(Disclaimer: Today’s blog is a Throwback Thursday post I wrote in May of 2017. I figured since I have a larger audience now you guys might enjoy this content!)

I wanted to have a little chat with you all today on the topic of what makes an anime truly great.

We all have our likes and dislikes, our favorites and least favorites, characters we love to hate and hate to love, our best wifu’s, and even which OP’s and ED’s we decide to watch every time a new episode is on or should we choose to skip over the song(s) just to get to the opening scenes. But with everyone’s personal taste being just that, personal, how do we really know when an anime is great?

Is it the characters or how they are drawn?
Is it the plot/story-line?
Is it the animation or art style?
Is it the music/soundtrack(s)?
Does it have to be unique or can it be done over and over again with a different perspective?
Or is it simply because you can immerse yourself into that world because the mood or atmosphere draws you in?

These are all very logical and rational questions when it comes to breaking down an anime series.

Yin DTB Art

For me it’s a combination of all the questions I just asked. It is a jumbled mix of art style, design, story premise, music, character development/progression, and the ability to be drawn into an anime within a matter of minutes.

Now I do have to admit I am not the harshest critic out there. I tend to go easy on anime I love, while others tend to tear it apart. I feel like I am that audience member that is easy to please. But I also feel like my way of processing anime (and other media) is way more open than others. I really enjoy anime (and movies) that have no real concept or meaning. I like things that have no “true” ending. A good example of this is the anime Glasslip. This was a pretty typical romance anime until the very end. Many people were disappointed because it made zero sense when it ended, but here I am saying that I liked it. I wasn’t mad that it veered off in a completely different direction than what I thought it was going to be originally. I think I was more so wondering why they didn’t explain things more thoroughly? It needed that little extra edge for it to make more sense.


I think in order for an anime to be truly great it has to leave some sort of lasting impression on you. It has to have some meaningful impact that you can connect with on a “personal” level. Those are the anime’s that tend to stick with you throughout your life time. Even if the story or the characters are cliche, if there is something within that anime that resignates with your soul then that anime has done its job.

Being unique and different are just plus side effects of making an anime that is simply special.

I would like to call this feeling “emotional impact.”

My favorite anime’s tend to make me cry or they have me on the edge of my seat. Those are the anime’s that I love the most. I love the feeling you get when you are so hyped up on watching a certain scene that you just can’t help but squeal with excitement. You are so enthralled with what is going on that you don’t  even dare to blink. Memories are usually forged with these “emotional impacts” and these are what allow anime’s to stick with you forever.

I want to know your thoughts on what makes an anime truly great. Is it some of the topics I mentioned above or is it something else entirely? Do you have any likes and dislikes about certain anime? Let me know in the comments section ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Have you ever experienced deja vu when watching a particular anime?
Do you think to yourself, “Why have I seen this before?”
Do you sometimes feel like you are watching the same occurrences over and over again?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above then you may be suffering from a case of “all-to-common occurrences/cliches in anime”.

In order to receive proper treatment from our world renowned Ayano-sensei please see the list of symptoms below before your consultation.

1. The Main Character (usually) sits next to the window in school

next to window

I like to refer to this one as the “godly seat.” It is made for the chosen one in anime. I feel like the more important you are, the closer your seat is to the windows.

2. The Main Group of characters are friends/become friends in the end

Either the group has known each other since childhood/grew up together or they all eventually become friends in high school. It is a known fact that everyone comes together in the end for a much larger purpose. Mainly to show the bonds of a strong friendship.

3. The Main Character’s parents are gone or they pass on to the afterlife

Simon and Kam.jpg

A good chunk of anime shows usually portray the main character’s parents gone (usually away for work/business) or they end up dying in the show. Sometimes it is only one parent that ends up dying so they are still left with one, but this usually leads to the one parent being distant from the main character.

4. Plot Armor

Essentially means that the main character can never die or have any harm come to them. They always pull through in the clutch. Sometimes this also goes for anyone in contact with the main character (not always doh).

