Oddly enough, I’m actually wearing my glasses as I type this post up. Ah glasses…you either love them or hate them. More specifically you either love them on anime characters or you don’t. To me, I feel like anime characters who wear glasses don’t get enough love. But today we are gonna change that! This Top Ten Tuesday is showing our love and appreciation for all the cute boys in glasses. A big thank you to Karandi for inspiring this post! She made her very own list of boys in glasses over on her blog so be sure to go check that one out as well! You can find that post here: https://100wordanime.blog/2016/10/25/tuesdays-top-5-characters-who-wear-glasses-male/.

Without dillydallying too much lets get into this list! (This list is in no particular order but rather just my choices listed).

1. Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins

^Because Gowther is fabulous as fuck.

2. Rei from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

^He’s got beauty, he’s got grace…he also has really bad eyesight XD

3. Yukio from Blue Exorcist

^Not only is Yukio a total babe but he’s also a great shot.

4. Yuri from Yuri on Ice!!!

^Must protect with everything we’ve got ❤

5. Nobuchika from Psycho-Pass

^Sometimes you need a dark and broody man with glasses in your life.

6. Watanuki from xxxHolic

^Watanuki turned from 4-eyes nerd to hot and sexy nerdy.

7. Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion

^Another one we must protect at all cost!

8. Hirotaka from Love is Hard for an Otaku

^I have to say Hirotaka is perfect husbando material.

9. Kousei from Your Lie in April

^This precious little cinnamon roll ❤

10. Fushimi and Reisi from Project K

^I’ll take one of each please 😉

Honorable Mentions:
Hyde from Servamp
Hirato from Karneval
Abel from Trinity Blood
Nishiki from Tokyo Ghoul
Frankenstein from Soul Eater
Ranpo from Bungou Stray Dogs
Ren from Persona 5 -The Animation-

Man! Now I want to see some more representation of male characters with glasses in anime. There are quite a bit of options out there, but I had to wrack my brain around which anime did or did not have glasses wearing characters. Most characters seem to be glasses free! Boooo…#GlassesLivesMatter. Who are some of your favorite spectacle wearing boys in anime? Did some of them make today’s list? Let me know all of your thoughts and comments down below! Thank you so much for joining me today. I’ll catch you guys in my next post. Jaa ne!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

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What better way to start the year then with a look back, or more precisely the results of the first ever anime awards that were held on WordPress. After a careful selection by a wonderful group of performers: Cactus Matt, Derek Lyons, Marthaurion, Matt Doyle, Jon Spencer, Karandi, Star & Luna, BiblioNyan, Lethargic Ramblings, Ano Nora, Ty-chama, Mech Anime Reviews, itsaanimething, and myself, our intrepid ringmaster the great and wonderful Ayano presented all the categories to you in this  amazing post. After that all of you voted for your favorites for which we all thank you so much! But alas, the carnival closed at the stroke of midnight on december the 31st 2018. However, the carnival has one last trick up it’s sleave, and that’s presenting you with the results of your votes. Before…

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(WARNING: This post may contain small spoilers from Banana Fish. Read at your own discretion.)

Revenge is often slow moving and slow burning. It may take years for a characters revenge plot to be fulfilled, but that doesn’t make the results any less sweeter. Most often than not characters design revenge schemes in order to destroy the recipient; either psychically, emotionally or sometimes both. Whether it is served piping hot or cold-revenge is one dish I can’t get enough of in anime.

The definition of revenge has a multitude of meanings. The first one is described as “the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands“and the second one is “the desire to inflict retribution.” You can think of the first definition as the famous saying, “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand, a foot for a foot.” Revenge often serves as a reminder to others that you should not be trifled with. Revenge provides a way to keep order in a society where the rules of law are weak and malleable, but at the end of the day revenge always comes at a price.

One character that is comfortably familiar with revenge is Yut-Lung Lee from the anime Banana Fish.

