A Friendly Reminder

Times are certainly tough recently. Each day everyone is trapped in their house feels like another day closer to insanity. I myself have found it incredibly hard to focus on even the most basic of tasks. Going to class has become even more of a chore than when I had to physically drive to campus. […]

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How NOT To Adapt An Anime

(Note from Ayano: This was Not Psychotic’s last post for the month of February. Due to me moving last week I was not able to post it until today. Thank you for being patient and understanding! I hope you enjoy Psychotic’s final guest writing piece!) We all know why comics/manga get adaptations…that reason, simply put, […]

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Dr. Stone is a Good Anime

Hello everyone. Welcome back to this (kind of) mini-series where I almost, sort of review shows that I have enjoyed, either recently or in the past. For this review, I thought I would talk about a really obscure anime that not that many people have heard of: “Dr. Stone.” In case the sarcasm did not […]

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