5. Random beach/hot springs episodes

Anime bikini

No good anime would be complete without a random trip to the beach or hot springs. We have to see those super kawaii girls in their bikini’s or in nothing at all! We NEED that fan service!

6. Fan Service/Anime girls with large breast

Rias and friend

Speaking of fan service…FAN SERVICE! FAN SERVICE EVERYWHERE! That and anime ladies that have very large (and bouncy) breast are VERY common in the anime community. I don’t think we will ever escape that one 😉

7. Speaking of breast…the Main Character trips and falls onto a girl with big boobies/boob grab…ayyyeee

This one is pretty self explanatory lololoz

8. The Main Character will have a harem of girls

Monster harem

The main character is often surrounded by a large group of attractive women, thus making it hard to choose one waifu. Usually the women compete against one another in order to receive affection from the main character. Other times viewers are blessed with “reverse harem” series in which the main character is a woman surrounded by gorgeous men.

9. The Popular Guy/Girl is good at everything they do


These main characters excel at everything they do; from cooking, to grades, to sports, and anything else you might think of! They are often part of the school’s committees or play a large role in their class.  Many of the main characters (if they are not one themselves) strive to be like the popular guy/girl.

10. The Main Character starts off weak but becomes a total bad ass by the end of the series

Many main characters in anime will start off weak, childish, or even annoying. They end up getting caught up in some life altering scenario that makes them change their outlook on life. This usually hardens them as a character and transforms them into a complete bad ass/overpowered character to save the day.

If you are experiencing any of these common symptoms please contact Ayano-senpai over on her Twitter to make an appointment right away. These symptoms may cause irritability, annoyance, fatigue, or even headaches.

Discuss the severity and frequency that these “common occurrences” are happening with your doctor. Ayano-senpai may be able to alter the timing and dosages of your anime to reduce the unpleasant feeling or prescribe a more unique show to help.

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them

Hey pandas!

Sorry for not posting yesterday or the day before or the day before that. After the news of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park dying, I’ve kind of been in a weird funk. As a fan who grew up with Linkin Park I took the news pretty hard. I cried most of the day after I found out the tragic news. Linkin Park’s music got me through a lot of tough times (and I’m sure a lot of you guys feel this way as well). Chester was a rock icon, a musician who spoke to millions, and most of all…human. It is crazy to think that no matter how much you have in this world it WILL NEVER equivalate to happiness. Happiness comes from within.

I would like share a quote from Helen Keller with you all: “What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me.”

If you or someone you know is having a hard time dealing with your/their depression please please please reach out to someone. If you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to then call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Someone is ALWAYS there to listen to you. Even if you do not know this person they are still willing to listen to you.

Okay! Enough with the heavy. Today is Sunday Funday after all. You guys came here for some fun anime recs and I am here to provide them to you! These are some of my favorite lighthearted comedy anime that I think pretty much everyone can enjoy (but you don’t necessarily have to take my word for it). You guys are adults and I am sure you can make your own decisions…or can I? Tehehe. 😉

Lets get this party started!

(P.S. Some of these anime series do have darker themed elements in some of their episodes)

1. Barakamon

Anime synopsis:

“Seishuu Handa is an up-and-coming calligrapher: young, handsome, talented, and unfortunately, a narcissist to boot. When a veteran labels his award-winning piece as “unoriginal,” Seishuu quickly loses his cool with severe repercussions.

As punishment, and also in order to aid him in self-reflection, Seishuu’s father exiles him to the Goto Islands, far from the comfortable Tokyo lifestyle the temperamental artist is used to. Now thrown into a rural setting, Seishuu must attempt to find new inspiration and develop his own unique art style—that is, if boisterous children (headed by the frisky Naru Kotoishi), fujoshi middle schoolers, and energetic old men stop barging into his house! The newest addition to the intimate and quirky Goto community only wants to get some work done, but the islands are far from the peaceful countryside he signed up for. Thanks to his wacky neighbors who are entirely incapable of minding their own business, the arrogant calligrapher learns so much more than he ever hoped to.”

