I mean…don’t we all wanna do bad things for fun? I know I did my fair share of bad things when I was younger. As Aly & AJ’s new song “Church” (which everyone should stop and go listen to RIGHT MEOW) implies “I do bad things for the sake of good times.” If that isn’t every teenagers mantra growing up then I don’t know what else is! Sometimes you just gotta break the rules and have some fun now and again…but don’t do anything illegal my pandas! Nope. This is not that type of site. We are here to promote good, whole-sum fun 😀

And in the spirit of whole-sum fun…today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about anime girl’s who like to stir the pot, have some fun, while maybe also killing some people along the way in order to do so. YUP! GOOD WHOLE-SUM F.U.N!

Ahhh…good ol’ Spongebob coming through in the clutch. Also the FUN song is catchy af and gets stuck in my head all the time. Anyone else have this problem? Just me? Okay. Let’s stop with the chitchat and get to some ladies! Cause I know y’all didn’t come here for me to talk about Spongebob or how F is for friends who do stuff together. U is for You and Me. N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea! You can thank me later 😉

1. Akane from SSSS.Gridman

^I really didn’t connect with Akane until later in the season. After SSSS.Gridman was over I was like, “Akane is THAT BITCH.” Now I adore her ❤

2. Magane from Re:Creators

^Is this really a surprise to anyone anymore? Y’all know how much I love Magane…but she really does have the perfect personality for this list.

3. Banba from Riddle Story of Devil

^Banba is always looking for a good time.

4. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

^Does Shiro get to have twice the fun since she has twice the personalities? 🤔

5. Kirari from Kakegurui

^We love a hands on Prez who has an obsession with gambling & maaaybe Yumeko XD

6. Aligura from Blood Blockade Battlefront

^Can’t forget about Aligura and her off-the-wall personality!

7. Krul from Seraph of the End

^Cute and sassy and would have no problem kicking my ass if it came down to it.

8. Eto from Tokyo Ghoul

^Mother Monster.

9. Nona from Death Parade

^Nona needs more love. So does Death Parade as a series in general!

10. Jessie from Pokemon

^One of the OG bad girls.

That is going to do it for me today my pandas! Thank you for joining me once again this lovely Tuesday afternoon (well…it’s still afternoon where I live). I hope you guys enjoyed today’s list cause I sure as hell did! What other Top Ten Tuesday list would you like to see me create? I am always open to new ideas from all of you. If you have any good ideas drop them down in the comments section below! Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

You know…now that I think about it I haven’t shown any love or appreciation for the youngsters in anime on my blog. WHAT THE HECK HAVE I’VE BEEN DOING?! There are so many great kids in anime and they deserve love too! I was thinking about Tsumugi from Sweetness and Lightning yesterday and I realized that I haven’t done a dedicated Top Ten Tuesday to kids. So here we are folks! A whole TTT dedicated to all the sweet girls in anime (yeeesss….I’ll do a boys post next week). Since April doesn’t have any special themes that I can really work off of I figured a kids post would work in light of Easter being this month.

I mean…who doesn’t get all sentimental and mushy gushy when a cute little girl character comes on screen? Some of these characters make me smile from ear to ear 😀 It’s nice to be taken back to my childhood from time to time. You can even say some of these girls remind me of my niece who will be turning 7 in June! Aaaahhhh! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! I remember when she was an itty-bitty baby and I could snuggle her and carry her around with ease. Now she is half of my height already! That’s not saying much since I am only a measly 5 feet 4 inches…booooo XD I definitely got the short end of the stick in the height department.

But enough about my short dog complex…we are here for the cuties. Let’s get this party started!

1. Momo from March Comes in Like a Lion

^I can’t handle all the cuteness that is Momo-chan!!! ❤

2. Naru from Barakamon

^Naru makes this series THAT much better lololz

3. Ushio from Clannad: After Story


4. Sana from Alice & Zouroku

^I love me some bratty girls in anime. Mostly because they remind me of myself 😉

5. Hagu from Honey & Clover

^I know…I know…Hagu is a bit older but she is just too damn cute! There’s no way I wasn’t going to put her on today’s list.

6. Chibiusa from Sailor Moon

^Wait…is this technically cheating?

7. Kana from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

^We must protect!

8. Tsumugi from Sweetness & Lightning

^Tsumugi is me on a daily basis.

9. Yui from Sword Art Online

^I want an adorable little fairy helper that I can keep in my pocket all the time.

10. Riko from Made in Abyss

^Riko always has that curious glimmer in her eye.