Considering that revenge is a human response, it isn’t surprising that Yut-Lung would seek out revenge in the show. The emotion of revenge often stems from the feelings of hatred, anger, or hurt that was once portrayed as love or desire. It is generally a result of something you might have always wanted but was ripped away from you, or someone you always loved not being with you anymore. Once this specific thing/someone is forever wiped away from existence in your life you might think you need to seek retribution. This feeling implies that whatever it was that you held closest to you still in fact matters deep down. Seeking revenge on someone means that you are still affected by whatever was done to you.

Yut-Lung Lee sought out revenge not only on Ash and Eiji in the series, but his own brothers as well. Yut-Lung is the youngest of seven children, and his parents died when he was just six years old. That is when he started living with his aunt and uncle. But where does the revenge plot come in you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Later on in the series we find out that Yut-Lung’s mother was a street vendor’s daughter and became his father’s mistress when she was just 10 years old. His father was 65. When his father died, his half brothers came in and raped/killed his mother as they despised her and Yut-Lung of being their father’s favorite mistress and child. Thus seeing Yut-Lung as a threat for the inheritance. They raped/killed his mother and made him their weapon to keep him from gaining power.

Yut-Lung grew up hating himself and vowed that he would bring the Lee family to extinction with his own hands. He would kill his own brothers and family to make them pay for their crimes against him and his mother. A perfect leeway for a revenge plot am I right? The right thing for Yut-Lung to do would be for him to let it go, forgive and move on but that’s not how this works in anime! Nope. Revenge is another key to why Yut-Lung despises Ash and Eiji so much.

Yut-Lung believes that he and Ash are like Yin and Yang. His feelings towards Eiji are amicable at first but then they slowly turn towards hatred later on in the series. He believes that Eiji will drag Ash down and likely be his downfall. He also despises Eiji because of how much he means to Ash, viewing him as this undesirable weakness. This was really prevalent in episode 18 when Ash didn’t hesitate to shoot himself in the head for Eiji when Yut-Lung as him to.

In a few episodes towards the end of the anime series Blanca states that Yut-Lung feels like this because he desires the sort of connection Ash and Eiji have. A pure unrequited love for one another, something that Yut-Lung never got to experience. This is due to his mother being raped/killed by his own brothers and his father being a POS pedophile. Yut-Lung never got to feel the emotions of love, security, affection because those emotions were replaced with loneliness, heartache, and affliction. Something no child at the age of six should have to experience.

In a lot of ways Yut-Lung still shows signs of being a child on the inside. Throughout the series we see him display signs of selfishness, whining, and crying/throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

To me, this shows that Yut-Lung missed the opportunity to really be a child because of his past experiences. He grew up not knowing what true happiness/love felt like and was completely consumed by the thoughts/idea of revenge. I can’t imagine the type of toll that took on him. I should probably also note that Yut-Lung was also used like a sex toy much like Ash was in the series. I am sure this also played into his feelings of wanting to be loved by someone. The desire to want to be loved unconditionally by someone is eats at you like a parasite. Yearning for something you want but cannot have will break your soul little by little. And that is exactly what Yut-Lung was in the series…a broken young boy pretending to be a man. Blanca knew this from the moment he met Yut-Lung and Sing confirms this in the last episode of the series.

As Alex over on Watch JoJo (in 2017) says, “No one does revenge stories quite like Japanimation.” Revenge stories in anime tend to give us the best tortured and diverse characters. I couldn’t agree more. Yut-Lung’s story of revenge was one of the best plot points in Banana Fish. I was captivated by him, not only by how beautiful he was, but also by how tormented he was a young man. Lost, angered, jealous, bitter, but also endearing in some ways. When Yut-Lung showed his weak points he was utterly helpless and that made me feel for him. I wanted to reach out and hold him. I knew deep down that he was still a young boy crying out for attention/love. And that is what a good story should do. It should make you feel something when watching/reading/consuming it. That means the creator/author did their job (*as I have stated many times on my blog before).

