.

   This movie isn’t for the faint of heart. There is strong violence, strong language, a few attempted rape scenes, and some nudity. 

   This movie is a fast paced thriller unlike Parasite. You will be constantly on the edge of you seat. The acting on this was phenomenal. Another must watch thriller, if you can stomach it. I give this one a 11/10 because how much it kept my heart racing and the sheer amount of feelings it gave me. 

    Hope you can watch these two amazing movies and that you enjoy them as much as me. If there is any Asian movies that you enjoyed, let me know in the comments. Love you all, and take care. 

                       -Tsubaki Kuro

I’m sure most of us have a specific genre of anime that we like more than others, even if we watch just about anything that will catch our eyes for at least a few episodes; however, I’ve noticed that I hold team-focused anime in a higher regard than other genres. Why is that? Well, let’s get into this and I’ll try to explain my mindset!

What do team-focused anime bring to the table? I’ll write a quick list and then go into some of them more specifically (obviously there are more than what I’m listing, but I wanted to keep it short):

  1. Rivalries
  2. Diversity/Personalities
  3. Determination

Rivalries: I like to look at Haikyuu!! for this point in all honesty. We have our main cast in Karasuno, but the way Hinata and Kageyama play off each other is amazing. They’re each trying to out-do the other in so many different ways. Who can get to the gym first? Who can stay on the court the longest (sorry, manga readers!)? Who can jump the highest? Who can do whatever the most amount of times… the list goes on and on. And with those rivalries we get teamwork and character progression, a section of the cast that pushes each other beyond what they themselves are capable of accomplishing.

hinata kageyama racing
They’re so funny together

Diversity: Diversity can mean a lot, but in all honesty I think that in sports anime we see a lot of people who are simply different socially or academically. The cast’s are diverse in their humor, their actions and mannerisms, their upbringings, etc. I think one of the better examples of this kind of diversity actually comes in Tsurune, where our main character Minato is quiet and struggles with anxiety, another (Onogi) is loud-mouthed and fiery, there’s a pair of twins that are a bit quirky, the main character’s supportive best friend (Seiya) who is calm and caring, and so much more. They fight, they struggle, but eventually they begin to trust each other by learning about each other and coming together to accomplish what they’ve been striving for.

tsurune characters
I love these guys

Determination: Throughout team-focused anime, all of the shown schools are determined within their respective sports to achieve the most they can–which is usually a large tournament win, or reaching a specific tournament (like nationals), or in Run With the Wind’s case making it to a prestigious race and competing in said race (I don’t know if that was like a national thing or not, sorry)… So yeah, sports anime shows us what people are capable of when a group is determined and collectively striving toward a common goal. I do think that sometimes this determination is used as a crutch, but either way it’s been fun to see a cast of characters grow together despite their differences and try to achieve what they’ve set out to do at the beginning portion of the series.

run with the wind
Look at Haiji cheering 😀


So yeah, just a short little post about why I love team-focused anime. If you have any other aspects of team-focused anime that I didn’t talk about I’d love to know what you think about them. Do some characters completely put you off to the show? Is there a specific personality type that you adore? Let me know in the comments!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂


   Sohara Kishimoto is walking down a lonely foggy street in Kyoto. She has just left her middle school and is walking home. A small gust of wind causes her long black hair to flutter. She tightens her grip on her black leather book bag. Sohara hates how she has to walk home all by herself. The thick fog and empty streets creeps her out. She remembers when she was little her grandmother always told her to never go alone. If she did, Kuchisake Onna would find her. But Sohara never got to listen to that whole story because her mother always interrupted the grandmother. Sohara was never scared of urban legends. Myths are myths she would always tell herself. Through the fog, Sohara can see an outline of a person sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk straight of head of her. She can make out that the person was sitting down with their knees up against their chest. As Sohara walks closer to the unknown person, she can start to see that it is a young woman with long black hair. Once Sohara was about a meter away from the unknown woman, she can see that the woman is wearing a surgical face mask. The young woman turns towards Sohara. Sohara shivers when another gust of wind blows past her. She gets a bad feeling from this woman. Something doesn’t feel right about this woman.

  The woman in the surgical mask stands up and starts to move towards Sohara. Sohara frantically starts to move back away from the woman. Sohara shrieks as she trips over a large crack in the sidewalk and falls down onto her butt.