Today was a sweetness overload! I can’t handle how much I love all of these characters. Who is your favorite little lady in anime? Did she or more than one make today’s list? If you guys have any suggestions for my boys list next week drop them in the comments section below! That is going to do it for me today. I will see you guys in my next post. Stay classy my pandas! XOXO

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

In lieu of the new season of Bungou Stray Dogs coming out in April I wanted to make a Top Ten Tuesday post pertaining to the supernatural powers used in the show. But first! Y’all need to watch the new teaser trailer for season 3 before we get into this list. You can do so right here:

YAAASSS! MY BODY IS READY. I’ve been so PUMPED for season 3 since last year when it was officially announced. If you didn’t already know Bungou Stray Dogs is one of my all time favorite anime series. I’ve written a few post on the series and have proclaimed my fond love for it over on Twitter like a million times. I would like to conjure up a more analytical post on it sometime in the future. Maybe I’ll work on that soon!

The first episode of season 3 will be out April 12th. That means Bungou gets the Friday slot…which I am totally okay with! I just hope spring season is a little more spread out throughout the week. I felt like winter season was kinda crammed together on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I need time to catch up on my shows dammit! Luckily, Sunday and Monday were pretty slow so I could keep up for the most part.

I want to thank my wonderful pal Alexie for helping me decided on today’s topic. I was thinking of doing this post after seeing the teaser trailer yesterday, but wasn’t 100% certain until Alexie confirmed the idea for me. I guess great minds do think alike! Today’s post will be my favorite powers each character uses in Bungou. I thought about ranking them from 1 to 10, but felt like everyone is unique in their own right…that…and I didn’t think it would be fair. This post will only pertain to the first two seasons and the Dead Apple movie. I have a feeling we will be getting new characters in season 3 and I can’t wait to see if my hunch is correct! I’ll have to update this post after the new season comes out.

Alright! Let’s do this before Dazai asks us to commit double suicide with him and it’s too late XD (P.S. these will be in no particular order and I apologize about the gif sizing being off! I hate when gif sizing isn’t consistent.)

1. Lucy’s “Anne of Abyssal Red”

^Lucy is soooo underrated in this series! Her power is dope af. I’m glad Atsushi was able to get through to her in the end.

2. Koyo’s “Golden Demon”

^I really hope we get to see more of Koyo in season 3. She is a freakin GODDESS! That…and I might have a thing for red/orange haired ladies 😉

3. Fyodor’s “Crime and Punishment”

^Fyodor…literally the master of crime and punishment (i.e. death). He’s cool, calm, and collected…buuuut also arrogant as all hell. Maybe that’s why Dazai nicknamed him the “Demon.”

4. Oda’s “Flawless”

^Oda’s character arc was bittersweet perfection.

5. Yumeno’s “Dogra Magra”

^Is Yumeno creepy or cute or possibly both?

6. Edgar Allen Poe’s “Black Cat in the Rue Morgue”

^Low-key thought Edgar and Dazai were the same person at first (like Dazai was pulling a prank).  But Edgar’s little raccoon pal is totes adorbs :3

7. Atsushi’s “Beast Beneath the Moonlight”

^Hopefully Atsushi won’t be so useless in season 3!

8. Akutagawa’s “Rashomon”

^We love a moody and broody boy.

9. Chuuya’s “For the Tainted Sorrow”

^We also love sassy boys who are also classy.

10. Dazai’s “No Longer Human”

^Of course I saved the best for last! Because we all know Dazai is BEST BOY ❤

What is your favorite power in the Bungou Stray Dog universe? If you could have any one character as your partner who would it be?  Are you excited for season 3?! YOU GUYS ALREADY KNOW I AM. Annnnd we all know what anime is going to be the BEST during spring season…tehehe. That is going to do it for me this Tuesday! I won’t keep you guys much longer. Let’s try to keep this outro short and sweet. Have yourself a good morning, day, evening, or night wherever you are in the world. Until next time my pandas! Ayano is signing off. MUAH!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Oh daylight savings. We sprung forward on Sunday…well…here in Oregon we did. I know some of you guys don’t experience daylight savings like the U.S. does, but yes…we lost an hour of precious sleepy sleepy time…but we are gaining daylight and that makes me oh so happy! I love when it starts staying lighter until 7, 8, and 9 o’ clock at night. It makes it seem like the days are just a little bit longer. I can’t wait for warmer weather. For some reason winter decided it didn’t want to come until the end of February/early March here in Oregon. Thanks for lying to us stupid groundhog! Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this year and claimed we would have an early spring but he’s a liar!

Ahem…moving right along now. We are here to go over what I will be watching for spring season! That’s right my pandas…we have officially made it to the next section of seasonal anime. With winter anime season starting to wrap-up it’s time for us to start looking forward to what is coming up next. This list will not include leftovers from winter season (because I only have The Rising of the Shield Hero, Boogiepop, and Dororo leftover) and continuing series such as One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Bungou Stray Dogs, and the remake of Fruits Basket. These shows are an automatic give in for spring season. Instead we will be focusing on the new stuff! We gotta give the new series a chance to stand out and shine! So without further ado let’s get into it.