Yut-Lung’s character in Banana Fish was one of my favorite things about the show. I definitely find myself often thinking about him and how he felt throughout the series. I feel like we can all relate to him on some type of level. My hopes for Yut-Lung in the aftermath of Banana Fish would be for him to find himself, love himself, forgive himself, and be able to overcome his sense of self-deprecation. Ash and him both deserved better, but they only knew how to survive the hand they were dealt. I would want Yut-Lung to find inner and outer peace. As Yut-Lung says, “Nothing is born from history.”

Other shows that also contain revenge themes are 91 Days, KILL la KILL, Psycho Pass, Castlevania, Berserk, Claymore, Afro Samurai, Code Geass, Dante’s Inferno and Terror in Resonance. Of course there are tons more but I don’t have all day to name them all XD

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist)


Ya know…I still haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones…but I felt like this gif was perfect for today’s post. That’s right my pandas! Winter anime season is upon us. Welcome to a new season and a new year. Man oh man! I can’t believe we are already into 2019. The countdown to my birthday starts now. My birthday is January 23rd in which I will be 29 years young. How time flies when you are having fun or in this case when you don’t know what the hell you are doing with your life. Just kidding! I have to say my late 20’s have been some of the BEST years of my life. I am more confident in who I am as a person, I have a caring boyfriend who accepts me for who I am (and my slight obsession with anime), and I have made it past two years of blogging (which I didn’t think was going to happen when I first started out). 2018 started out a little rough but around late spring is when everything started to look a little better. I am going into 2019 with a positive mind and an open heart ❤

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I know I sure did! I got everything I wanted for Christmas. Lots of anime series and anime themed merch. What more could an otaku ask for? Nothing. The answer is simply nothing. Anime stuff is more than enough for me! What was your favorite thing you got for Christmas (if you celebrated this year)? If you follow me on Twitter then you would know my boyfriend got me the limited edition box set of Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) and the limited edition steel box edition of Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous). I also got this beautiful art print of Wicked Lady from Sailor Moon that I have been DYING to have for the last few months. You can say he’s definitely a keeper!

Alright, alright. You guys didn’t come here to listen to me talk about Christmas presents I got or my boyfriend. You came here to see what I’ll be watching for winter anime season! Surprisingly enough this season will be another small one for me. I mean…comparatively small in comparison to how many shows I usually watch. This list will not include leftovers or continuing series I will be watching. Leftovers include Run with the Wind, Karakuri Circus, and Sword Art Online: Alicization. Continuing series I will be watching during winter season are the Morose Mononokean season 2 and Kakegurui season 2. I would be watching Date A Live season 3 if I had ever finished season 2. Whoops! XD

Today’s post is easy peasy per usual. I will be stating the anime title(s) I will be watching with the trailer and anime synopsis underneath. Y’all already know how these post work by now 😉 Let’s get right to it!

1. Boogiepop wa Warawanai

Anime synopsis:

“There is an urban legend that tells of a shinigami that can release people from the pain they are suffering. This “Angel of Death” has a name—Boogiepop. And the legends are true. Boogiepop is real. When a rash of disappearances involving female students breaks out at Shinyo Academy, the police and faculty assume they just have a bunch of runaways on their hands. Yet some students know better. Something mysterious and foul is afoot. Is it Boogiepop or something even more sinister…?”

2. Gotoubun no Hanayome

Anime synopsis:

“A high school romantic comedy with five times the cute girls! A high school boy must work part-time to help five sisters study so they can graduate, but the only thing these quintuplets have in common is that they all hate studying!

Five girls who want to do anything but study, and their tutor: a high school boy who’s got book smarts and not much else. Fuutarou Uesugi took the tutoring gig because he was desperate for cash, but when his students—the five beautiful daughters of a wealthy businessman—find five times the excuses to slack off, what can he do?! At this rate, the sisters won’t graduate, so if he wants to get paid, Fuutarou must think of a plan to suit each of them… Which feels hopeless when five out of five of them think he’s a loser!” 

