Have you ever experienced deja vu when watching a particular anime?
Do you think to yourself, “Why have I seen this before?”
Do you sometimes feel like you are watching the same occurrences over and over again?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above then you may be suffering from a case of “all-to-common occurrences/cliches in anime”.

In order to receive proper treatment from our world renowned Ayano-sensei please see the list of symptoms below before your consultation.

1. The Main Character (usually) sits next to the window in school

next to window

I like to refer to this one as the “godly seat.” It is made for the chosen one in anime. I feel like the more important you are, the closer your seat is to the windows.

2. The Main Group of characters are friends/become friends in the end

Either the group has known each other since childhood/grew up together or they all eventually become friends in high school. It is a known fact that everyone comes together in the end for a much larger purpose. Mainly to show the bonds of a strong friendship.

3. The Main Character’s parents are gone or they pass on to the afterlife

Simon and Kam.jpg

A good chunk of anime shows usually portray the main character’s parents gone (usually away for work/business) or they end up dying in the show. Sometimes it is only one parent that ends up dying so they are still left with one, but this usually leads to the one parent being distant from the main character.

4. Plot Armor

Essentially means that the main character can never die or have any harm come to them. They always pull through in the clutch. Sometimes this also goes for anyone in contact with the main character (not always doh).

5. Random beach/hot springs episodes

Anime bikini

No good anime would be complete without a random trip to the beach or hot springs. We have to see those super kawaii girls in their bikini’s or in nothing at all! We NEED that fan service!

6. Fan Service/Anime girls with large breast

Rias and friend

Speaking of fan service…FAN SERVICE! FAN SERVICE EVERYWHERE! That and anime ladies that have very large (and bouncy) breast are VERY common in the anime community. I don’t think we will ever escape that one 😉

7. Speaking of breast…the Main Character trips and falls onto a girl with big boobies/boob grab…ayyyeee

This one is pretty self explanatory lololoz

8. The Main Character will have a harem of girls

Monster harem

The main character is often surrounded by a large group of attractive women, thus making it hard to choose one waifu. Usually the women compete against one another in order to receive affection from the main character. Other times viewers are blessed with “reverse harem” series in which the main character is a woman surrounded by gorgeous men.

9. The Popular Guy/Girl is good at everything they do


These main characters excel at everything they do; from cooking, to grades, to sports, and anything else you might think of! They are often part of the school’s committees or play a large role in their class.  Many of the main characters (if they are not one themselves) strive to be like the popular guy/girl.

10. The Main Character starts off weak but becomes a total bad ass by the end of the series

Many main characters in anime will start off weak, childish, or even annoying. They end up getting caught up in some life altering scenario that makes them change their outlook on life. This usually hardens them as a character and transforms them into a complete bad ass/overpowered character to save the day.

If you are experiencing any of these common symptoms please contact Ayano-senpai over on her Twitter to make an appointment right away. These symptoms may cause irritability, annoyance, fatigue, or even headaches.

Discuss the severity and frequency that these “common occurrences” are happening with your doctor. Ayano-senpai may be able to alter the timing and dosages of your anime to reduce the unpleasant feeling or prescribe a more unique show to help.

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them

I mean who didn’t want to be a cool kid in high school? I know I did (even though it never did happen). The so called “cool” kids ended up being all the rich kids that could afford to do cool shit with their friends. But fuck the norm! We weirdos are waaayyy cooler anyways!

Speaking of the word cool, here we are with another senpai Saturday! Ayachan (that’s me) is here to give you a little informational download on the word “kuudere.” Also shout out to Yukinocake for giving my such a kawaii nickname! I wuv it! ❤ Don’t forget to head on over to her site and smash that follow button! You just click here: https://shinyuusite.wordpress.com/. Go on now! Shoo shoo.

“Kuudere refers to a type of character that is cool, aloof, and introverted but usually very confident-at least on the outside. This contrasts with what is actually a very ‘deredere’ or sweet and loving interior. Kuudere comes from the word “kuuru”, borrowing from the English word “cool”, and “dere” the Japanese term for being sweet. “


I’ve always enjoyed the whole “cold shoulder” concept. I feel like “kuudere” guys/gals give off an extra edge when making their appearance in anime. Sometimes guys/girls that are too sweet piss me off. Not everyone is like that in real life! Maybe that’s why I find “kuudere” characters a bit more relatable.

Kuudere’s sister term in tsundere, but the difference between these two is “tsundere” characters tend to be a bit more cold and hostile upfront (this usually only last for a short amount of time), while “kuudere” characters hold their composer/emotionless facade the whole time. Hence the term “cool.” They maintain that cold stability regardless of the situation they might be thrown into and they may even seem uncaring/apathetic. But once a “kuudere” reveals his/her even just a little bit you soon realize they have a very sweet and loving side underneath all of that ice.

I am back at it again with information at http://hero.wikia.com/wiki/Kuudere. They have some very good information on all the “dere” terms! I see you judge me again. STAHP IT! *Gives dramatic eye roll*

  • Like its sister term Tsundere, it became popular during the release of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with the debut of Rei Ayanami, who to this day remains one of the best and most well-known examples. It is used to describe characters who always remain calm and composed. Though they act serious on the outside, they often have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor. They tend to have deep love for someone (whether romantic or otherwise) but are afraid to show it too often because they view it as a weakness, either because of who they are or because of the situation they are in. More often than not, they come off as emotionless, acting very cold, blunt and cynical.

When you look up the term “kuudere” I am sure you will find terms such as “cool,” “cold,” “cynical,” or even “blunt.” But just because a character might be “kuudere” doesn’t mean they are unlovable. Just like any other “dere” character “kuudere’s” have great qualities as well! I often find “kuudere” characters have a lot of dedication and they tend to work harder than others. Once they are committed to something (or someone) they do everything they possibly can to succeed!

Kuudere characters are famous for being ice queens, both aloof and distant. But that is just their outer surface. Their hearts radiate an incredible warmth that fans worldwide can’t help but want to bask in!

We still have to cover the term dandere. That will be next weeks lesson! We are slowly making out way through these character types. I am having a blast doing these little mini-lessons for you all. I hope you guys are too!

Yin artwork

Which character(s) fall under the “kuudere” category that you enjoy watching the most? Do you prefer their sweet or cold/emotionless side more? Let me know down in the comments section! I would love to see which characters you guys like most!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.