(P.S. you all should know how these post work by now. I will be posting the anime title(s), posting a trailer of said anime, and adding the anime synopsis underneath each one. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!)

1. Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Anime synopsis:

The setting is Taisho era Japan. Tanjirou is a kindhearted young boy who lived peacefully with his family as a coal seller. Their normal life changes completely when his family is slaughtered by demons. The only other survivor, Tanjirou’s younger sister Nezuko, has become a ferocious demon. In order to return Nezuko to normal and get revenge on the demon that killed their family, the two of them depart on a journey. From a young talent, an adventure tale of blood and swords begins!”

2. Carole and Tuesday

Anime synopsis:

Fifty years have passed since mankind began migrating to the new frontier: Mars. It’s an age where most culture is produced by AI, and people are content to be passive consumers. There’s a girl. Scrapping a living in the metropolis ofAlba City, she’s working part-time while trying to become a musician. She’s always felt like something is missing. Her name is Carole. There’s a girl. Born to a wealthy family in the provincial town of Herschel City, she dreams of becoming a musician, but nobody around her understands. She feels like the loneliest person in the world. Her name is Tuesday. A chance meeting brings them together. They want to sing. They want to make music. Together, they feel like they just might have a chance. The two of them may only create a tiny wave. But that wave will eventually grow into something larger…” 

3. Fairy Gone

Anime synopsis:

A world where fairies possess and reside within animals, granting them special powers. By surgically removing and transplanting the organs of a possessed animal into a human, humans can partially summon the fairy and use it as a weapon.Eventually, such individuals were used for war, and were called “Fairy Soldiers.” After a long war, these soldiers lost their purpose, and had to reintegrate into society. From the government, to the mafia, and even becoming terrorists, each tread their own path. The story begins nine years after the end of the war, and centers on the protagonist Maria. Maria is a fresh recruit of “Dorothea,” an organization dedicated to the investigation and suppression of fairy-related crimes and incidents. Even in peacetime, the government is still unstable after the war. Many criminals still have lingering wounds from the previous conflict, and there are terrorist groups bent on revenge. This is the story of Fairy Soldiers seeking their own justice in a chaotic postwar world.”

4. Kono Oto Tomare!

Anime synopsis:

In the story, Takezou is the last remaining member of the koto club, a club dedicated to the traditional Japanese string instrument. If he doesn’t find new members, the koto club will be terminated. One day, Takezou is alone in the clubroom when a student barges in and demands to join. The student is delinquent Chika Kudou, a guy who even scares delinquent upperclassmen at other schools.”

5. Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Anime synopsis:

The modern fantasy manga centers on Arata Miyako, a new government worker assigned to the Shinjuku Ward Office’s “Nighttime Regional Relations” department. Each of Tokyo’s 23 wards has one such department, which were established to solve paranormal and occult-related events. Arata can understand non-human speech that no one else understands, and he encounters a youkai (supernatural entity) at Shinjuku Gyoen park that calls him Abe no Seimei — the name of a historical Japanese occultist and diviner.” 

6. Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine

Anime synopsis:

In the game, the player takes the role of an unnamed former little senior league baseball ace who lost his or her baseball career after suffering an unspecified injury. The character moves to his or her grandmother’s hometown and enrolls in the local high school, resolved never to enter the world of baseball again. When the character meets Tsubasa Arihara, he or she is persuaded to be the manager of the school’s baseball team, and to take the team to the high school nationals at Koshien.” 

7. Kenja no Mago

Anime synopsis:

A young man is reborn in another world where he is adopted as a baby by the hero Merlin Wolford and named Shin. By his 15th birthday, Shin has accumulated all kinds of power by studying under Merlin, but one thing his adoptive grandfather didn’t give him was a lick of common sense.” 

Anime I want to watch but I’m still unsure about:

Shoumetsu Toshi

Anime synopsis:

One day a town is annihilated. Yuki is a young woman who is said to be the only person left alive from the town after the annihilation, and Takuya is a loner and a smuggler. Together, with the letter left by Yuki’s father, they go toward the town, now called Lost, but unexpected obstacles stand in their path. The thoughts of those left behind, secret and mysterious organizations, and hidden conspiracies await Yuki and Takuya as they move closer toward the mystery behind Lost.” 

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Anime synopsis:

Hitori Bocchi suffers from extreme social anxiety, she’s not good at talking to people, takes pretty extreme actions, is surprisingly adept at avoiding people, her legs cramp when she overexerts herself, gets full of herself when alone, will vomit when exposed to extreme tension and often comes up with plans. Now she is entering middle school and her only friend, Yawara Kai, is attending a different school. This leaves Bocchi alone, surrounded by new classmates with whom she must make friends before Kai will talk to her again.” 