3. Dororo

Anime synopsis:

“A samurai lord has bartered away his newborn son’s organs to forty-eight demons in exchange for dominance on the battlefield. Yet, the abandoned infant survives thanks to a medicine man who equips him with primitive prosthetics—lethal ones with which the wronged son will use to hunt down the multitude of demons to reclaim his body one piece at a time, before confronting his father. On his journeys the young hero encounters an orphan who claims to be the greatest thief in Japan.”

4. Domestic no Kanojo

Anime synopsis:

“Natsuo Fujii is in love with his teacher, Hina. Attempting to forget his feelings towards her, Natsuo goes to a mixer with his classmates where he meets an odd girl named Rui Tachibana. In a strange turn of events, Rui asks Natsuo to sneak out with her and do her a favor. To his surprise, their destination is Rui’s house—and her request is for him to have sex with her. There’s no love behind the act; she just wants to learn from the experience. Thinking that it might help him forget about Hina, Natsuo hesitantly agrees.

After this unusual encounter Natsuo now faces a new problem. With his father remarrying, he ends up with a new pair of stepsisters; unfortunately, he knows these two girls all too well. He soon finds out his new siblings are none other than Hina and Rui! Now living with both the teacher he loves and the girl with whom he had his “first time,” Natsuo finds himself in an unexpected love triangle as he climbs ever closer towards adulthood.”

5. Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.

Anime synopsis:

“Mystery writer Mikazuki Subaru, who isn’t good at dealing with people, finds them to be a disturbance when it comes to building his imaginary world. One day, he chances upon a stray cat and feels inspiration strike, so he brings the cat home as his muse.

Can watching the inexplicable behaviors of a cat form material for a novel?”

6. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Anime synopsis:

“Considered a genius due to having the highest grades in the country, Miyuki Shirogane leads the prestigious Shuchiin Academy’s student council as its president, working alongside the beautiful and wealthy vice president Kaguya Shinomiya. The two are often regarded as the perfect couple by students despite them not being in any sort of romantic relationship.

However, the truth is that after spending so much time together, the two have developed feelings for one another; unfortunately, neither is willing to confess, as doing so would be a sign of weakness. With their pride as elite students on the line, Miyuki and Kaguya embark on a quest to do whatever is necessary to get a confession out of the other. Through their daily antics, the battle of love begins!”

7. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Anime synopsis:

“Stories of old tell of four otherworldly heroes—wielding the sword, spear, bow, and shield—who defended the land from wave after wave of calamity. With the fate of the world in balance, the kingdom of Melromarc summons these legendary figures; in modern-day Japan, the call is answered, and the unwitting heroes are transported to this fantasy universe.

Thrust into Melromarc and given the title of “Shield Hero,” otaku Naofumi Iwatani is labeled the weakest due to his lack of offensive capability and apparent inexperience. When the heroes part ways to start their journeys, he only has one willing companion: the beautiful princess Malty Melromarc. However, she soon betrays him, steals all his money, and accuses him of taking advantage of her.

For his alleged crimes, Naofumi is branded a criminal and made outcast of society. With hatred filling his heart, he sets out alone, vowing vengeance against those who wronged him.”

8. The Promised Neverland

Anime synopsis:

“At Grace Field House, life couldn’t be better for the orphans! Though they have no parents, together with the other kids and a kind “Mama” who cares for them, they form one big, happy family. No child is ever overlooked, especially since they are all adopted by the age of 12. Their daily lives involve rigorous tests, but afterwards, they are allowed to play outside. 

There is only one rule they must obey: do not leave the orphanage. But one day, two top-scoring orphans, Emma and Norman, venture past the gate and unearth the horrifying reality behind their entire existence: they are all livestock, and their orphanage is a farm to cultivate food for a mysterious race of demons. With only a few months left to pull off an escape plan, the children must somehow change their predetermined fate.” 

9. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

Anime synopsis:

“Due to the invasion of Disas—enigmatic creatures of soil from the land of the dead—mankind, who was on the verge of crisis, was saved by the efforts of magical girls who had obtained a mysterious magical power…

Three years later, new incidents suddenly occur, tearing apart the normalcy of the girls who had each returned to their normal lives. The saviours of humanity, those magical girls called “The Magical Five” now live each day fighting for their lives, even as they are trifled with by fate…”

10. Egao no Daika

Anime synopsis:

“On a planet far from Earth, there is a kingdom full of smiling faces. Princess Yuuki is 12 years old, and about to enter a sensitive age in a person’s life. Everyday, she cries, laughs, and sometimes, her heart throbs with excitement. All the while, she lives merrily in the royal palace.

Filling her days are her loyal vassals: her tutor Reira, Izana who assists in political affairs, the leader of the chivalry Harold … and then there is her childhood friend and aide Joshua.

“Yuuki! If you have spirit and guts, you can do anything!”

“…No, not this again! Joshua, be nobler!”

Stella is 17 years old and a capable, reserved soldier. However, she is always smiling … for smiling is essential to living.

This is a story of two girls born on distant planets.”

Anime I want to watch but I’m still unsure about:

How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno

Anime synopsis:

“The story centers on Ueno, a genius inventor who is in the third grade at her junior high school. She also serves as the head of the school’s science club and secretly falls in love with one of its members, second grade student Tanaka. Using her eccentric inventions, Ueno tries to confess her love to him indirectly. But her attempt always ends in failure.”

Like I said…there is are a lot more anime series going on for winter season but these are all the shows I am most interested in. I am trying to cut out shows that I know are going to be flops or things I would eventually get bored of and drop half way through. I actually completed all of the shows I said I was going to watch for fall season so that’s an accomplishment for me! Summer anime season this last year kinda dragged on and I knew I needed to do something to get me out of my boredom slump. Hence why I am watching less shows this time around. What new series are you most excited for? Which continuations are you happy to see back? I know I am stoked that Kakegurui and the Morose Mononokean got second seasons! Two series I really enjoyed when they first came out. As always thank you for joining me my pandas. I’ll catch you all in the next post! 😀

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! Fall anime season has finally come to a close (well…for the most part anyways). We are all getting ready to say goodbye to 2018 and getting hyped for 2019, mainly winter anime season. In this week’s What’s Coming Up Wednesday post I will be sharing with all of you what I’ll be watching for winter season. This time around it seems my watch list is quite smaller than previous seasons but that is par for the course! I won’t spoil too much since I already pre-scheduled that post ahead of time. I think some of my choices will be a surprise and some of my other ones wont be. Guess y’all will have to wait and find out on Wednesday!

You guys are here for my scores of fall anime season. You all know how my wrap-up rating system works by now (and if you don’t you must be new to my blog!). I simply state what anime I watched, rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, and say whether or not I would recommend it (but at this point it has turned into me making commentary/remarks on the show in general XD). Fairly straight and narrow. I don’t want to make a super long intro for this post so let’s get started!

1. As Miss Beelzebub Likes

Source: 4-koma Manga
Genres: Comedy, Demons, Romance, Fantasy, Shounen
My Rating: 10 out of 10 for all its fluffiness ❤

2. Banana Fish (Leftovers)

Studio: MAPPA
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Shoujo
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10…because sometimes you just need your heart broken into a million little pieces

3. Run with the Wind (Ongoing)

Studio: Production I.G
Source: Novel
Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama
My Rating: 9.2 out of 10. I can’t help but fall in love with all of these boys!

4. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny-Girl Senpai

Studio: CloverWorks
Source: Light Novel
Genres: Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, School
My Rating: 9 out of 10. Futaba was my favorite girl with Mai-san being a close second!

5. Golden Kamuy Season 2

Studio: Geno Studio
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Seinen
My Rating: 9 out of 10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Golden Kamuy has one of the BEST anime crew EVER.

6. SSSS.Gridman

Studio: Trigger
Source: Original
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha
My Rating: 8.8 out of 10. Akane was the best thing about this show.

