Sohara Kishimoto is walking down a lonely foggy street in Kyoto. She has just left her middle school and is walking home. A small gust of wind causes her long black hair to flutter. She tightens her grip on her black leather book bag. Sohara hates how she has to walk home all by herself. The thick fog and empty streets creeps her out. She remembers when she was little her grandmother always told her to never go alone. If she did, Kuchisake Onna would find her. But Sohara never got to listen to that whole story because her mother always interrupted the grandmother. Sohara was never scared of urban legends. Myths are myths she would always tell herself. Through the fog, Sohara can see an outline of a person sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk straight of head of her. She can make out that the person was sitting down with their knees up against their chest. As Sohara walks closer to the unknown person, she can start to see that it is a young woman with long black hair. Once Sohara was about a meter away from the unknown woman, she can see that the woman is wearing a surgical face mask. The young woman turns towards Sohara. Sohara shivers when another gust of wind blows past her. She gets a bad feeling from this woman. Something doesn’t feel right about this woman.

  The woman in the surgical mask stands up and starts to move towards Sohara. Sohara frantically starts to move back away from the woman. Sohara shrieks as she trips over a large crack in the sidewalk and falls down onto her butt.

    “Nanika mondai aru?” (Do you have a problem?)Sohara asks the unknown woman.

  “Shiritai koto ga arunda kedo.” (I need to know something.) the woman replies.

   “Nan jigoku anata ga shiritai desu ka?” (What the hell do you want to know?) Sohara asks her.

  “Watashi wa kirei?” (Am I beautiful?)  the unknown woman asks.

  “Dō natteru? Kono onna dōka shiteru no? Kirei da to tsutaetai hō ga bunan da to omou.” (What the hell is going on? What the hell is wrong with this woman? Probably safer to just tell her she is beautiful.) Sohara thinks to herself.

  “H-hai. Anata wa kirei.” (Y-yes. You are beautiful.) Sohara responds.

   “Hontō ni?” (Am I really?) the masked woman replies to Sohara’s response in a dark tone.

   The masked woman then rips off her surgical mask. Sohara’s body turns ice cold from terror. The only warmth that she felt was the urine soaking up her school uniform skirt. The woman’s mouth was slit ear to ear. She gives Sohara a sickening smile that shows the woman’s jawbone. Then she pulls out a giant pair of scissors.

   “Watashi wa mada kirei?” (Am I still beautiful?)  the woman asks with her sickening smile.

  Sohara just lays there in her puddle of urine. She doesn’t know what to do or what to say. This was Kuchisake Onna, the slit mouth woman. She wasn’t a myth or an urban legend after all. She was real. Her grandmother was right, it was dangerous to go alone.

  “Watashi wa kirei?”(Am I beautiful?) Kuchisake Onna asks Sohara for the second time.

   Sohara quickly gets up and starts to run through the thick fog. “Dareka tasukete! Dareka tasukete!” (Got to find help.) Sohara thinks over and over again.

   Sohara blinks and stops dead in her tracks. Kuchisake Onna is right in front of her. Sohara tries to turn around but Kuchisake Onna grabs her shoulder.

“Watashi wa kirei?” she asks Sohara again.

“Masaka! Anata wa kirei janai!”(No! No, you are not beautiful.) Sohara yells at Kuchisake Onna.

   Kuchisake Onna laughs out loud then stabs Sohara in the mouth with her large pair of scissors. Sohara’s body jerks when the tip of the blood covered scissor blade exits the back of her head. Sohara’s eyes rolls back and she starts making gurgling noises has her mouth throat fills up with blood. Kuchisake Onna starts cutting Sohara’s head in half. The sound of flesh, blood, bone being cut by scissors fills up the foggy street.

   So next time you are walking alone, remember this. It’s dangerous to go alone. Cause if you do, Kuchisake Onna will get you

   With October coming soon, it seems right to do a spooky post to liven up things. So to start spooky month coming soon, today we will talk about a spooky Waifu. An Urban Legend in Japan. Who is it? What cutie am I writing about today? Let’s just say that she always has a big smile on her face. 

   Today we are talking about Kuchisake-onna aka the slit mouth woman. Have you heard of her before? She appears in Japanese Horror movies, anime, manga, and even doujins (don’t ask how I know). She is quite the famous Urban Legend in Japan. A beautiful woman with a smile that reaches ear to ear, due to having her mouth cut open. 057-kuchisakeonna

 Starting from the Edo period, her legend goes that if you are walking alone on the street, you might run into a beautiful woman wearing a face mask. She will ask you if she is beautiful, if you say no, she’ll kill you, if you say yes she will take off her mask. You’ll see her cut open mouth and she’ll ask you if she is still beautiful. Say no, she’ll kill you. Say yes she’ll cut open your mouth to resemble hers. The only way to survive is to say that she is average or ask her if you are beautiful. There is also a rumor she likes sweet candy. Oh yeah, she uses a large pair of scissors to kill and to cut open your mouth. Fun stuff. slit-mouth-2

   It’s funny to think about cus parents tell their kids this to keep them from going out late alone. Or else a woman will kill them or slice open their mouths. We should be telling our kids this to scare the shit out of them. 

   Since I’m a horror writer, I have written a short story about Kuchisake-onna, so look at the next post coming out today. I hope you enjoy it. 