What anime series are you most excited for this spring season? Any new one’s catch your fancy or are you sticking to the continuing series? I think I’m most excited for (out of the new ones) Demon Slayer, Carole and Tuesday, and Fairy Gone. You know your girl is PUMPED for season 3 of Bungou Stray Dogs. I can’t wait to see my boy Dazai back in action! He makes my heart go “doki doki” ❤ That is going to do it for me today! I hope you guys have a wonderful day, afternoon, or evening wherever you are in the world! Much love XOXO 😉

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

On March 6th, 1999 an adventure began. On March 6th, 2019 we celebrated its 20th anniversary. In 2020 a new adventure will take place in the digital world. That’s right my pandas…the DigiDestined will set sail on a brand new journey and we will be joining them in the next evolution of Digimon!

I’ve come to the realization that I don’t talk about Digimon enough on my blog. I always preferred Digimon over Pokemon, but Pokemon seems to get the spotlight a bit more. BUT NOT TODAY SATAN! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is going to be dedicated to all the Digimon I came to love over the course of five seasons (were going to pretend seasons 5, 6 and 8 don’t exists). With the surge of a new era coming in 2020 I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite Digimon that have blessed me with their presence. I hope you are all ready for a blast from the past because I know I am! Let’s do this.

(If you want to check out the announcement for the new Digimon movie you can do so by clicking here: https://comicbook.com/anime/2019/03/05/digimon-film-20th-anniversary-2020-release-anime/)

1. Sakuyamon

^My #1 bae and favorite Digimon ❤

2. Beelzemon

^We love an evil Digimon who eventually does good.

3. Angewomon

^I mean…how could you not love a Digimon who looks like a freakin angel?!

4. Lady Devimon

^If you have an angel you gotta have a devil. Can’t have one without the other!

5. Lillymon

^Maybe I just like cute girly Digimon???

6. Zephyrmon

^I looovvveee Zephyrmon because she looks like a harpy and I fuckin love harpy’s.

7. Cherubimon (Good & Evil)

^Evil Cherubimon great villain…Good Cherubimon cute af

8. Metalgarurumon

^I actually had a transformable toy of Metalgarurumon when I was younger.

9. Pegasusmon

^Mostly due to the fact that I was obsessed with unicorns and pegasus’s when I was younger.

10. Calumon

^Just look at that face! Totes adorbs :3

Did you watch any of the Digimon series growing up? If so which season was your favorite? Which Digimon would you want to be your partner? Leave all your thoughts, comments, and opinions down below in the comments section! Thank you guys for joining me this Tuesday. I’ll catch you all back here tomorrow for my What’s Coming Up Wednesday post! This week I’ll be going over what I’ll be watching for spring anime season. Yup, we are already coming to the end of winter season. Can’t believe how fast this season has gone by. Have a good one guys! 😀

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Wait…it’s March already?

I swear it was February just yesterday! I guess it doesn’t help that February is only 28 days long. Welp…it is indeed the month of March my pandas. Man! Now I feel bad considering I didn’t write that much content last month. I guess my personal life is starting to creep into my blogging life. As I stated in a few of my previous blogs I am cutting back on pushing out content. I have a full time job, I’m working on finishing my Bachelor’s degree, and also trying to balance my personal life all at once. It gets pretty hectic sometimes! I’m sure all of you guys can relate in some form or another. But I am here! I’m mainly over on Twitter these days, chatting it up with you all, and trying to come up with new ideas to jot down and present to you guys (when I get around to it XD).

If you didn’t know March is Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. It is celebrated during March in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia corresponding with International Women’s Day on March 8. In the United States, Women’s History Month traces its beginnings back to the first International Women’s Day in 1911. (You guys can thank Wikipedia for the brief history lesson) 😛

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday will pay homage to strong, kick ass women in anime. We gotta show some love and celebrate all the killer female leads that have graced our presence over the last decade or so…because anime wouldn’t be the same without them. Buckle up kiddos! It’s about to be a bumpy ride.

1. Mauve from ACCA

^Beauty, brains, and a master manipulator. Mauve is one lady who doesn’t mess around.

2. Koko from Jormungand

^Koko might act like a goofball a lot of the time but we all know deep down she’ll kill you without hesitation.

3. Irisdina from Schwarzesmarken

^We love an exemplary leader willing to lay her life on the line for her team.

4. Rory from GATE

^I mean…Rory is literally the Goddess of darkness, war, violence and death.

5. Ozen from Made in Abyss

^Ozen is the definition of sheer power and terror.