7. Tsurune

Studio: Kyoto Animation
Source: Light Novel
Genres: Sports, Drama, School
My Rating: 8.6 out of 10. More cute boys to fall in love with!

8. Iroduku: The World in Colors

Studio: P.A. Works
Source: Original
Genres: Drama, Magic, Romance
My Rating: 8.5 out of 10. What a killer year for P.A. Works! They killed it this year.

9. Goblin Slayer

Studio: White Fox
Source: Light Novel
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
My Rating: 8.3 out of 10. When there’s goblins in your neighborhood…who you gonna call? GOBLIN SLAYER!

10. Sword Art Online: Alicization (Ongoing)

Studio: A-1 Pictures
Source: Light Novel
Genres: Action, Game, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
My Rating: 8.2 out of 10. Can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us!

11. Bloom into You

Studio: TROYCA
Source: Manga
Genres: School, Shoujo Ai
My Rating: 8 out of 10. Still rather unsure about where they ended this series.

12. Dakaretai

Studio: CloverWorks
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai
My Rating: 7.9 out of 10. This was the perfect blend of comedy and romance. I’m gonna miss these boys!

13. Karakuri Circus (Ongoing)

Studio: Studio VOLN
Source: Manga
Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Shounen
My Rating: 7.7 out of 10. Low-key the underrated series of fall.

14. Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood

Studio: Studio Gokumi & AXsiZ
Source: 4-koma Manga
Genres: Comedy, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Vampire
My Rating: 7.5 out of 10. Just some cute girls doing cute things and all its cuteness.

As the wonderful Mr. Porky Pig would like to say, “That’s all folks!” Fall anime season is officially in the books. This season was also quite small as well! I think I am getting better at picking and choosing which shows will keep my interest/which ones might turn out to be duds. It’s better than trying to jam a shit ton of shows in at once just to say that I watched them purely for the sake of watching them. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially in 2019. What were some of your favorite shows for fall season? Which ones stood out the most and which ones turned out to be disappointing? I didn’t think I was going to enjoy SSSS.Gridman as much as I did! Definitely made it into my top 10 anime of the year (although we won’t acknowledge the kind of terrible CGI in the show….ahem). I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday! And if you live across the globe I hope you ring in the new year with happy thoughts and a happy heart! ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).


Yup, we have finally made it to X-mas. After a long 2018 we are at the tail end of the year. 2019 is literally right around the corner. I am so ready for the new year! Hopefully next year will be filled with more amazing anime and more creative blogging. I want to be able to bring you guys the best content possible. That is one of my resolutions for 2019. But this blog isn’t about New Years, it’s about Christmas! Well…more or less my favorite post I created in 2018. The first half of this post will be a list of ten of my personal favorite blog post I wrote this year. I thought making a condensed list of these post would be helpful encase you missed any of these throughout the year.

The second half of this post will be a list of the ten anime series I enjoyed the most in 2018. These will be in no particular order (just like my previous Top Ten Tuesday post). If you missed my other two Top Ten Tuesday post for the month of December I will link them here for you all to read: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/12/04/ttt-top-ten-tuesday-a-year-in-review-my-favorite-opening-anime-songs-from-2018/ & https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/12/11/ttt-top-ten-tuesday-a-year-in-review-my-favorite-ending-songs-from-2018/.

Also don’t forget that voting for our first ever WordPress Anime Awards is still going on! You have until midnight on December 31st to vote. If you haven’t already voted go ahead and click the link here to vote: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/12/16/step-right-up-folks-dont-be-shy-be-prepared-to-witness-the-whimsical-the-outlandish-and-the-first-ever-wordpress-anime-awards/.

Now that all the formalities are out of the way lets get to this double feature!

I’ll kick things off with my Violet Evergarden episode by episode review. I started this project back in January and even to this day my series review for Violet Evergarden is one of my most viewed post: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/01/11/violet-evergarden-episode-1-first-impressions/.