2. Fukigen na Mononokean (The Morose Mononokean)


Anime synopsis:

“The start of Hanae Ashiya’s high school career has not been easy—he has spent all of the first week in the infirmary, and his inexplicable condition is only getting worse. The cause of his torment is the mysterious fuzzy creature that has attached itself to him ever since he stumbled upon it the day before school began.

As his health continues to decline and the creature grows in size, Hanae comes across a flyer advertising an exorcist who expels youkai. Desperate and with nothing left to lose, he calls the number and is led to the Mononokean, a tea room which suddenly appears next to the infirmary. A morose-sounding man, Haruitsuki Abeno, reluctantly helps Hanae but demands payment afterward. Much to Hanae’s dismay, he cannot afford the fee and must become an employee at the Mononokean to work off his debt. And to make things worse, his new boss is actually one of his classmates. If Hanae ever hopes to settle his debt, he must work together with Abeno to guide a variety of dangerous, strange, and interesting youkai back to the Underworld.”

3. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun)

Nozaki-kun and Sakura

Anime synopsis:

“Chiyo Sakura is a cheerful high school girl who has fallen head over heels for the oblivious Umetarou Nozaki. Much to Chiyo’s confusion, when she confesses to her beloved Nozaki, he hands her an unfamiliar autograph. As it turns out, the stoic teenage boy is actually a respected shoujo mangaka, publishing under the pen name Sakiko Yumeno! A series of misunderstandings leads to Chiyo becoming one of Nozaki’s manga assistants.

Throughout the hilarious events that ensue, she befriends many of her quirky schoolmates, including her seemingly shameless fellow assistant, Mikoto Mikoshiba, and the “Prince of the School,” Yuu Kashima. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun follows Chiyo as she strives to help Nozaki with his manga and hopes that he will eventually notice her feelings.”

4. Musaigen no Phantom World (Myriad Colors Phantom World)

Anime synopsis:

“Phantoms: supernatural entities such as ghosts or youkai that, until recently, were thought to be superstition. However, when a virus that infects the brain spreads throughout society, people’s perception of the world changes as the mythical beings are revealed to have been living alongside humanity the entire time. This virus has also affected those of the next generation significantly, allowing them to develop special abilities that they can use to fight against dangerous phantoms.

Haruhiko Ichijou and Mai Kawakami are two of those that were granted such power as Haruhiko wields the ability to summon and seal phantoms through drawings while Mai imbues the power of the elements into martial arts. Together, along with the friendly phantom Ruru, they form Team E of Hosea Academy which is dedicated to dealing with these often mischievous beings. In a world where the real and surreal intertwine, Musaigen no Phantom World follows the adventures of a group of friends as they handle the everyday troubles caused by phantoms.”

5. Tamako Market

Tamako Market

Anime synopsis:

“Inside the Usagiyama Shopping District lies an eccentric but close-knit community of business owners. Tamako Kitashirakawa, a clumsy though adorable teenage girl, belongs to a family of mochi bakers who own a quaint shop called Tama-ya. One day, Tamako stumbles upon a talking bird that presents himself as royalty from a distant land. Dera Mochimazzi, as he calls himself, states that he’s seeking a bride for his country’s prince. Intent on his mission, Dera follows Tamako home and develops an addiction to mochi, becoming painfully overweight and subsequently unable to fly back to his homeland; thus, he takes up residence with Tamako’s family and becomes the community’s beloved mascot.

Meanwhile, Tamako’s friend, Mochizou Ooji, continues to hide his true feelings for her. Their fathers are fierce mochi rivals, but will it be enough to drive a wedge between Tamako and Mochizou? And just what will happen to Dera’s task of finding his prince’s destined bride?”

Of course the last two I have on this list would be from Kyoto Animation. Probably because I love their studio work so so much! The animation is just brilliantly done! Have you seen any of the shows I listed above? If not which ones will you be adding to your watch list? If you have which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below!