6. Altair from Re:Creators

^Just a girl simply seeking revenge for her creator.

7. Crusch from Re:Zero

 ^A lady destined to stand above all others.

8. Eto from Tokyo Ghoul

^My Queen of Queens.

9. Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

^You mess with the Mumei you get the horns.

10. Saya from Blood C

^Saya kills her own kind…if that doesn’t sound like a crazy badass then I don’t know what is.

Who are some of your favorite tough/strong-willed ladies? Did any of them make my list today? I wanted to feature some women you don’t see in the spotlight too often. It’s nice to have a mix of characters when I write these list. I also hate seeing the same characters talked about over and over again. I try to shake things up when I can! Thank you guys for joining me this Tuesday! Your continued patronage means the world to me ❤ I will catch you all in my next post. Until then have a good morning, day, or evening wherever you are! 😀

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

What is up my pandas?! Today I am bringing you an awesome collab post with the one and only Aniwriter (aka The Weeb Commie over on Twitter). Yes, I am finally taking the time to write out this post because it is long overdue…like most of my post these days XD

In light of Chinese New Year being last week I knew I wanted to make a blog post incorporating this topic somehow. That’s when I came up with the idea of picking out anime characters that matched the Chinese Zodiac calendar. If you are unfamiliar with the Chinese Zodiac calendar it is known as Sheng Xiao. It is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year in that cycle related to an animal sign. These signs in order are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. It is calculated according to Chinese lunar calendar. But I also wanted to do the traditional Zodiac calendar as well! So then I thought “well why don’t you turn this into a collab post Ayano?”

And HERE WE ARE! The Aniwriter has decided to join me on this journey and gave me his take on anime characters as the traditional Zodiac signs. The Zodiac calendar, better known as Astrological signs, are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. In Western astrology, astrological signs are the twelve 30° sectors of the ecliptic, starting at the vernal equinox (one of the intersections of the ecliptic with the celestial equator), also known as the First Point of Aries. Each sector is named for a constellation it passes through (per my lovely friends over on Wikipedia).

So now that everyone is caught up on what each calendar contains lets get to the anime characters! (Note: These characters were selected on the basis of matching the signs description/traits. These characters could match with being born in the time frame/year, but that was left up discretion).

We will start off with Aquarius and the year of the Horse since I am both of these!

Aniwriter’s choice for Aquarius: Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion

Reasoning: Look, I’m always going to be biased towards Rei as a character, but this time it actually makes sense. The Aquarius sign is one that represents both social distance and a need for intellectual contact, and in that way, Rei is a perfect choice. Rei spends a lot of time by himself reflecting on the events of his past but is also secretly always looking forward to his next game of Shogi and to getting to see the Kawamoto sisters. He also loves talking about Shogi, and is always practicing and looking for new strategies and mentors like Shimada. Aloofness is also a common trait among Aquarius’, and Rei is definitely that. A lot of the time Rei is to involved in himself to realize the people who care about him. An Aquarius representative, to be sure.

Ayano’s choice for the Horse: Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi

Reasoning: How the hell could I not pick this goofball? Hotaru is like my inner spirit animal. They say people who are born in the year of the Horse are often energetic, animated, and active. They love to take center stage and can delight anyone they are put in-front of. You can also say that people who are born in the year of the Horse have a deft sense of humor, so they are masters of repartee. I feel like this fits Hotaru to a T. She’s wacky, outlandish, funny, and a integral part of Dagashi Kashi. She is definitely the best part of the show. Sometime’s people who are born in the year of the horse can be a little self-centered, which Hotaru is from time to time, but they can also be empathetic to other people’s problems. Hotaru was the very first character that popped into my head for the year of the horse so you know I had to pick her!

Aniwriter’s choice for Pisces: Kumiko from Sound! Euphonium

Reasoning: Kumiko being my Pisces choice should not be much of a surprise. One of the main strengths of a Pisces is their musicality, and in that realm, Kumiko is indeed talented. Another predominant characteristic of a Pisces is their emotionalism, given that they are a water sign. Throughout the series, Kumiko is lending an ear to many of her newfound friends, trying to understand and help them, and potentially even to some that could be considered more than friends. It might also be worth noting that Pisces are described as “incorrigible romantics,” which, when it comes to her relationship with Reina this makes a lot of sense.

Ayano’s choice for the Snake: Natsume from Brother’s Conflict

Reasoning: I’m gonna have to go with Natsume from Brother’s Conflict on this one. Mainly because the traits for people who are born in the year of the Snake are intelligent, wise, and private. Natsume is a little bit older than the rest of the boys in Brother’s Conflict and I felt like he kept to himself most of the series. He was a hard worker and gained much success at his company. Snakes are always determined to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. Snakes are also good at communication but say little. Natsume just feels like the right choice for the year of the Snake. I felt like Natsume did act on his own accord throughout the series, but was still reticent when it came to him opening up about himself.

