Hello my pandas and welcome to another spooktacular Top Ten Tuesday! If you couldn’t tell from the title we are covering witches today. Yay!!! We love getting witchy on this site and what better way to celebrate then with some of my favorite witches in anime. I have covered a similar topic back in 2018 with some recommendations of witchy shows you should watch. If you wanna check that post out you can do so right here: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2018/10/12/flashback-friday-ive-got-99-problems-but-a-witch-aint-one/. But in today’s post we are going for the more individual prefiset…as in individual characters rather than the whole show. Who doesn’t love a good witch? I mean…am I right or am I right? πŸ˜‰ Let’s not make this introduction drag on forever Ayano. Let’s just fly right on in to these witches shall we! Ayyyeee…you see what I did there πŸ˜›

(P.S. I couldn’t find a good quality gif for my last choice so I went with an artwork rendition instead)

1. Sucy from Little Witch Academia

^My favorite witch out of the bunch :3

2. Maria from Maria The Virgin Witch

^Maria is just too adorable.

3. Makoto from Flying Witch

^A wholesome anime that everyone should watch.

4. Ruby from Rosario + Vampire

^I always forget about Ruby until someone mentions her randomly.

5. Satella from Re:Zero

^If you have seen Re:Zero or read the manga then you will understand why I have to put a gif of Emilia here.

6. Hitomi from Iroduku the World in Colors

^Must protecc ❀

7. Mary from Mary and the Witches Flower

^Although Mary isn’t a TRUE witch she is in my heart and that’s all that matters.

8. Yuuko from xxxHolic

^Yuuko is waifu.

9. Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service

^One of the OG witches.

10. Witch from Goblin Slayer

Witch Goblin Slayer

Who is your favorite witch in anime? Did your choice make the list today? Let me know in the comments section below! We are getting closer and closer to Halloween. If you are dressing up this year what are you gonna be? Any guesses on the most popular Halloween costume? Some of my friends said the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, the new Joker, cans of White Claw (which I thoughts was freaking hilarious) and Pennywise from IT. I can see all of these being pretty popular costumes. We all know tons of girls dress up as Harley Quinn every year and with the new Birds of Prey movie making an appearance soon that’s another one I know will be popular. I really wanted to cosplay but as you all know I’ll be working that night. I have a cute cosplay planned for my trip to Kumoricon in November and you know I’ll be posting pictures of it. That is all I have for you guys today! I will catch you all in my next post. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

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Hello my goblins and ghouls!

Welcome to the first Spooktober Top Ten Tuesday of the month. Most of you know October is my favorite month of the year and Halloween is my favorite holiday. Unfortunately, since I work evening/night shift now I won’t be able to do anything on Halloween night. But that’s okay! I am attending Kumoricon in November and I’ll be cosplaying then so it all works out in the end. Plus I am trying to save my money for that trip and I don’t want to spend a shit ton of cash on a costume I’m probably not even going to wear since I’ll be working.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about the Boos…and I am not talking about scary sounds. I’m talking about our favorite spooky ladies in anime! You know…like demons and vampires and other creepy creatures. Yes! Those kinds of Boos! I’ve done similar post to this last year covering favorite gorey scenes in anime, ladies who are cute but might be psycho, and my favorite horror anime series. It’s kinda hard figuring out new ideas for post when Halloween/horror topics are limited. I try not to repeat myself whenever possible.

Let’s just creep it real and get to these spooky ladies!

1. Yuuko from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

^The best ghosty girl

2. Shinobu from Bakemonogatari

^Tsubaki’s spooky girl choice.

3. Medusa from Soul Eater

^Alexie’s spooky girl choice.

4. Rachnera from Monster Musume

^While Meroune is my favorite from this series Rachnera has the perfect aesthetic for the Halloween season.

5. Shalltear from Overlord

^My favorite bi-sexual beauty :3

6. Kyoko from Interview with Monster Girls

^There aren’t too many Dullahan’s in anime so we have to feature Kyoko today!

7. Mahiru from Seraph of the End

^Best girl in this series!

8. White from Kekkai Sensen

^Second best ghosty girl.