And as always thank you for being here my pandas! You rock! ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them

Moshi moshi my pandas!

Welcome back to another lovely Top Ten Tuesday! You know…where I usually recommend animus for you to watch, (but you probably won’t), but I still try anyways XD This is my life. HALP!

All jokes aside, I wanted to bring some great anime films to your attentions. I did a list of my favorite fantasy anime films awhile back so some of those choices might make it onto this list as well. There are some really kick ass anime movies out there! I can’t help but gush about them on occasions like these. I am probably going to keep today’s post pretty simple. I will list the anime film with its synopsis….and that’s it! Haha. What a lazy asshole I am!

Sometimes I am in the mood to write my own personal summaries with them but I’m kind of not feeling it today. You guys already know I wouldn’t have these films on my list if I didn’t enjoy/love them. Maybe I’ll write a blog of anime I don’t like next? I haven’t done that yet! What do you guys think? Should I write about all the anime I dropped/couldn’t get into? Let me know in the comments section! I enjoy hearing from you guys.

Let’s get on with this bad boy!

1. Colorful


Film synopsis:

“I died and was kicked out of the cycle of reincarnation because of the sin “I” committed. An angel told me that “I” won a lottery and he gave me a chance to remember the sin. My spirit possessed the body of the 14-year-old boy Makoto, who committed suicide and “I” tried to recollect my memory. “I” felt distressed by the terrible circumstances of Makoto and the fact that “I” was borrowing his body. “I” have started to realize that people are hurting each other because the world is too colorful to distinguish the true color of themselves from others.”

2. Hotarubi no Mori e

Gin Hotarubi no Mori e

Film synopsis:

“Intrigued by the tale of a mountain god, six-year-old Hotaru Takegawa loses her way in the ancient forest while visiting her uncle. Exhausted and desperate for help, Hotaru is thrilled to find a masked forest spirit named Gin. She learns the hard way that she should not touch the boy, or he would disappear. In spite of this, Gin leads Hotaru out of the forest and warns her never to return when she promises to come again with a gift.

Paying no heed to his cautionary words, and despite being separated by both distance and planes of existence, Hotaru and Gin become close friends as she visits him every summer. However, their relationship and resolve are put to the test, when romantic feelings conflict with the one and only rule.

Based on Yuki Midorikawa’s manga of the same name, Hotarubi no Mori e is a tale of friendship and compromise of two people who should never have crossed paths, as their lives become hopelessly intertwined.”

3. HAL


Film synopsis:

“Kurumi is a beautiful young woman whose beloved boyfriend, Hal, died in a sudden airplane accident. Left heartbroken and gloomy, she isolates herself in a small house. But this soon comes to change when her grandfather requests the help of a humanoid robot named Q01.

Taking on the appearance of Hal, Q01 is sent to Kurumi’s house in order to save her from her state of despair. As Hal returns day after day and increases his efforts, Kurumi, despite her initial reluctance, slowly begins to open up to him and break free from her depression. But there is more to Hal than meets the eye, and these two will soon learn an unexpected truth about this relationship between a human and an android.” 

4. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (The Anthem of the Heart)

The anthem of the heart

Film synopsis:

“Jun is a girl whose words have been sealed away. She was once a very happy girl, but because of a certain thing she said when she was very young, her family was torn apart. One day, the egg fairy appeared in front of her and sealed away her ability to talk in order to stop her from hurting anybody else. Since this traumatic experience, Jun lives in the shadows away from the limelight. But, one day, she is nominated to become an executive member of the “community outreach council.” On top of that, Jun is also appointed to play the main lead in their musical…” 

5. Memories

Memories 2

Film synopsis:

“From Katsuhiro Otomo, acclaimed creator of Akira, comes an animated masterpiece: three short stories all put together as a series of Memories. Part one is titled Magnetic Rose, a science fiction tale that tells a chilling story of love, loss, and the unwillingness to forget. Part two is titled Stink Bomb, a tongue-in-cheek story of a chemical researcher who is just looking for a way to get rid of his cold… so why is everybody around him dying? Part three is titled Cannon Fodder and is an introspective tale about modern wars and simply following orders. Music conducted by Yoko Kanno, Jun Miyake, Hiroyuki Nagashima, and Takkyu Ishino.” 