Aniwriter’s choice for Aries: Hinata from Haikyuu!

Reasoning: The traits of an Aries could honestly describe most Shonen protagonists. “Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, passionate.” However, what sets apart Hinata as an Aries representative is there strength in sports specifically. Hinata, like most Aries, are always brave and is “rarely afraid of trial and risk.” This is shown to be true in the show when he and Kageyama are working to perfect their spike. During this time, Hinata rarely thinks about the possibility of failure and is only looking forward to when he succeeds. Aries are also not particularly fond of inactivity, which might be why Hinata loves sports so much in the first place.

Ayano’s choice for the Goat: Yoshino from Date A Live

Reasoning: Gaaahhh…Yoshino is such a precious little cinnamon roll. If she isn’t the perfect description of a person being born in the year of the Goat…then I must be an idiot for choosing her. People who are born in the year of the Goat are generally believed to be gentle, mild in nature, shy, and amicable. They tend to have delicate thoughts, strong creativity, and perseverance. While Yoshino has trouble communicating in the first season, once she is sealed by Shido, she begins to improve her communication and integrates herself into society.  Yoshino also has her rabbit puppet Yoshinon talk for her when she can’t communicate directly, but later on in the story she communicates with Shido without having to rely on Yoshinon. I always felt like Yoshino made the most improvement throughout the series. While Yoshino looked gentle on the surface, when it came to battling she was pretty tough on the inside.

Aniwriter’s choice for Taurus: Kohei from Sweetness and Lightning

Reasoning: Throughout the events of Sweetness and Lightning, Kouhei has to deal with a lot of struggles, the main one being that he has to raise Tsumugi after the death of his wife. However, his stubbornness and refusal to give up as a parent is what makes him such a good Taurus representative. Taurus are “reliable, stable, responsible, devoted, practical.” Taurus are also big fans of cooking and working with their hands, so it makes sense that Kouhei would be attracted to cooking as a way of connecting with his daughter. Now, what do Taurus not like? “Sudden changes” and “complications,” which, unfortunately, when it comes to Tsumugi happens a lot throughout the series and this causes him a lot of stress.

Ayano’s choice for the Ox: Bort from Land of the Lustrous

Reasoning: When I was thinking about the characteristics for the Ox I really had to rack my brain for someone that was fitting enough. The traits for people born in the year of the ox are diligent, dependable, strong, and determined. That’s when I thought of Bort from Land of the Lustrous. Ox’s have a strong desire to make progress, and they achieve their goals through consistent effort. They are also persistent in doing things according to their own ideals and capabilities. Bort is definitely one of these people. Not only because Bort has the psychical strength, but also because ox’s are weakest in their communication skills. Bort tends to just stare other people down (mostly Phos) when it comes to communicating. Bort isn’t much of a talker in the series, but we know how faithful Bort is to Diamond. Faithfulness is another key ingredient in the Ox’s traits.

Aniwriter’s choice for Gemini: Retsuko from Aggretsuko!!

Reasoning: Gemini is unique among the astrological signs, as it actually represents someone with two distinct personalities. One usually calm and the other extremely aggressive and serious. If there was ever a character with that kind of personality, it would be Aggretsuko. Calm, ladylike worker by day and dedicated metalhead by night…Retsuko is indeed the ultimate Gemini.

Ayano’s choice for the Rooster: Kabakura from Love is Hard for an Otaku

Reasoning: I would like to think of Kabakura as a Rooster…and no it isn’t because his hair color matches that of a Rooster. It is mainly due to the traits presented in the year of the Rooster. People who are born in the year of the Rooster are seen as frank, open, honest, and loyal individuals. We all know how open and honest Kabakura is with Hanako throughout the series. In fact…he MIGHT be too honest if I do say so myself. Sometimes he has diarrhea of the mouth XD Roosters are happiest when they are surrounded by others, whether at a party or just a social gathering. They enjoy the spotlight and will exhibit their charm on any occasion, which Kabakura exudes most of the time when the group meets up for dates in the series. Their behavior of continually seeking the unwavering attention of others annoys people around them at times…which Kabakura also does throughout the series! Lololz…yeah Kabakura is definitely a Rooster in my book.