9. Amira from Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

^I love demon girls so much

10. Leviathan from Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

^Leviathan and her Lucifer obsession XD

Honorable Mentions:
Nezuko from Demon Slayer
Moko from Rosario + Vampire
Sucy from Little Witch Academia
Artemis from Maria the Virgin Witch
Lilith from The Demon Girl Next Door

And there we have it! I tried to feature some ladies I haven’t already done before. Yes…Yuuko, Shalltear, Amira, and Mahiru have been talked about before on my blog but this month is the perfect month to shine some light on them! Who are your favorite spooky ladies in anime? Did any of them make the list? Let me know down in the comments section below! As always thank you for joining me this lovely Tuesday. What spooky themed TTT should I do next? I need some fresh ideas peeps. Lemme know if you can think of anything! That is going to do it for me today. I will catch you all in my next post. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is definitely going to have more than ten picks XD

There were waaayyy too many good opening and ending songs this summer season! It’s hard to narrow it down to ten choices when all of these songs were bops. I tend to split opening and ending songs into two different post, but I need to write my seasonal wrap-up soon and I just feel like making one post rather than two. That’s my laziness kicking in once again lolololz

I also have GREAT NEWS my pandas! Saturday I received my acceptance email from Kumoricon (which is an anime convention here in the Pacific North West in November) to be a Standard Press Member during the convention! *Que confetti and happy dancing*

This will be my first anime convention EVER! To say that I am excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I am BEYOND excited to go and meet new people. I will be covering everything on my blog from beginning to end. That post will be out sometime in November so make sure you are subscribed to the blog and following me on Twitter at paperpandabears for more updates in the future.

With the good news out of the way lets get to these awesome summer anime opening and ending songs! (P.S. Remember these songs are in no particular order)

1. Opening Song “MUKANJYO” from Vinland Saga

^My favorite opening song from this season! Survive Said the Prophet did a KILLER job on this song ❀

2. Opening Song “Inferno” from Fire Force

^My second favorite opening! πŸ”₯

3. Opening Song “Sacrifice” from To the Abandoned Sacred Beast

^Enjoyed this opening song more than I though it would.

4. Opening Song “Kizuato”Β from Given

^I don’t wanna talk about it 😭😭😭

5. Opening Song “Otome-domo yo” from O Maidens in Your Savage Season

^My second favorite anime from the summer season! You have to watch this anime. It’s soooooo good! ☺️

6. Opening Song “Rakuen Toshi” from Cop Craft

^We LOVE snazzy opening songs.

7. Opening Song “Uchuu no Kioku” from BEM

^This opening song was also snazzy and zesty.

8. Opening Song “Good Morning World” from Dr. Stone

^A fun opening song for a fun and wacky anime 😝

9. Ending Song “Torches” from Vinland Saga

^This one hits right in the god damn feels. Also…Aimer is a freaking GODDESS! πŸ’”

10. Ending Song “Veil” from Fire Force

^My second favorite ending song of the season.

11. Ending Song “HHOOWWLL” from To the Abandoned Sacred Beast

^The artwork for this ending track is beautiful!

12. Ending Song “Marutsuke” from Given

^Fun fact: Mafuyu’s voice actor used to be in a band so that’s why he sings so perfectly πŸ‘Ό

13. Ending Song “Yume Cinderella” from O Maidens in Your Savage Season

^This song is so freaking catchy. 😍

14. Ending Song “Connected” from Cop Craft

^Tilarna was BEST GIRL from this season πŸ˜‰

15. Ending Song “Iru Imi” from BEM

^Gotta show some love to Bela as well πŸ’–

16. Ending Song “Life” from Dr. Stone

^Interesting ending song for Dr. Stone but I can dig it 😎

Honorable Mentions:

Opening Song “Chime”from Fruits Basket 2019
Opening Song “Polly Jean” from Carole and Tuesday
Opening Song “Gurenge”Β from Demon Slayer (same song for second half of the season)

Ending Song “One Step Closer” from Fruits Basket
Ending Song “Not Afraid” from Carole and Tuesday
Ending Song “From the Edge” from Demon Slayer (same song for second half of the season)

Whew! What a long list today! But totally worth it in my opinion. I can’t believe we had this many great opening and ending combinations. That doesn’t happen too often in the anime world. You either really like the opening song to an anime or the ending…but all of these shows proved otherwise this summer. What were your favorite opening and ending songs? Let me know down in the comments section below! Thank you for joining me this lovely Tuesday. Make sure to download or stream any of these songs in your free time! Gotta support our fellow music creators. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and videos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them. This usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

With the rise of isekai anime over the recent years I knew I wanted to do a Top Ten Tuesday post featuring some of my favorite other worldly ladies. I know some of my favorite anime characters come from isekai anime and I felt like today was the day to show some love to these characters! If you don’t know what the term isekai means I’ll explain it. Isekai is a genre of anime/manga in which the main character travels to another world they are not familiar with. These type of anime/manga typically revolve around fantasy and/or terror but can also sometimes be in reverse. Examples of isekai anime are Overlord, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Konosuba, and No Game No Life just to name a few.