6. Project Itoh <Harmony>


Film synopsis:

“In the future, Utopia has finally been achieved thanks to medical nanotechnology and a powerful ethic of social welfare and mutual consideration. This perfect world isn’t that perfect though, and three young girls stand up to totalitarian kindness and super-medicine by attempting suicide via starvation. It doesn’t work, but one of the girls—Tuan Kirie—grows up to be a member of the World Health Organization. As a crisis threatens the harmony of the new world, Tuan rediscovers another member of her suicide pact, and together they must help save the planet…from itself.”

7. The Red Turtle

the red turtle

Film synopsis:

“A nameless man set adrift by a storm wakes up on a deserted island. Finding fresh fruit and water, as well as variety of animals and a sweeping forest of bamboo, the man decides to leave the island. The man builds a raft from bamboo, and attempts to sail away. However, an unseen animal destroys the raft, forcing the man back to the island. Attempting to escape with another raft, his plan is foiled again by the unknown animal. Trying a third time, he finds that the animal is a red turtle.”

8. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

the tale

Film synopsis:

“Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter and his wife, a tiny girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady. The mysterious young princess enthralls all who encounter her – but ultimately she must confront her fate, the punishment for her crime.”

9. Miss Hokusai

Miss housaki

Film synopsis:

“As all of Edo flocks to see the work of the revered painter Hokusai, his daughter O-Ei toils diligently inside his studio. Her masterful portraits, dragons and erotic sketches- sold under the name of her father- are coveted by upper crust Lords and journeyman print makers alike. Shy and reserved in public, in the studio O-Ei is as brash and uninhibited as her father, smoking a pipe while sketching drawings that would make contemporary Japanese ladies blush. But despite this fiercely independent spirit, O-Ei struggles under the domineering influence of her father and is ridiculed for lacking the life experience that she is attempting to portray in her art.” 

10. Sakasama no Patema (Patema Inverted)

Patema Inverted

Film synopsis:

“Patema is a plucky young girl from an underground civilization boasting an incredible network of tunnels. Inspired by a friend that mysteriously went missing, she is often reprimanded due to her constant excursions of these tunnels due to her royal status. After she enters what is known as the “forbidden zone,” she accidentally falls into a giant bottomless pit after being startled by a strange creature.

Finding herself on the surface, a world literally turned upside down, she begins falling towards the sky only to be saved by Age, a discontented student of the totalitarian nation known as Aiga. The people of Aiga are taught to believe that “Inverts,” like Patema, are sinners that will be “swallowed by the sky,” but Age has resisted this propaganda and decides to protect his new friend. A chance meeting between two curious teenagers leads to an exploration of two unique worlds as they begin working together to unveil the secrets of their origins in Sakasama no Patema, a heart-warming film about overcoming differences in order to coexist.” 

Honorable Mentions:
Perfect Blue
The Wind Rises
Tamako Love Story
The Empire of Corpses
Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

I mean who didn’t want to be a cool kid in high school? I know I did (even though it never did happen). The so called “cool” kids ended up being all the rich kids that could afford to do cool shit with their friends. But fuck the norm! We weirdos are waaayyy cooler anyways!

Speaking of the word cool, here we are with another senpai Saturday! Ayachan (that’s me) is here to give you a little informational download on the word “kuudere.” Also shout out to Yukinocake for giving my such a kawaii nickname! I wuv it! ❤ Don’t forget to head on over to her site and smash that follow button! You just click here: https://shinyuusite.wordpress.com/. Go on now! Shoo shoo.

