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I know, I know. I keep screwing up my blog schedule! I usually post Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays but this week seems like a jumbled up mess. I can’t help it! I work late afternoons until about ten at night. Then all I want to do is lay in bed and watch anime. I’m a lazy p.o.s…merp. Things would be a lot easier if I could have someone write my blogs for me. You know…like a ghost writer type of situation. Man! Wouldn’t that be nice. To sit back, have a tropical drink in my hand and just laze about like the fat hippo that I am…but noooo! I have to do everything myself. Welcome to adulthood. #adulting

Today is another Senpai Saturday…well Sunday but you guys get the point. We are going to explore the term “fujoshi.” That beautiful otaku term related to many ladies in the anime community. Usually you will see this term used for girls who love anything with the concept of BL (Boys Love). It seems this two terms go hand in hand or you can’t really think of one without the other…that type of thing.

So lets get on with our bad selves!

Fujoshi definition:

Fujoshi (“rotten girl”) is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Men who, like fujoshi, enjoy imagining relationships between characters in fictional works when that relationship is not part of the author’s intent may be called fudanshi (“rotten boy”) or fukei (“rotten older brother”), both of which are puns of similar construction to fujoshi.” 

Victor Yuri and Maccah-chan

While “otaku” has been the main term used to describe fans of anime, another term has been making its way through the ranks in the anime community. Hence forth the term “fujoshi!” This term typically pertains to women ranging in their early-teens to mid-to-late forties. Many of these “fujoshi” fans are correlated to the term BL (Boys Love), as I mentioned above. BL (Boys Love) has been consumed by many women since the 1970’s, but the concept of this term (and particular type of woman) gained more mainstream popularity in the early 2000’s on 2-chan (a popular messaging board website in Japan).

As my lovely friend Emma over on https://honeysanime.com/what-is-fujoshi-definition-meaning/ states:

“Since its first appearance on the Internet (within Japanese BL fan culture), fujoshi has become only one of many terms used to describe women with these interests. Despite this, it is by far the most commonly used term among BL fans and mainstream media in Japan.”

Just like the term otaku, the word fujoshi has spread far and wide in the anime community. It has even appeared outside of Japan, making its way to the western culture. Many anime series such as Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me!), Ouran High School Host Club, Yuri!!! On Ice, Super Lovers, and Junjou Romantica (To name a few…because there is a shit ton more :P) have made the term “fujoshi” a main concept of their story-lines.

If you want a good laugh then I highly suggest you check out AkiDearest’s video on the term fujoshi. Hey…maybe you’re still trying to figure out if you’re a fusjoshi or not. Then you have come to the right place my sweet innocent little panda. Mama Aki will take care of you! *Clicky clicky*

The term fujoshi isn’t limited to just women though. If you are a male who likes BL (Boys Love) or anything in the yaoi community then you my friend are a “fudanshi.” Which is pretty much the male version of fujoshi.

It is estimated that 80% of all consumers of BL (Boys Love) and yaoi media is women. Which does not surprise me at all…(considering I am part of that percentile). Ain’t nothing wrong with having a little gayness in your life! Most of the viewers/readers of BL (Boys Love) and yaoi/yuri are heterosexual but straight males who view/read BL (Boys Love) are few and far between.

Hoshi-kun over at https://honeysanime.com/what-is-fujoshi-fudanshi/ gives us a general idea on why this is:

“Because heterosexual males consume Boys’ Love and similar media a whole lot less than their female counterparts in real life, they are featured a whole lot less in anime, but given changing times, they are being centred a lot more in manga and will probably appear more in anime. Fudanshi personalities are vastly different from the stereotypical fujoshi; however, they do have a lot of the same tendencies – fudanshi can be obsessive and in pursuit of the creation of the same experiences they see in BL media in their everyday lives. In contrast to that desire, fudanshi seem to be under more pressure in a social context – they work hard to keep their “fu” a secret and therefore live under a more stifled experience, since they find it difficult to explain why they enjoy homosexual romantic media as heterosexual males.”

Whether you’re a “fujoshi” or “fudanshi,” it seems like BL (Boys Love) and the yaoi/yuri fandom will only keep on growing. I think we will start seeing more shows catering to the yaoi/yuri genre in the upcoming years. I actually wrote about the terms “yaoi” and “yuri” in another Senpai Saturday if you guys want to check that out. You can find that blog post here: https://kawaiipaperpandas.wordpress.com/2017/08/13/senpai-satur-eh-sunday-oops-time-to-be-gay-for-a-day-just-kidding-im-gay-all-the-time-and-you-might-be-too-if-you-like-yaoiyuri/.

I have very high hopes for the fujoshi kingdom. I believe (us) ladies will demand more of it from anime producers/creators. You can only go up from here! I am totally down with some yuri action too. *Keeps eyeing the news about the upcoming anime Citrus* As long as the story is done right I don’t care if the characters end up with the same sex. Just make sure I am properly entertained! That’s all I ask. Nothing like a good story concept and execution.