Aniwriter’s choice for Cancer: Akari from March Comes in Like a Lion

Reasoning: I tried to avoid having multiple characters from the same series on this list, but I couldn’t help it because Akari is absolutely the most Cancer character I could think of. Why you might ask? Well, for starters, Cancers are very much into “home-based hobbies,” and also “care deeply about matters of family and their home.” After the death of their mother, Akari was forced to take care of Hinata and Momo basically by herself. A trait I initially thought was weird for cancer but in relation to Akari makes a lot of sense is that Cancers are actually fairly pessimistic. Akari, for as much of a brave face as she puts on, still has to budget every month, is constantly worried about her sisters, and the bad things that could happen to them. This is especially prominent during the first arc of the second season.

Ayano’s choice for the Rat: Neko from Project K

Reasoning: You know…Neko might not seem like the brightest crayon in the box on the surface, but this girl is pretty clever when it comes down to it. People who are born in the year of the Rat have a strong intuition and are quick to respond. They also can adapt to any environment with ease. They have rich imaginations and sharp observation skills, which can allow them to take advantage of various opportunities. We see Neko do this many times with her powers throughout the series of Project K. Neko is strong-willed, confident in her abilities, and she takes pride in using her powers to help others and combat against enemies. The ladies that belong to the year of the Rat are pretty, smart, and lovely…and we all know how lovely/pretty Neko is 😉

Aniwriter’s choice for Leo: Natsu from Fairy Tail

Reasoning: Natsu is many things as a character–reckless, impatient, often times an idiot. One other thing he is for sure is a Leo. Leos are often known for having a “King of the Jungle” personality, seeing something they want and not stopping until they get it. For Natsu, that goal is getting stronger so that he can protect his fellow Fairy Tail wizards. Leos are also described as “dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist…” on top of that, Leo is a fire symbol. An element that Natsu is quite familiar with.

Ayano’s choice for the Tiger: Rin from Blue Exorcist

Reasoning: I like how Weeb and I both picked characters that wield fire powers for our choices. But Rin is so a Tiger when it comes down to it! Tigers are known for being brave, competitive, confident but also unpredictable, stubborn, and impetuous. With the stubbornness in their personalities Tigers work actively and express themselves boldly, doing things in a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said. With confidence and indomitable fortitude, they can be competent leaders. They will not make preparations for anything, but can handle anything that comes along. I mean…Rin is all of this and a bag of chips. He’s reckless and hard-headed, but can be very charming when he wants to be. While Rin isn’t liked by everyone most of the time during the series, in the end his friends are eventually swayed to his side, making him well-liked by others.

Aniwriter’s choice for Virgo: Hikigaya from Oregairu

Reasoning: It is not hard to see why Hachiman is Virgo. Virgos are “analytical” and “practical,” and Hachiman is the type of person who always does what is easiest and most efficient. Hachiman is also someone who sees himself as an outside obeserver, recording details and making predictions about what will happen in certain social situations, often coming out right. This makes sense because “Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac.” Something that Virgos also dislike is “asking for help.” For Hachiman, asking for help, at least initially, seems tantamount to giving up. So, yeah, definitely a Virgo.

Ayano’s choice for the Dog: Kazuma from Noragami

Reasoning: Kazuma is the very definition of the word “loyal.” Just look at this relationship with Bishamon in Noragami. Kazuma is calm, serious, and a sensible person, but can be comical at times. Dogs are loyal and honest, amiable and kind, cautious and prudent. Due to having a strong sense of loyalty and sincerity, Dogs will do everything for the person who they think is most important. Namely, Kazuma would do anything for Bishamon if it came down to it.

Aniwriter’s choice for Libra: Death the Kid from Soul Eater

Reasoning: It did not take much time after reading the description for Libra to realize who was the perfect person to represent it. If there is one characteristic that Death the Kid is especially famous for, it is his love of symmetry and balance. As Libras are often described, “These individuals are fascinated by balance and symmetry.” Not only that Libras are also “cooperative, diplomatic, and fair-minded,” all things Death the Kid embodies fairly well. Libras are also known to hold a grudge, and for Kid that makes sense. He often is infuriated when people insult him, but will only show it later after they have left the room. Much like Libras, Death the Kid is also a fan of intellectual conversation and a good book. 

Ayano’s choice for the Pig: Iida from My Hero Academia

Reasoning: It is said that people who are born in the year of the Pig are diligent, compassionate, and generous. They have great concentration: once they set a goal, they will devote all their energy to achieving it. Though Pigs rarely seek help from others, they will not refuse to give others a hand. Pigs never suspect trickery, so they are easily fooled. I feel like this is low-key Iida from My Hero Academia. While Iida is at the top of his class, I feel like he rushes into things from time to time. You ultimately see this when he tries to get vengeance for his brother against Stain. To me personally, I think Iida would be gullible if he didn’t rely so much on his friends. Like he’s smart but also not smart at the same time. I can’t fault him for trying though! I’ll give him that.