“Kuudere refers to a type of character that is cool, aloof, and introverted but usually very confident-at least on the outside. This contrasts with what is actually a very ‘deredere’ or sweet and loving interior. Kuudere comes from the word “kuuru”, borrowing from the English word “cool”, and “dere” the Japanese term for being sweet. “


I’ve always enjoyed the whole “cold shoulder” concept. I feel like “kuudere” guys/gals give off an extra edge when making their appearance in anime. Sometimes guys/girls that are too sweet piss me off. Not everyone is like that in real life! Maybe that’s why I find “kuudere” characters a bit more relatable.

Kuudere’s sister term in tsundere, but the difference between these two is “tsundere” characters tend to be a bit more cold and hostile upfront (this usually only last for a short amount of time), while “kuudere” characters hold their composer/emotionless facade the whole time. Hence the term “cool.” They maintain that cold stability regardless of the situation they might be thrown into and they may even seem uncaring/apathetic. But once a “kuudere” reveals his/her even just a little bit you soon realize they have a very sweet and loving side underneath all of that ice.

I am back at it again with information at http://hero.wikia.com/wiki/Kuudere. They have some very good information on all the “dere” terms! I see you judge me again. STAHP IT! *Gives dramatic eye roll*

  • Like its sister term Tsundere, it became popular during the release of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with the debut of Rei Ayanami, who to this day remains one of the best and most well-known examples. It is used to describe characters who always remain calm and composed. Though they act serious on the outside, they often have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor. They tend to have deep love for someone (whether romantic or otherwise) but are afraid to show it too often because they view it as a weakness, either because of who they are or because of the situation they are in. More often than not, they come off as emotionless, acting very cold, blunt and cynical.

When you look up the term “kuudere” I am sure you will find terms such as “cool,” “cold,” “cynical,” or even “blunt.” But just because a character might be “kuudere” doesn’t mean they are unlovable. Just like any other “dere” character “kuudere’s” have great qualities as well! I often find “kuudere” characters have a lot of dedication and they tend to work harder than others. Once they are committed to something (or someone) they do everything they possibly can to succeed!

Kuudere characters are famous for being ice queens, both aloof and distant. But that is just their outer surface. Their hearts radiate an incredible warmth that fans worldwide can’t help but want to bask in!

We still have to cover the term dandere. That will be next weeks lesson! We are slowly making out way through these character types. I am having a blast doing these little mini-lessons for you all. I hope you guys are too!

Yin artwork

Which character(s) fall under the “kuudere” category that you enjoy watching the most? Do you prefer their sweet or cold/emotionless side more? Let me know down in the comments section! I would love to see which characters you guys like most!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

I find it rather intriguing when you are watching an anime and all of a sudden you say, “WTF am I watching?” Then your next initial thought is, “Why am I watching this again?” That is when you know an anime has turned from good to terribly bad. But what really makes an anime shitty?

Lack of story-line?
Underdeveloped characters/no character growth at all?
A crappy main character?
Not enough progression in the way of viewer sustenance/keeping the view intrigued?
Just random things happening all at once (i.e. things that have no business being in that particular anime)?

It is a combination of all the things I have listed above, but why are we (as viewers), still inclined/intrigued to watch these so called “shitty” anime?

Can these “shitty” anime have redeeming qualities or factors that still make them “some what” good?  My opinion is yes and no. It really boils down to if the “good qualities” can outweigh the “bad qualities.” An anime may be able to get away with it if the MC is portrayed well or if they story line can support an insufficient MC and progress from there.

Let’s take a look at a few anime that had A LOT of potential but eventually fell flat when they were released.

First we have Taboo Tattoo.

Anime synopsis:
“Seigi, a martial arts trained middle schooler, often feels driven to protect the weaker people around him. One day, he defends a homeless man against some punks, and the man gives him a strange tattoo on his palm in return. The tattoo is a secret weapon produced in the arms race between America and the Serinistan Kingdom.

Seigi finds himself in over his head when a powerful girl, using the same secret weapon, violently pursues him in order to retrieve it. His skill at martial arts may not be enough to keep him alive, but will he be able to learn how to trigger the power of his tattoo in time?”