Isekai anime has a pretty big following. Personally, isekai anime aren’t my favorite but I do enjoy them for the most part. The one I enjoy the most is Re:Creators because this is one of the few anime where they isekai aspect happens in reverse. If you have a favorite isekai anime what is it? Drop it in the comments down below! Another isekai anime I’m excited to watch in the future is the upcoming showΒ AscendanceΒ of a Bookworm. This show is premiering fall of this year and it looks super wholesome and cute and I can’t wait to see it.

Alright…enough of my jibber jabbering. We are here for the ladies! Let’s hop right on into this list.

(P.S. sorry if some of these gifs are grainy. They were the only ones I could find. Also…the sizing will be off as well. I hate not being able to find the same size gifs from time to time)

1. Magane from Re:Creators

^My favorite troublemaker πŸ˜‰

2. Kuro from Restaurant to Another World

^The perfect character doesn’t exis….

3. Theresia from Re:Zero

^My favorite character from Re:Zero is Beatrice but Theresia is my second favorite!

4. Wiz from KonoSuba

^Wiz is my favorite out of the bunch.

5. Rem from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

^Rem is baby and I love her so much ❀

6. Shalltear from Overlord

^Shalltear is my bisexual lover :3

7. Princess Pina Colada from GATE

^Pina is every fujoshi fan.

8. Arisa from Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

^I wonder if we will ever see more of this show? I loved Arisa so much!

9. Melty from The Rising of the Shield Hero

^I DIE for Melty’s character aesthetic

10. Emi from The Devil is a Part-Timer!

^One anime series that will probably never get a second season

That is going to do it for me this Tuesday! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day. I got to hang out with my boyfriend and a close friend of mine. Nothing like spending quality time with the people you love. I will see you guys in my next post! Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

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“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”Β 

We should all know this phrase by now. You guys also know I have talked about the topic of revenge a few times on the blog. Mainly, back in January when I had a post titled with this exact phrase. If you missed that post for some odd reason or are new to the blog you can check that post out here: https://kawaiipaperpandas.com/2019/01/06/sunday-spotlight-revenge-is-a-dish-best-served-cold/. Just keep in mind if you haven’t seen the anime Banana Fish you might want to skip it because of slight spoilers!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about our favorite anime characters seeking revenge. In lieu of Vinland Saga coming out for summer season (and it being the best damn anime from summer season) I got to thinking about all the anime characters that are driven by revenge in their respective series. And here we are! Sometimes ideas just randomly pop into my head and I have to write about them right away or they will disappear into oblivion XD

So without further ado let’s…get to some revenge seeking anime characters!

1. Thorfinn from Vinland Saga

^Thorfinn is a WILD fucking beast that can’t be tamed.

2. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

^Our very own Tsubaki’s pick.

3. Avilio (Angelo) from 91 Days

^Anyone else think Aneglo might be alive still? Just me? Okay.

4. Edmund Dantes from Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

^Twitter follower David Majors pick for today.

5. Gin from Bleach

^Twitter follower Sandra Banks favorite character seeking revenge.

6. Shinichi from Parasyte the Maxim

^Twitter follower Evil_Love13’s favorite revenge seeker. Shinichi does step it up in Parasyte and I have to give him credit.

7. Ryuko from KILL la KILL

^Ryuko was on the hunt to find out who killed her father.

8. Nine and Twelve from Terror in Resonance

^My heart πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”

9. Lucy from Elfen Lied

^You could had a bad bitch…but you killed her dog so she’s gonna kill you instead lololz πŸ˜‚

10. Ciel from Black Butler

^I would die for Ciel 😍

Who is your favorite anime character seeking revenge? Do you enjoy anime series that revolve around the topic of revenge? Let me know all your thoughts, feelings, and comments down below in the comments section! Thank you for joining me today. I will see you guys tomorrow for the newest edition of What’s Coming Up Wednesday. We are gonna take a look at what is coming up for Fall watch season. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and gifs come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.)

*Slowly starts to stand up*

Oh wait! This post isn’t about me today considering Ayano isn’t my real name. Yes, yes…Ayano has been my pen name for the last three years on this blog and all of my social media accounts. I know…SHOCKER!