                       -Tsubaki Kuro

Before you say anything, I know this is some really bottom of the barrel shit, but I’ve got to write a bunch of stuff before I fly away and this is a somewhat amusing story. As this is published, I’ll be in Kyoto, the historic capital of Japan (and yes, I’m going to continue rubbing my Japan trip in your face next week too).

This is kind of a follow up to my post a few weeks ago about how I got into anime, so be sure to read that too! (Click here to read it!)

I can’t remember the exact time scale of this, but it must have been sometime in 2014. I’d dropped out of school and was working fulltime for an I.T. support company, being either 17 or 18 years old. I wasn’t loving it, but it was better than the sixth form I was going to (if you don’t know what sixth form is, just google it because I’m not explaining the English school system here).

I was sat with a few friends and we were discussing anime. I mentioned that I’d bought a DVD of a series I knew nothing about beforehand called Elfen Lied and that it was alright. The series contains a fair amount of gore and nudity, with the opening sequence just being a naked woman murdering a shit tonne of people with her mind. My friend thought it was pretty cool and typed it into MyAnimeList… apart from the fact that he didn’t. He typed Elfina… which happens to be a hentai. We laughed it off and that was that (I don’t think he ever actually watched Elfen Lied after that, but he’s not missing out on that much, let’s face it).

In the following weeks and months, I kept thinking about the coincidence… but more so I wondered what Elfina was actually like having never seen any hentai. One day, I decided that I’d sit down and watch it. This was a mistake.

Okay, anyone here that’s seen Elfina will know that it’s not really shocking or disgusting when compared to other hentai out there, but remember that this was my first experience and it’s not vanilla by any means.

I couldn’t find the first episode online (because I didn’t know where to look) but found the second of the trilogy. The opening sequence features a large group of women in chains pissing on the floor in the rain what the fuck is happening I’ve never seen anything like this before… breathe… breathe… it can’t get any worse than this… can it?

It can.

Turns out Elfina is a series wherein a country conquers its neighbouring nation and sends the men and children away, but keeps the women as sex slaves, Elfina being the titular princess of the conquered nation.

“Highlights” of the episode were a guy forcing a girl to… um… nosh him off during a meeting and then hold the ‘aftermath’ in her mouth for like a day, the same woman rubbing up on a jail cell bar, and the princess getting fucking gang raped at then and fucking enjoying being shamed… just why, Japan?

After completing the episode, I dutifully went to sleep and went to work the next day. I recall feeling a little ill, but I was able to get by. At lunch I walked up to the local Co-Op and bought a bacon and egg sandwich before walking back down to the office to tuck into it. As I opened the sandwich box I looked into the fleshy and slightly damp interior and the imagery it conjured made me feel sick. I took one bite before throwing the rest of the sandwich away… I didn’t eat sandwiches for a while after that.

I’ve seen hentai since, but I don’t watch it regularly. It doesn’t make me feel sick anymore, but I don’t think I can ever truly ‘enjoy’ it.

Any of you got some fun hentai stories? Let me know below! This post is a little shorter than usual as I’m writing three in one stint and last week’s was a little heavy, so figured I’d keep this one short and sweet!



   Ever asked someone what was the worst anime and then watch that anime to see if it’s as bad as they said it was. I just recently done that and I have to say, it was worth it this time. The thing was an infamous anime movie. From the year 1992. And based off a famous artist’s manga. As a horror writer I find this mangaka and artist as an inspiration. 

   For professional reasons, I must give this WARNING: this blog post will have some mature content including violence and sexual content. So you have been warned. ff7874478167e97879c782964b905963bbe56da9r1-580-858v2_hq

   The movie I saw was Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki which horrorish anime movie from 1992 based off the manga with the same name by Suehiro Mauro. Suehiro Mauro is a mangaka that specializes in Ero-guro ( Erotic Grotesque) which is sexualized gore. For those who are like, what the fuck is this post and why do you like that shit, it’s a complicated thing. I love horror and all the weird shit that forms from it. I even have an autographed copy of his Laughing Vampire manga. Anywho, let’s get back on track. Suehiro Mauro made Shoujo Tsubaki and then later on it got an animated movie.

   The animated movie both good and bad. The good thing is that it is hella creepy, doesn’t censor, follows the manga, and one person animated the whole thing. The bad, the animation sucks, like there are parts where the animation is non existent. The art is not that great, but then again it was the year 1992, and Suehiro Mauro art style is fucking godly. And the content in the film can be extreme. Like showing a puppy getting smashed and its guts bursts out or a man having intercourse and licking the eyeball of the person. That stuff can be scarring. 

  Of course i had one of my blog buddies watch the movie for his reaction. So here is Bodell’s testimony. 

   “I really enjoyed the art direction of it, but the story was all over the place and I found it a little bit boring tbh. 

   It was as shocking as I expected and the discomfort I felt wasn’t due to it doing what it wanted, but more lack of enjoyment.” -Bodell

   There is also a Live Action movie of this piece, shocking enough, but i could only watch like 20 mins of it cus it was utter shit. I have it downloaded on my phone, so I will probably watch it all to torture myself later on. 

   I know you all are yelling at this blog, yelling at me for that one thing. WHAT IS THE FUCKING THING ABOUT???!!!! Well I’ll give you the quick synopsis. A young girl is forced into creepy circus and a lot of bad shit happens to her and around her. It’s not a happy story. 

   So if you have a strong stomach and a strong curiosity, check out the animated movie and tell me what you think of it. For those who have a weak stomach, stay away, for the love of god, stay away.

   Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.  

                         -Tsubaki Kuro