From the anime synopsis I was really intrigued. I also thought the art style of this anime was spot on! I enjoyed the character’s and their designs, as well as the action scenes. Visually this anime kicked ass! Literally, (since it was an anime about fighting), but the story drove it off the deep end. It was rushed and didn’t explain things very well. Plus Seigi was your typical MC who couldn’t do anything until the very end and even then did he still suck ass. I think it would have been WAAAYYY better if the story was about Brad and Bluesy “Izzie.” They were the best character’s in my opinion! Also, maybe if Seigi was a bit more grown up, (he was in middle school for crying out loud!), he could have been a better MC. He would have been fleshed out and developed more as a MC with a little bit of experience under his belt.

Next we have Mayoiga (The Lost Village).

Anime synopsis:
“A bus full of eccentric individuals is headed towards the urban legend known as Nanaki Village, a place where one can supposedly start over and live a perfect life. While many have different ideas of why the village cannot be found on any map, or why even the police cannot pinpoint its location, they each look forward to their new lives and just what awaits them once they reach their destination.

After a few mishaps, they successfully arrive at Nanaki Village only to find it completely abandoned. Judging from the state of disrepair, it has been vacant for at least a year. However, secrets are soon revealed as some of the group begin to go missing while exploring the village and amidst the confusion, they find bloody claw marks in a forest. As mistrust and in-fighting break out, will they ever be able to figure out the truth behind this lost village?” 

I am a sucker for any anime that is horror, mystery, or psychological. So you can assume that I was excited to watch Mayoiga (The Lost Village) when it came out. The anime had the right premises, characters and ambiance, but what it lacked was the scary story-line factor. The story just took the weirdest turn and really didn’t make up for it AT ALL. It was supposed to be about fighting your inner fears/thoughts/dreams, but the way they went about doing so was kind of dumb. If you want to bring someone’s fears to life at least do it in the similar context of the anime film Perfect Blue. I will give this anime credit for dragging out what exactly these characters were afraid of though. They gave us some pretty good cliffhangers so you had to come back to see what happened on the next episode.

Last we have Big Order.

Anime synopsis:
“Ten years ago, a fairy by the name of Daisy appeared and asked the child Eiji Hoshimiya what his one and only wish was. Although his wish remains a mystery, the consequences were catastrophic. In an event called the “Great Destruction,” the world started to fall apart as everything collapsed and countless people died.

Now, Eiji is a high school student whose only concern is his sick sister. He does not remember what he wished for; all that he remembers is that his wish caused the Great Destruction. In the years since that event, thousands of other people have also received abilities to make their heart’s desire come true. These people called “Orders” are believed to be evil and are hated by the general public. However, some of these Orders are after Eiji’s life in vengeance for those that he killed. Will Eiji be able to survive the numerous assassination attempts? And the biggest mystery of all: what did he wish for, and what were his intentions in wishing for something that caused so much desolation?” 

If you think these characters look eerily familiar, then you my friend, are correct. Big Order is from the same creator as Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary). Mirai Nikki was such a huge success that you would also think Big Order was one too right? WRONG! Big Order was another anime that started off really strong but eventually took a wrong turn at the end of the series. Why!? I am a HUGE  fan of Mirai Nikki and I so wanted to love Big Order, but I couldn’t. I mean, I love Daisy and Rin, (they make up for a lot) but what the hell happened to the story? Eiji was too much like Yuuki in Mirai Nikki, pathetic and annoying and only in the end did he find the balls to step up and save the world. Why not play off of other characteristics? Eiji could have been a TOTAL bad ass but he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing. Also, it probably didn’t help that he had a sister complex throughout the whole anime. His sister was a FAAARRR more interesting character than he was. Maybe the roles should have been reversed? Might have worked out better in the long run.

These three anime had some promising components to their shows. I felt like these anime’s were trying too hard in the end. They wanted to appeal to fans of all types of genres, but that notion got lost in a bunch of jumbled up bullshit.