What are some of your favorite “fujoshi” catered shows? Do you have a favorite yaoi/yuri couple? Do you think we will get more “fujoshi” and “fudanshi” centered shows in the future? Do you think the “fujoshi” fandom will continue to grow or stay the same? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments section below! ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

First and foremost…sorry this wasn’t posted yesterday my pandas! I had a very busy day and I didn’t have the time to write it, but I’m glad I’m actually writing this post today instead of yesterday. I got to go to a local Pride Day Festival in my town and it was SUPER fun! Super GAY and rainbowy. My inner bisexual-self was proud! ❤

So what better way to celebrate PRIDE then to go over Yaoi/Yuri in the week’s Senpai Saturday. We’re here! We’re queer! (And no hate marches/rallies/protest are gonna stop us!) We are here to stay.

My lovely friends over at Wikipedia describe Yaoi/Yuri as the following:

Yaoiprimarily known as Boys’ Love (BL) in Japan, is a Japanese genre of fictional media focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters, typically marketed for a female audience and usually created by female authors.

Yuri: also known by the wasei-eigo construction Girls’ Love is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri focuses on the sexual orientation or the romantic orientation aspects of the relationship, or both, the latter of which sometimes being called shōjo-ai by Western fandom.”

Love stage.png

It seems yaoi/yuri relationships didn’t really pop up/appear in manga until the early 70’s. Then in the 90’s new terms, like Boys’ Love and Girls’ Love took over for older terms such as tanbishōnen ai and Juné in Japanese usage.

In 2003, the first manga (Yuri Shimai) was produced specifically dedicated to the Yuri audience. Its revival, Comic Yuri Hime was launched after the former was discontinued in 2004.

Yaoi is a term mostly used among female audience members. It is used in manga, anime, dating sims, novels and fan fiction works. Yaoi idealizes gay male relationships (which should be easy to guess if you have any common sense 😛 ). The Yaoi genre has spread beyond Japan, and both translated and original yaoi works are now available in many countries and languages. Yaoi isn’t just for the ladies though! Many guys enjoy these types of stories as well.


I want to quote a little information I found because I find this bit pretty damn interesting. It seems that the Yuri genre in North America (or Western culture) gets the more “sexual” side of the spectrum. That isn’t to say Yaoi doesn’t either (because it MOST certainly does), but (personally) I feel like women get “sexualized” more than men.

“In North America, yuri has initially been used to denote only the most explicit end of the spectrum, deemed primarily as a variety of hentai. Following the pattern of shōnen-ai, a term already in use in North America to describe content involving non-sexual relationships between men, Western fans coined the term shōjo-ai to describe yuri without explicit sex. In Japan, the term shōjo-ai is not used with this meaning, and instead tends to denote pedophilia (actual or perceived), with a similar meaning to the term lolicon (Lolita complex). The Western use of yuri has broadened in the 2000’s, picking up connotations from the Japanese use. American publishing companies such as ALC Publishing and Seven Seas Entertainment have also adopted the Japanese usage of the term to classify their yuri manga publications.”

Anyone have any particular thoughts on this? I would love to see other people’s opinions! You can always leave your comments down below.

Men have become more “sexualized” over the last decade or so. Women are becoming just as lustful as men. Hence, the movies Magic Mike 1 & 2 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about just Google it). Insert the Yaoi terms “seme” and “uke.” I think if you want to know more about those two terms you should just Google them as well…loloz XD. I don’t think I need to cover super sexual terms on my blog. I mean…I could but I feel like that would take away from this specific topic. I am here just to give you guys a general breakdown of specific anime/otaku terms without going too off topic.

Yaoi/Yuri isn’t just for the LGBTQAI community. Many straight people actually enjoy this genera as well! Surprise, surprise! Of course it is usually men who enjoy Yuri, while women enjoy Yaoi. Yuri is mainly aimed at men, while Yaoi is aimed at women.

Why do you ask? Because there is no distraction of the fan’s own gender, they can focus on the two girls or boys involved without having to feel “threatened” by the presence of a significant other. In laymen’s terms, if Miroku and Inuyasha are a couple, the female yaoi fan has no worries of her favorite bishounen being “taken” by another girl. They can sit back and enjoy the two studly bishies together. The same thing applies to yuri, except with the male fan focusing on the girls without the distraction of a male character.

I’ll leave you guys with some of my favorite Yaoi/Yuri anime series (some of these might have yaoi/yuri as a secondary element):

No. 6
Love Stage
Sailor Moon
Yuri!!! on Ice
Super Lovers
Kuzu no Honkai
Strawberry Panic
Junjou Romantica!
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
Riddle Story of Devil
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.