For the month of February my absolute favorite post was the collab I did with Moya-chan! We discussed the After the Rain manga all while the anime series was premiering: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/02/06/topic-tuesday-koi-wa-ameagari-no-you-ni-after-the-rain-manga-discussion-with-moyatori-chan/.

In March I showed my undying love for psychological anime series. This Top Ten Tuesday post was super fun to write: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/03/06/ttt-top-ten-tuesday-psychological-anime-you-need-to-watch-if-you-want-your-mind-blown-bang-bang/.

April was a kick ass month because I got to collab with Lethargic Ramblings and Jon Spencer Reviews on one of our favorite series WIXOSS. In this post we discussed the latest series in the WIXOSS franchise Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/04/08/lostorage-conflated-wixoss-first-impressions-series-discussion-with-jon-spencer-reviews-and-lethargic-ramblings/.

While Re:CREATORS came out last year in 2017 I knew I had to write a post about Magane from the series. This is probably LEGIT one of my all time favorite post I have EVER written on my blog: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/05/06/sunday-spotlight-is-a-lie-within-a-lie-a-truth-or-a-lie/https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/05/06/sunday-spotlight-is-a-lie-within-a-lie-a-truth-or-a-lie/.

June was mainly full of collabs but I did manage to get out a “beginners guide to anime” which a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people took a liking to: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/06/19/ttt-top-ten-tuesday-b-is-for-beginner-the-otaku-guide-to-start-your-downward-spiral-into-the-abyss-known-as-anime/.

July brought us sunshine, the 4th of July, and my talk of “sleeper anime” in the otaku community as well as one of my other all time favorite post my review of Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/07/05/thursday-talks-why-you-need-to-be-more-aware-of-sleeper-anime-in-the-otaku-community/ & https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/07/22/maquia-when-the-promised-flower-blooms-an-emotional-film-that-explores-the-emotions-of-love-obsession/.

I started “Symbolism in Anime” during August of this year. I can’t wait to add more of these post to my repertoire: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/08/16/symbolism-in-anime-if-there-is-magic-on-this-planet-it-is-contained-in-water/.

September was probably my favorite month of the year for writing. That’s probably because I got to analyze Happy Sugar Life on a more intimate and in-depth level. If you still haven’t read this post I suggest you stop what you’re doing and read it NOW. YES! Right now: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/09/15/happy-sugar-life-the-masterful-art-of-mental-manipulation/.

Y’all already know that October is the best month of the year, so it shouldn’t be a surprise I wrote many spooktacular post for the month. From demons and witches, to gory anime and another “Symbolism in Anime” post. Yup! That was my favorite post for the month of October: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/10/21/symbolism-in-anime-what-a-strange-thing-to-be-alive-beneath-cherry-blossoms/.

November was a little lacking in the way of post (sorry XD) but I did manage to write a super fun post about what Sailor Moon villain I would date if given the opportunity. Thanks (once again) Karandi for letting me steal this topic! A great inspo post if you love Sailor Moon as much as I do or just need a creative idea for your blog: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/11/17/which-sailor-moon-villain-would-you-date/.

And of course we are just making our way through December right now so I don’t have any favorite post just yet! I may or may not be working on something for the New Year with Leth 😀

Onward to my favorite anime series of the year! (I wonder how many times I can say the word “favorite” in this post without you guys getting annoyed lololoz).

1. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

^My favorite show for 2018…but this shouldn’t be a surprise to you guys XD

2. Violet Evergarden

^After years of waiting Violet Evergarden finally made its debut this year and I couldn’t have been more excited to watch an anime in my entire life #thefeels ❤

3. Asobi Asobase

^Pure fucking COMEDY GOLD. Also my Breakout Anime of the Year in our WordPress Anime Awards 😀

4. Happy Sugar Life

^Because we all need a little yandere in our lives.

5. After the Rain

^Mainly due to the manga series being PERFECTION…but also because I relate to this series on a personal level.

6. Banana Fish

^Apparently I just enjoy my heart being broken over and over again.