For anyone that is new to the blog…Hi! My name is Ayano but my real name is Alyssa. I used to run a huge anime fan page over on Facebook but decided to start blogging almost three years ago. I actually started off with book blogging (e.x. book reviews, keeping up with current books coming out, doing bookstagram) before switching over to anime blogging.Β I also joined Twitter shortly after that and you can follow that account @paperpandabears. I love books, poetry, anime (of course), and I write in my free time. Whew…it feels like I am starting over once again XD

But this bitch has been here for awhile and I can’t believe I haven’t done this Top Ten Tuesday sooner. This week’s TTT is all about the anime characters named Ayano! Well all the one’s I could rustle up. I picked the name Ayano to go by after watching Kaze no Stigma in which I fell in love with Ayano Kannagi immediately. She’s bratty, and fierce, and a bad ass when she needs to be…quite like myself.

So without further ado…will the real Ayano please stand up?

(P.S. some of the gifs will be different sizes in this post. Also the last three will be in picture form since I could not find proper gifs for them. Sorry in advance!)

1. Ayano Hanesaki from Hanebado!

^We love a good emotionless sports character πŸ˜€

2. Ayano Kosaka from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

^Still need to watch Code Geass XD

3. Ayano Aishi from Yandere Simulator

^Has anyone played this game before? Looks like something I would enjoy πŸ˜‰

4. Ayano Tateyama from Vocaloid: Kagerou Project

^Sad girl Ayano.

5. Ayano Sugiura from Yuru Yuri

^How is Yuru Yuri? Should I watch it?

6. Ayano Kannagi from Kaze no Stigma

^My fire princess that I love oh so much ❀

7. Keiko Ayano (Silica) from Sword Art Online

^Silica needs more love and attention! She is totes adorbs :3

8. Ayano Sadato from The Ryou’s Work is Never Done!

Ayano The Ryou's^One of the cutest Ayano’s!

9. Yai Ayano from Mega Man Battle

Yai Ayano^Technically Yai’s last name is Ayanokoji but the English translation does say it’s Ayano.

10. Ayano Minegishi from Lucky Star

Ayano Lucky Star^Oh look! Another anime series I still haven’t watched. I need to get my shit together lolololz

And there you have it my pandas! Ten lovely Ayano-chan’s. I hope we get more characters named Ayano in the future. It’s a good name! Who is your favorite from this list? Let me know in the comments section down below. That is going to do it for me this Tuesday. I hope everyone has a great morning, afternoon, or night wherever you are in the world. Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas! MUAH! XOXO

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Today was supposed to be Alexie’s day to post but he is in the middle of moving at the moment and he also doesn’t have internet for the next few days. So…I am here to bring you guys another edition of Top Ten Tuesday! Are you guys sick of these post yet? These post are one of the very few post I actually enjoy doing on the blog. Sure, things can get a little repetitive at times but I always love trying to come up with the next concept for TTT without it being the same as previous post. We love a good challenge here at KawaiiPaperPandas!

We all know that best girls come in all different shapes and sizes and personalities..but what about the sickly best girls? They need love too! Even if they don’t always survive till the end of the series. I am here to bring you some of the best sick girls in anime. Let’s not focus on the sad part of their lives, but rather the joy they bring to each and every one of us! It’s a celebration of life not death my pandas.

(P. S. some of the gif sizes will be off in this post. Please ignore it XD)

1. Sakura from I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

^Sakura’s smile always gave me hope ❀

2. Nagisa from Clannad

^Ya know…I’ve only ever watch Clannad: After story. Maybe I should go back and watch the first series lololz

3. Akito from Fruits Basket

^I apologize in advance if you haven’t figured out Akito is actually a girl πŸ˜›

4. Yuuki from Sword Art Online: Mother’s Rosario

^My favorite girl in Sword Art Online.

5. Chise from The Ancient Magus Bride

^Chise predominately gets stronger throughout the series but we know she is frail to begin with.

6. Kaori in Your Lie in April

^Most everyone’s favorite sick girl.

7. Naoko from The Wind Rises

^I wish we got to see more of Naoko in the movie.

8. Mirai from Seraph of the End

^I wonder if we’ll ever get another season of Seraph?

9. Trisha from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

^Look guys…one anime I still haven’t seen

10. Olivia from Violet Evergarden

^Olivia…you were too precious for this world

And that about does it for me today guys! Which sickly girl in anime is your favorite? I’m pretty partial to Sakura from I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. I juts love her personality in the movie. What Top Ten Tuesday should I take on next? Let me know all your thoughts, opinions and comments down below in the comments section! Remember to always stay kawaii and cuddly my pandas. MUAH! XOXO

(Disclaimer: All imagery, photos, and gifs come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.)