    “Nanika mondai aru?” (Do you have a problem?)Sohara asks the unknown woman.

  “Shiritai koto ga arunda kedo.” (I need to know something.) the woman replies.

   “Nan jigoku anata ga shiritai desu ka?” (What the hell do you want to know?) Sohara asks her.

  “Watashi wa kirei?” (Am I beautiful?)  the unknown woman asks.

  “Dō natteru? Kono onna dōka shiteru no? Kirei da to tsutaetai hō ga bunan da to omou.” (What the hell is going on? What the hell is wrong with this woman? Probably safer to just tell her she is beautiful.) Sohara thinks to herself.

  “H-hai. Anata wa kirei.” (Y-yes. You are beautiful.) Sohara responds.

   “Hontō ni?” (Am I really?) the masked woman replies to Sohara’s response in a dark tone.

   The masked woman then rips off her surgical mask. Sohara’s body turns ice cold from terror. The only warmth that she felt was the urine soaking up her school uniform skirt. The woman’s mouth was slit ear to ear. She gives Sohara a sickening smile that shows the woman’s jawbone. Then she pulls out a giant pair of scissors.

   “Watashi wa mada kirei?” (Am I still beautiful?)  the woman asks with her sickening smile.

  Sohara just lays there in her puddle of urine. She doesn’t know what to do or what to say. This was Kuchisake Onna, the slit mouth woman. She wasn’t a myth or an urban legend after all. She was real. Her grandmother was right, it was dangerous to go alone.

  “Watashi wa kirei?”(Am I beautiful?) Kuchisake Onna asks Sohara for the second time.

   Sohara quickly gets up and starts to run through the thick fog. “Dareka tasukete! Dareka tasukete!” (Got to find help.) Sohara thinks over and over again.

   Sohara blinks and stops dead in her tracks. Kuchisake Onna is right in front of her. Sohara tries to turn around but Kuchisake Onna grabs her shoulder.

“Watashi wa kirei?” she asks Sohara again.

“Masaka! Anata wa kirei janai!”(No! No, you are not beautiful.) Sohara yells at Kuchisake Onna.

   Kuchisake Onna laughs out loud then stabs Sohara in the mouth with her large pair of scissors. Sohara’s body jerks when the tip of the blood covered scissor blade exits the back of her head. Sohara’s eyes rolls back and she starts making gurgling noises has her mouth throat fills up with blood. Kuchisake Onna starts cutting Sohara’s head in half. The sound of flesh, blood, bone being cut by scissors fills up the foggy street.

   So next time you are walking alone, remember this. It’s dangerous to go alone. Cause if you do, Kuchisake Onna will get you

   With October coming soon, it seems right to do a spooky post to liven up things. So to start spooky month coming soon, today we will talk about a spooky Waifu. An Urban Legend in Japan. Who is it? What cutie am I writing about today? Let’s just say that she always has a big smile on her face. 

   Today we are talking about Kuchisake-onna aka the slit mouth woman. Have you heard of her before? She appears in Japanese Horror movies, anime, manga, and even doujins (don’t ask how I know). She is quite the famous Urban Legend in Japan. A beautiful woman with a smile that reaches ear to ear, due to having her mouth cut open. 057-kuchisakeonna

 Starting from the Edo period, her legend goes that if you are walking alone on the street, you might run into a beautiful woman wearing a face mask. She will ask you if she is beautiful, if you say no, she’ll kill you, if you say yes she will take off her mask. You’ll see her cut open mouth and she’ll ask you if she is still beautiful. Say no, she’ll kill you. Say yes she’ll cut open your mouth to resemble hers. The only way to survive is to say that she is average or ask her if you are beautiful. There is also a rumor she likes sweet candy. Oh yeah, she uses a large pair of scissors to kill and to cut open your mouth. Fun stuff. slit-mouth-2

   It’s funny to think about cus parents tell their kids this to keep them from going out late alone. Or else a woman will kill them or slice open their mouths. We should be telling our kids this to scare the shit out of them. 

   Since I’m a horror writer, I have written a short story about Kuchisake-onna, so look at the next post coming out today. I hope you enjoy it. 


                       -Tsubaki Kuro