I hate when anime’s throw in specific scenes (i.e. comedy were it doesn’t need to be placed or maybe the wrong type of reaction a character has) in order to move the anime along in a different direction. If something needs to be serious then let it be serious! Don’t just randomly throw in some sketch comedy because you think it will work in the long run. Give me raw emotions! Make me sit on the edge of my seat because I don’t know what is going to happen next. GIVE ME SOMETHING WORTH WHILE DAMMIT!

I won’t sit here and say these anime’s are complete shit, because they aren’t. They do have some redeeming factors that kept me watching until the very end. But these are shows I won’t be watching again. You can consider them “one time offers.” Haha.

I think WTF anime appeals to us because we just want to see how shitty they turn out, and or if they will redeem themselves in some way, shape or form. It is the whole concept of “what if it gets better?” or “will it get better in the end?” It is that curiosity that drives the viewer to continue watching. Maybe that is why they have the saying “curiosity killed the cat.” It seems us wanting to know what happens next gets the better of us sometimes. I know I am guilty of this!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

Welcome back to another senpai Saturday my pandas!

Ayano-senpai is here to bring you another lesson in all things yandere. You know…all of those crazy ass guys/gals that make anime series more interesting. Ya those ones! Yandere is actually my favorite type of “-dere.” This is largely due to Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary). Hence why I made her my featured image 😉

“A fictional character who fits the archetype of being genuinely romantic, loving, kind, merciful, sparing, sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic or deranged in behavior. The psychotic tendency can be both sudden and ever-present. Often used for both comedic and dramatic displays of character.” 

Kurumi date a liveNow these are the girls you have to watch out for! I like to think “yandere” characters have split personalities. You know sweet and innocent one minute and a raging psychopath the next. Pretty normal for any coming of age girl.

You may find a “yandere” who is loyal, but soon that devotion turns into something a bit more destructive in nature, often through acts of violence and brutality. These types of “yandere” characters often have mental illnesses. The term “yandere” is derived from the word “yanderu.” Yanderu’s meaning is to have a mental or emotional illness, and we all know “dere-dere” means to show affection. So these two combined is one toxic mix.

I am going to quote a little information from my good friends over at http://animanga.wikia.com/wiki/Yandere again! They have the 4-11 on all things “dere.”

  • Yandere characters are mentally unstable, and sometimes are incredibly deranged and are not mentally sane, often using extreme violence and/or brutality as an outlet for their emotions. The usage of the character type has led to criticism over the amount of violence in works such as School Days. Although the character type has been used in anime and manga since Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam in 1985, conscious use of the term only began to be around the turn of the millennium.

We still have to cover kuudere and dandere in our next lesson. These two are also very important terms in the anime community. You can’t have one without the other!

Yandere takes the saying “crazy in love” to a whole new meaning. Most of these “yandere” characters do the things they do in order to prove themselves. They want to essentially “prove” their love to the characters that they are interested in, but most of the time their actions make them more psychotic than loving/caring.

Yandere is the type of sickness that embeds itself into the hearts of young, sweet, and innocent girls/boys. They will go to any lengths necessary even if their actions don’t correlate with their love interest desires. It is pretty much a lose-lose situation if a “yandere” decides to fall in love with you. These characters fully believe that what they are doing is just. It’s a mental instability that forces them to focus their energy on one cause (love), and once a “yandere” falls in love, there’s just no turning back. Especially after you’ve killed every other girl/boy your crush is close to in order to protect them.

I love seeing characters go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds flat. I think that is why I enjoy “yandere” characters so much. They look so pure one moment, and then their eyes bug out and you know they are going to go full beast mode. It makes me all giddy inside! I love the hype surrounding “yandere” characters.

Shuu TG

Which character(s) fall under the “yandere” category that you enjoy watching the most? Do you prefer their sweet or psychotic side more? Let me know down in the comments section! I always enjoy hearing from you guys. ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).