7. As Miss Beelzebub Likes

^Please refer to my Top Ten Tuesday post dedicated to this show :3

8. SSSS.Gridman

^When SSSS.Gridman ends low-key gay and you couldn’t be happier about it 😛

9. March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2

^MCILAL is EVERYTHING and you can’t change my mind!

10. Golden Kamuy Season 1 & 2

^Legit one of the best anime crew of ALL TIME.

I wanted to make a list of honorable mentions but I felt like that would defeat the purpose of having a top twenty today. Also that list would be incredibly long because there were SOOOO many great anime this year! 2018 really turned out to be a KILLER year for anime. The 2019 line-up is starting to look amazing as well. We can only go up from here my pandas! Lots of anime shows getting revamped and also getting secondary, third, and even fourth seasons. It’s gonna be LIT! Well I think that about does it for me today guys. I will be doing my seasonal wrap-up shortly, as well as my What’s Coming Up Wednesday post that will dive into winter season for 2019. Keep an eye out for those post peeps! Again Merry Christmas to you all! (That is if you celebrate). I’ll see you guys in my next post. MUAH! XOXO

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Come one, come all to the first ever WordPress Anime Awards! 

We’ve got lions and tigers and heroic boys, oh my! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages we have a vast array of voting categories for you to be entertained by. Come join us as we aim to please you from start to finish. Listen to the melodic anime opening and ending songs from 2018, laugh at the funniest moments this year had to offer, be thrilled by the perilous anime films that made their debut amongst the people, marvel at all the great characters that made you smile or cry while watching their journey…Only at the 2018 WordPress Anime Awards!

All of these acts were carefully chosen by a wondrous group of performers. These performers include Cactus Matt, Derek Lyons, Marthaurion, Raistlin, Matt Doyle, Jon Spencer, Karandi, Star & Luna, BiblioNyan, Lethargic Ramblings, Ano Nora, Ty-chama, Mech Anime Reviews, itsaanimething, and me. We trained long and hard to bring you the best possible performance. After extensive practice and sharpening our skills we came up with 20 different acts for you to choose from. Each act brings a collection of diversity and a mixture of each performer’s personality. Some of the acts will vary in length and options. You as the audience might see a small number next to one of the options presented to you. This number indicates that choice was picked by our performer’s multiple times. An example of what this might look like is as follows: Attack on Titan Season 3 (*4). Hence why our acts will have more or less options for you to choose from. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with any of the performer’s choices in a particular act feel free to write in your own solution to meet your satisfactory needs.

But alas! Don’t let these deviating acts fool you. Each one was handcrafted to perfection in hopes of bringing you a multitude of options to choose from. You can never have enough options. Take careful consideration in choosing which act you believe is the best and greatest. You only get one vote per act. Choose wisely ladies and gents! Please sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Act I:
Best Girl

Act II:
Best Boy

Act III:
Best Manga/Light Novel

Act IV:
Breakout Anime of the Year

(*Breakout Anime of the Year means what anime series surprised you the most/turned out differently from what you expected)

Act V:
Best Opening Song

Act VI:
Best Ending Song

Act VII:
Best Character Design

Best Fight

Act IX:
Best WTF?! Moment

(*Each nomination has a corresponding screen-cap below beginning with number 1 on the left and ending with number 11 at the bottom)


Act X:
Best Supporting Character

Act XI:
Best Ship

Act XII:
Most Likely to Cosplay

Best Animation

Act XIV:
Best Hero

Act XV:
Best Villain

Act XVI:
Best Continuing Series

Funniest Scene

(*Each nomination has a corresponding screen-cap below beginning with number 1 on the left and ending with number 11 at the bottom)


Best Film

Act XIX:
Most Disappointing Anime

Act XX:
Anime of the Year

Thank you all for attending our show! It gives us such happiness that we could bring you all of these stupendous acts. We hope that you were thrilled, entertained, and awed by all of our performer’s choices! Don’t forget to share our show with all of your family and friends. This circus will disappear at the stroke of Midnight on December 31st, 2018. So hurry in before the magic vanishes!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).