A Much Needed Update

Hello everyone. Ayano here. I announced a little while ago on Twitter that I was having writers block/a lack in creative ideas for post recently. This is true. I am having a hard time coming up with the motivation to blog/write anything at the moment. Then of course COVID-19 hit and things completely changed around […]

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How NOT To Adapt An Anime

(Note from Ayano: This was Not Psychotic’s last post for the month of February. Due to me moving last week I was not able to post it until today. Thank you for being patient and understanding! I hope you enjoy Psychotic’s final guest writing piece!) We all know why comics/manga get adaptations…that reason, simply put, […]

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Baki and the Beauty of Violence

Not Psychotic here once again! It’s safe to say I love violence in media. Everything from how it’s made to how it’s portrayed and how it can convey the tone of the story or change it in an instant. One of the most fascinating examples of this in my opinion is the anime BAKI. BAKI […]

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