Aniwriter’s choice for Scorpio: Shikamaru from Naruto

Reasoning: If there is one thing that people have told me about Scorpios, especially because I am one, its that I can often come off as distance, cold or even calculating. For Shikamaru, this makes sense. Scorpios are also often described as “great leader(s), always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness.” Again for Shikamaru, this is pretty on the nose. We see in early Naruto that for what he lacks in physical strength he often makes up for in his quick-wittedness and strategy. This is evident during his fight with Tamari, as he uses both the extending shadow of the tree he is hiding in, as well the hole in the ground made during Naruto and Neji’s earlier fight. Seems like a Scorpio to me.

Ayano’s choice for the Dragon: Hak from Yona of the Dawn

Reasoning: When I think of the words “confident,” “ambition,” “dominance,” and “courage” I think of Hak from Yona of the Dawn. Hak just has this unwavering strength in everything that he does, especially when it comes to protecting Yona. There is no doubt in my mind that Hak is a Dragon. Dragons are not afraid of challenges, and willingly take risks. Dragons are sometimes regarded as aggressive, which Hak’s fighting technique is, but we all know how much of a softie he is when Yona is around. The Chinese dragon is the most vital and powerful beast in the Chinese zodiac, although Dragons have an infamous reputation for being a hothead and possessing a sharp tongue. Hak isn’t so much a “hothead” but he does have a motor mouth throughout the series 😛

Aniwriter’s choice for Sagittarius: Akiho from Robotics;Notes

Reasoning: Akiho, one of the main characters of Robotics;Notes, is known throughout the series as having a never give up attitude, which is what makes her a great Sagittarius. Sagittarius’ are known for being “idealistic,” but are also known for disliking “details.” This is especially true for Akiho because it isn’t until her and Kai seriously decide to build Gunbarrel that their work on the giant robot actually gets done. Sagittarius’ are also “optimistic” and “enthusiastic,” which is true of Akiho, except when it comes to her sister.

Ayano’s choice for the Rabbit: Usagi from Sailor Moon

Reasoning: This choice should be pretty self explanatory. The word “usagi” is the Japanese word for rabbit. It is only fitting to have Usagi from Sailor Moon as the choice for the Rabbit. Rabbits tend to be gentle, quiet, elegant, and alert as well as quick, skillful, kind, patient, and very responsible. However, they might be superficial, stubborn, melancholy, and overly-discreet. Ladies that are born in the year of the Rabbit apart from having a pretty and demure appearance, have a pure heart. I believe that Usagi is the purest of hearts. Rabbits when encountering tough difficulties, they are never discouraged but instead remain persistent in their endeavors to find solutions. This means they eventually achieve enviable success. While Usagi might be a clumsy crybaby, she is faithful to Mamoru and her friends. Usagi is also very determined to change the hearts of her enemies because she believes deep down everyone is good.

Aniwriter’s choice for Capricorn: Ryuunosuke from Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Reasoning: Ryuunosuke is a character that most probably do not think about, but he definitely seems very much like a Capricorn. This is because Capricorns are described as “Responsible, disciplined, self-control, and good managers.” This is especially true of Ryuunosuke because despite being introverted to the point of only showing up a third of the way into the show, he still has a lot of skills when it comes to programming, and often gives Sorata a lot of helpful advice on game design. Another thing that is both true of Ryuunosuke and Capricorns is that “they are masters of self-control and have the ability to lead the way, make solid and realistic plans.” Ryuunosuke is always in control of his life and, for the most part, knows what is going.

Ayano’s choice for the Monkey: Yahiko from The Morose Mononokean

Reasoning: Yahiko is totally a mischief maker! He loves playing practical jokes on Ashiya and is a very naughty yokai. People born in a year of the Monkey have magnetic personalities and are witty and intelligent. Personality traits include mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness. Monkeys are masters of practical jokes, because they like playing most of the time. Although they don’t have bad intentions, their pranks sometimes hurt other people’s feelings. Monkeys are fast learners and crafty opportunists. They have many interests and need partners who are capable of stimulating them. While some like the eccentric nature of Monkeys, others don’t trust their sly, restless, and inquisitive nature. Yahiko may act like a child in the series, but I know he knows what he’s doing. Sometimes I think he likes being a little trouble maker.

Whew! That was a lot of characters to go through…but it was so worth it! I had so much fun picking out which character would fit under each Zodiac sign. Thank you to The Aniwriter for joining me on this collab (and I’m sorry it took me a little while to get this post out). I am open to collabing with anyone in the future! You can always let me know over on Twitter. My DM’s will welcome you with open arms ❤ Which character choice was your favorite? What is your Astrological and Chinese Zodiac sign? Do you think our choices matched up with the descriptive traits? Let me know all of your thoughts, comments, and ideas down below in the comments section. I’ll see you all in my next post!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).