Tsubaki’s Valentine’s Dates

   Valentine’s day was yesterday and so was my 23rd birthday. Yes, I’m a cupid baby. Sadly I was gonna do this post yesterday but I got caught up doing house repairs for a wedding happening at my home. So I will post this today on Saturday.     Today’s post is on the 10 anime […]

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Baki and the Beauty of Violence

Not Psychotic here once again! It’s safe to say I love violence in media. Everything from how it’s made to how it’s portrayed and how it can convey the tone of the story or change it in an instant. One of the most fascinating examples of this in my opinion is the anime BAKI. BAKI […]

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Are Archetypes Bad For Anime?

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about a particular debate that has been surrounding anime for quite some time, that being the debate over the definition of anime. However, there are quite a few others that I find particularly interesting, and so I thought it a good idea to cover another one of […]

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